Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014.12.22 Monday

At work when a good portion of people are not.  I like not having much traffic, and I like being able to get some work done without too many interruptions.

Left later than planned, but no big deal.  Stopped by Pappasito's on the way home for some holiday goodies, then over to my parent's to drop it off.  Hung out there for a bit, then back home.

Played a few games, at some veggies, then went to bed.

2014.12.21 Sunday

More stuff around the house today.  Kelc went to watch the Steeler's game and a movie with her mom.  I went to Sprouts for groceries to survive the upcoming work week.

2014.12.20 Saturday

Had to decide if I wanted to make the trek to Houston for relatives xmas.  Decided to be lazy all day.  Well that's not entirely true, I did do stuff around the house.  Got started with some long overdue cleanup.

More importantly, tried to unwind from the hectic last few weeks of work, school and social activities.

2014.12.19 Friday

Did random stuff around the house.  Ran a few errands involving shipping a package.  I find it odd that it's so easy to order things online and have a package at your door in no time, but shipping a package is always a hassle.

The rest of the day was somewhat leisure.  Cleaned myself up and dressed up for my work's holiday party.  Saw a fun side of some people, grumpertons from others.  Kelc and I killed a bunch of time by walking around the museum.

Stopped by Taco Cabana on the way home, then watched Mr. Bean's Holiday on netflix.

2014.12.18 Thursday

Worked late.  Drove past where happy hour had happened, couldn't find anywhere to park and people already left, so no happiness for me.

Stopped by HEB to pick up some random edibles.

2014.12.17 Wednesday

Busy day at work.  Lots of interruptions and meetings.  It happens.  End of year is when people start freaking out.

Maybe I just need to disconnect from it all.

Went to trivia late, contributed for a few questions.

2014.12.16 Tuesday

Another busy day at work.  Stayed late wrapping up school work, then headed over to Mark's to check out his new car and new place.

Home late, didn't do much then went to bed.

2014.12.15 Monday


Wrapping up coursework, up late.

2014.12.14 Sunday

Spent all day working on more school work.  Excited to be done, not sure what I will do with all that freedom.

In bed late.

2014.12.13 Saturday

Did some catch-up on paperwork and bills, then cranked through as much of class work as I could.

Dressed up and went out to a company holiday gathering.  It was like a wedding reception, but less open bar.

Home, tired.

2014.12.12 Friday

Long work day

Home, ate some leftovers and watched a Louis CK thing on Netflix.

Later played some L4D2, then bedtime.  This is probably the most I'll be relaxing this weekend.

2014.12.11 Thursday

Long day at work.  As expected, things are simultaneously slowing down and picking up at work.

Picked up some Indian food on my way home.

Kelc is experiencing the joy of long commutes and stupid drivers.  Feels great, don't it?

2014.12.10 Wednesday

Longer day at work.

Skipped trivia because too many people showed up.  Errands, picked up some sushi for dinner.  Watched some PBS, took care of some stuff around the house.

2014.12.09 Tuesday

Mostly normal day.  Late at work.

Cooked up a bit of food, hung out with Kelc, played some games.

2014.12.08 Monday

Work, spent a chunk of the day with an interview.  As predicted, I was pulled away to discuss some crap in the middle of the interview.

Quick leftover dinner, then on to homework late into the night.

Happy half b-day to me.

2014.12.07 Sunday

Cleaned up around the house.  Watched Steeler's game.

Cranked through a ton of lecture material for class.  Everything seems to make sense, BUT it doesn't seem applicable to the homework assignment.  This has happened every week.  I don't know why I'm surprised every time.  Incredibly frustrating.

HEB run for grub, cooked up some cabbage at home.  It was ok.

Prepped for the upcoming work week, then bedtime.

2014.12.06 Saturday

Spent a chunk of the day figuring out what to do for our Christmas card.  Finally got one decent picture, SHIP IT.

Ordered some pizza from Marco's.  Turned out to be better than expected.

Mark came over for a bit to catch up on life.

2014.12.05 Friday

Looks as though one of my heavy-hitter hard drives is failing.  I guess I was a bit complacent, because now I'm thinking about all the stuff on the drive that I don't have a copy elsewhere.  At least nothing was super-critical, just sad.  Spent most of the morning researching replacements, warranty stuff, and seeing if I could breathe some life into it.

Hung out with Kelc over lunch.  Took the quadcopter out to the park to get some fresh air.  Crashed a few times.

Cooked up some pulled beef.  Turned out quite delicious, albeit a bit greasy.

Fry's run for storage.

Kelc and I had a "camp out" in the living room.  Set up some blankets and pillows, cooked up some s'mores, jammed out to some music then watched Baseketball.  Kelc fell asleep about 2/3rds through.

2014.12.04 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Left late.  The nearby water fountain was on 1337 the entire weekend. Tee hee.

Went to pick up How Do You Roll for me, and Verts for Kelc.  Home to watch some Peter Pan Live.  Cool.......................................

2014.12.03 Wednesday

Work, left early to work from home and accept a package.  Always feels like I can get more done the further away I am.

Went to trivia from home, felt weird.

2014.12.02 Tuesday

Work, left for home late.

Enjoyed some leftovers, and worked on schoolwork.

Monday, December 8, 2014

2014.12.01 Monday

Holiday time seems to fly by so quickly.

Holiday leftovers for dinner with Kelc.  Played a bit of BioShock.  Mouse movement is still throwing me off.

2014.11.30 Sunday

Welp, there goes November.  Woke up with a mediocre headache that kept getting worse.

Worked on starting some homework, watched some football.

Steam sale had some good deals, just in time for finals time.

Picked up some How Do You Roll for dinner.  Watched a funny movie "In a world..."

2014.11.29 Saturday

Spent half of the day cleaning house, then the later half at the annual friendsgiving.

Up late, tired.

2014.11.28 Friday

Watched the second half of X-Men Days of Future Past.

Ate some yummy leftovers.

Spent a chunk of the day cleaning the house, some goofing around.

2014.11.27 Thursday (Thanksgiving)

Doesn't really feel like a holiday, but here I am enjoying it.

Went over to my parent's place after chopping up some veggies and making "tempties".  Watched a ton of football there, ate a ton of food, more football, and some quadcopter flights for fun.

Home late.  Watched about half of X-Men Days of Future Past.

2014.11.26 Wednesday

Worked a slightly shorted day because nobody really showed up to the office.  It was productive, but quiet.

Ready for some holiday time up in hurr.

2014.11.25 Tuesday

Work, mad, left

Picked up some Umiya for dinner, watched a couple episodes of X-Men.  Took care of some stuff around the house, played some L4D2 with online babes, then bedtime.

2014.11.24 Monday

Back to work, although a bit unsure if I should go in because of my throat.

Worked a normal length day, just really dark when driving home.

Quick dinner, then over to Glass Half Full to surprise a goober.

2014.11.23 Sunday

Does not feel like a Sunday to me, but here we are.

Spent a chunk of the day playing games, and relaxing with various shows.

Kelc cooked up a meatloaf dinner.  Korey is afraid of meatloaf.  Everybody headed out to watch the new Hunger Games movie.

I took care of things around the house, tried catching up to Hab's coding project, then played some more games.  Tired and feeling sick.

2014.11.22 Saturday

Big day today.  Weather is crazy, rainy.

Quick trip over to chicken express to feed the lady, then over to the church for a full wedding ceremony.

Back home for a nap, then up for the reception, up late partying.

2014.11.21 Friday

Took care of some bills and paperwork

Hung out some with Matt.

Watched The Wolverine, picked up Fuzzy's Tacos for dinner.  Watched some Whose Line and Portlandia.

2014.11.20 Thursday

Worked late

Friends came over late to catch up.  Big weekend ahead.


2014.11.19 Wednesday

Kelc seems more congested, I'm about on par with yesterday.

Worked most of the day from home.

Watched X-Men First Class, then some Portlandia, then cartoon X-Men, then went to bed.

2014.11.18 Tuesday

Stayed home with Kelc today since we were both feeling a bit under the weather.  I haven't been sick in almost 2 years, so I guess it's about time.

Worked some remotely, but also relaxed some.  For lunch I ate some leftovers and watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  It was interesting, but some parts had me saying "you can't do that".

Later in the evening, finished up and submitted homework assignment.  Then a quick run to Sonic for some dinner.  Watched a cartoon X-Men episode, then various Netflix items with Kelc.

2014.11.17 Monday

Work, felt a little off.  Cloudy headed, throat getting sore, just in time for the holidays.

Home late, cranked out some homework then bedtime.

2014.11.16 Sunday

Watched the recorded SNL, then X-Men 3 and some NFL

Went to HEB to grab a few things for the week

Cranked through some lecture material.  Not sure why I continue to put myself through the pain.

2014.11.15 Saturday

A bit lazy today.

Met up with B+J at PDQ for a free lunch.  It's a chicken place.

Tried to get started on homework.
Watched X-Men 1 and 2.

Cooked up pulled pork.  Took all day to slow cook and turned out to be pretty easy and delicious.

2014.11.14 Friday

Wanted to leave work earlier than I did, but still out at a reasonable time.

Picked up some chik fil a, watched Friends, then Mr. Nobody.  Long, but pretty decent movie with Jared Leto.  Not sure if I could re-watch it anytime soon, but I'd say it's worth a watch.

2014.11.13 Thursday

Another long day.

That package from yesterday was a fireplace insert.  I finished up the installation and tried out some fire.  Pretty neat.

2014.11.12 Wednesday

Worked late, no trivia. Opened a package.  Cryptic, I know.

2014.11.11 Tuesday

Dental appointment.  New flouride goop.  New dental hygenist.

Back to work. Made some last minute homework adjustments and turned that in.

Left work late, stopped by Umiya for food.  Picked up a ton of food for one person, oh well.  Only gripe was the quality of the chicken pieces, they were flavorful but were kinda fatty/tendony.

Goofed around, then went to bed.

2014.11.10 Monday

Worked a longer day, still not used to this daylight saving bs.  Why can't we just keep it so we have light later in the day?  Who is really needing sunlight in the morning?

Quick leftover dinner, and worked on school crap late into the night.

2014.11.09 Sunday

Watched some of the Pittsburgh game, they just never showed up to the game.

Spent a large chunk of my day doing work for class.  Quite draining.

Watched a show I discovered on the Netflix homepage, Video Game High School.  It was estimated to be a 5-star rating for me.  Challenge accepted.

2014.11.08 Saturday

Mowed the yard, probably for the last time this year.

Watched UT and West Virginia play, seems like UT never really let WV have a chance with the ball.  Saw that A&M had a clutch win, and LSU had a clutch loss (at the end of a very boring game).

Worked on some class work somewhere in there.  Played around with toy just a bit.

2014.11.07 Friday

Good day for takin' care of business. Qualtech for a coolant flush. HEB run.  Cooked up a Potroast.  Flew new toy around.

2014.11.06 Thursday

Worked late.

Glad to be done with another work week.

Watched part of Catching Fire with surprise guests.

2014.11.05 Wednesday

Worked late.  Went to trivia, got second, saw a fellow coworker there, answered a bonus question correctly.  Overall a good trivia night for me.

Home, ate some food and played with my new toy, then bedtime.

2014.11.04 Tuesday

Imagine that, our teacher extended the time frame for the project.  Maybe I shouldn't have stayed up all night for nothing...

Worked a long day, rain storm coming in.

Got a toy in the mail, played with that most of the evening.

2014.11.03 Monday

Worked late.

Spent most of the evening working on a class project, staying up quite late. Angry, tired.

2014.11.02 Sunday

More schoolwork attempts.

Football, grocery shopping, football.

2014.11.01 Saturday

Thought I was going to cut the yard, but it looks decent to me.

Showered up, cleaned the house.  Worked a little on school stuff.  Relaxed with Minecraft and got caught up on a few TV shows simultaneously.

Watched the UT game with family.

2014.10.31 Friday

Work late.  Home, kids + Trick-Treating.

Mixed in some Mac&Cheese and Dateline TV.

2014.10.30 Thursday

Rather productive day at work since I wasn't interrupted much.

Ran an errand on the way home.  Cooked up some veggies and a sandwich.  Watched a bit of TNF and took care of lots of small tasks.  Kelc's dad dropped off some candy since he didn't want to risk injuries at his house (under construction).

2014.10.29 Wednesday


Arrived at trivia late, didn't really engage in the quiz much at all.

Picked up some DQ on my way home, started Captain America movie from bed.

Friday, October 31, 2014

2014.10.28 Tuesday

Work, plus a little bit of midterm touch-up.

Home late, ate leftovers and taking care of business.

2014.10.27 Monday

Back to work.  Feels like I almost didn't even experience a weekend.

Home late, quick dinner, then worked on a midterm exam on through the night.

2014.10.26 Sunday

Slept in.

NFL, HEB, Steelers, Midterm, disappointment.

2014.10.25 Saturday

Up early.  Breakfast and music vids.

Watched UT game.

Cooked up a stir fry.

Worked some on Midterm

Played some Minecraft.

Met up at Shooters for Ray's bday.

2014.10.24 Friday

Worked on things around the house, and relaxed with some soothing Minecraft.

Picked up lunch for Kelc and me.

Met up with Ray and Marisa at the CP football game.  Ref yelled at the band during halftime.  Got to see a good performance of the band show.

Went home and started The Starving Games with Kelc, and fell asleep.

2014.10.23 Thursday

Final day of training, still felt long.  Our portion of the robot we build performed great, but when we put all the robots together the overall performance was less than great.

Wrapped up some work related stuff....exhausted.

2014.10.22 Wednesday

More training all day.  Home late again, missing trivia.  I would have put the team over the limit anyways.

Played some Minecraft *gasp*.

2014.10.21 Tuesday

More training.  Home late.  Did computery stuff until bedtime.

2014.10.20 Monday

Week-long training starts today.  I feel like I should be working on some other stuff.

Home.  Kelc left to watch MNF with her family, I watched from home and multi-tasked.  Crazy amount of points scored in just a few minutes.

2014.10.19 Sunday

Minor desk cleanup
Looked into schoolwork some.

Watched some pro football.

Grocery shopping for the week.

2014.10.18 Saturday

Yardwork, attic work, finishing up vent adjustments

Listened to the UT game over radio because I don't have Longhorn network.  Wasn't that bad actually.  Sounded like a good game to attend this season.

2014.10.17 Friday

Worked late.  Ready for the weekend.

2014.10.16 Thursday

Work, late

Crawled around in attic

Leftover dinner

Checked oil and tire pressure

Watched a bit of TNF, and worked on some file management, then bed time.

2014.10.15 Wednesday

Work late, then hop over to Trivia.

Home, took care of a couple things then went to bed.

2014.10.14 Tuesday

Took some time out of my work day to try and figure out a homework problem.  Frustrating.

Stopped by HEB on the way home for some groceries.

Quick meal, and watched Captain America with Kelc. Kinda.  She fell asleep about 3/4ths of the way through.  I thought the ending was kinda dumb, plus lots of silly small things throughout the movie.

Read some, then off to bed.

2014.10.13 Monday

In work a tad late.  Home, quick dinner then homework until late in the evening.  Grad school is so draining.

2014.10.12 Sunday

Watched some football.  Steelers did not do well this time.

Tried working on homework for most of the day.  Lectures were informative, but less-than-helpful.

Cooked up some taco meat for dinner, ate it nacho style.

2014.10.11 Saturday

Cooked up some grub and left for the parents' house to watch the UT vs OU game.  UT did alright, but made too many mistakes.  OU actually did kinda terrible, but lucked out on getting points, which is really what matters at the end.

Stopped by home, then off to Star Furniture to look at some bed set options.

Home, watched some more football and a bit of SNL, then bedtime.

2014.10.10 Friday

Made a trip out to a A/C material supplier that doesn't sell to the general public, but somehow was able to make an exception for me.  My project was relatively small.

Worked on the project for the afternoon, sweating more than I can remember.  My clothes were absolutely soaked.

Stage 1 complete.

Cleaned up and tried to relax.

Went to the CP vs Leander game, CP dominated.

Stopped by Sonic on the way home to celebrate.

2014.10.09 Thursday

Wrapped up the work week.  Still felt like nobody was here today, and staying late just accentuates that feeling.

2014.10.08 Wednesday


Long lunch, service award ceremony.  Go me, and others that have survived the company this long.

At trivia, audio round was unusually difficult, but we did alright.

Home, sleep.

2014.10.07 Tuesday


Errands on the way home

Measured some duct stuff

Computer stuff and chillin'

2014.10.06 Monday

Went in to work a bit late, left a bit early.  Not as bad as some other people...

Ate some leftovers and worked on homework for most of the evening.  Kelc and I read some creepy stories and got creeped out.

Up late...sigh.

2014.10.05 Sunday

Homework and football, all day.

Kelc went to a trivia fundraiser thingy.

2014.10.04 Saturday

Breakfast, cut the yard, trimmed tree.

Checked out a possible leak on my car.  The only think that looks like it might be leaking is coolant, but the stuff that leaked doesn't match what coolant looks like.  Maybe it was rain water that collected somewhere and got dirty?

Watched the Longhorns give up another game to Baylor.  At least it was a good game, and not a complete upset like a lot of other games this weekend.

Went to Sonic.  Girl that took my order just completely didn't listen to what I said the first time.  Nice try.

2014.10.03 Friday

Work, later meeting, wrap up. Seems like everybody skipped out a long time ago.

Relaxed, sitting in front of a computer doing computery stuff, watching tv over network.  Ready for weekend.

2014.10.02 Thursday

Work. Everybody left early.

Home. Storm coming in.  Checked the mail and ate some more leftovers.

Did some more music file management.  Found some sloppiness on my part, so I'm having to redo some things.

Took some pictures of the lightning show and played games for a bit.  All while a disappointing TNF game was on.

2014.10.01 Wednesday


Trivia, tied for 4th

Home, bed.

2014.09.30 Tuesday

Work. Stopped by Habs to exchange goods and services.

Leftover dinner and some music file management, then bed.  Tired.

2014.09.29 Monday

Work.  Felt pretty low energy all day.

Home, cooked up some taquitos and worked on homework late into the night.  Boo.

2014.09.28 Sunday

Woke up semi early again.  Kelc and I went to Taco Shack for some breakfast tacos.  Nice to change things up a bit. Thought about going to a furniture store, but they weren't even open yet.

I watched the Steelers' game from home, Kelc watched the first half with Korey at Pluckers, then came home to finish.

After that upsetting loss, we went to a consignment store up north.  Everything seemed kinda off to me, compared to the other consignment store.  We have a better idea of what we like though, so that's nice.

Stopped by Sprouts for some groceries.  It always feels like shopping there is faster since the store is smaller.

Home, more football, more games, and more homework.

2014.09.27 Saturday

Up semi early for no reason.  Whipped up some fruit smoothies, then cut the yard.  It looked like it might rain, so I didn't bother with edging.  I went around a few places with caulk and plugged up some holes that looked like homes for ants.  Sorry ants.

Really lazy for a good chunk of the day after that.  Watched various college football games.

Spent the evening looking at class material and homework.  Actually was able to crank through a chunk of the assignment.

2014.09.26 Friday

Woke up before Kelc left for work.  Listened to some music.

Finished cleaning the pergola in the backyard.  Kelc didn't even notice the lack of green.

Cooked up a beef pot roast.

Went on an errand with Kelc to try on some bridesmaid dresses.  Killed some time by walking around the area.

Home, watched Lords of Dogtown with Kelc and ate some yummy pot roast.

2014.09.25 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  I ended up running a status meeting unexpectedly.

Home. Glad to be my virtual Friday.

2014.09.24 Wednesday

Work, full of meetings.

Happy Hour with some coworkers, then trivia, then home, then sleep.

2014.09.23 Tuesday

Mind was kinda cloudy all day because I didn't sleep well last night.

Actually cranked out a chunk of work and left at my goal time.  Then out of nowhere, terrible terrible traffic.  My commute home took about 1.3 hours.  F that.

Got to spend some time with Kelc.

2014.09.22 Monday

Work, then uUp late working on homework.  Bleh.

Monday, September 29, 2014

2014.09.21 Sunday

Worked on the backyard thingy more.

Grocery shopping to survive the week. Stopped by B+J's to get some ice cream cake.

Football, homework, chillin.

2014.09.20 Saturday

Started the day off with loud music, because why not?

Cut the yard.  Cleaned up part of the backyard pergola.

Watched college football, then watched some lectures, and tried working on homework.  Goodness this class is not off to a good start.

2014.09.19 Friday

Wrapped up work week

Home, goofed around.

2014.09.18 Thursday


Kelc left to Florida.  FREEDOM.

2014.09.17 Wednesday

Work, slow and rainy day

Actually at trivia on time.  We did mediocre.  A good number of rounds must have been really easy because there were really high scores, and lots of perfect-score rounds.

Home, loaded up my mp3 player with some more music.  I'm all the way caught up with listening to my music library.  Kinda depressing.  I need suggestions peeps.

2014.09.16 Tuesday

Work.  Stayed late moving stuff around.

Stopped by Sprouts on the way home.  Feels a little bigger than the other location I have seen, but still much smaller than HEB.

Home, quick dinner and watched some American Ninja Warrior from yesterday.  Don't spoil it for me because I didn't finish.

2014.09.15 Monday

Long day at work.  Ran a few errands after work.

Home, turned on MNF while making food, then watched some lectures for school.

2014.09.14 Sunday

Early HEB run. Tried making queso, failed.

Over to parent's for bbq and hang out.

Home, more football, then prepare for the work week, then bedtime.

2014.09.13 Saturday

Cool weather.  Cut the yard some, then started getting rained on.

Cleaned up around the house.

Watched college football

Went over to Habibi's with some Pluckers and watched UT put up a good fight against UCLA, just didn't get the W.

2014.09.12 Friday

Spent a good chunk of the day fixing the doorbell.  A wire snapped between the bell and the door switch, so I had to clip a few things and extend some new wiring.  Fun stuff.

I hit my head while up in the attic, probably gave me a good bruise.  Later I hit my head on a bike, this time drawing blood.  Not cool.

Kelc stopped by a bit before heading out to Arlington for more wedding stuff.

2014.09.11 Thursday

Work. Left late to finish up a few things.

Cooked up some food and watched Thursday night football with Kor, Lyle, and Kelc.  Followed that with a trip down memory lane with some XFL footage on youtube.

2014.09.10 Wednesday

Worked a long day.

Met up with peeps at trivia.  Contributed absolutely nothing, put us over the 6-person limit and denied us winning a prize in second place.

Home, played with some new toys, then sleep next to a cold one.

2014.09.09 Tuesday

In work early for training.  Feels terrible getting up this early.  Also had trouble sleeping last night.  Sucks man.

Otherwise a mostly normal day, except for one major difference: my schooling has started up again.  Stayed a bit late into the evening trying to figure out some class stuff.

At home, cooked up a quick meal, paid tuition (barf), and started watching lecture.

2014.09.08 Monday

Just another work day.

Home, bike ride, snack for dinner.

Watched some MNF, then Office and sleep.

2014.09.07 Sunday

Cleaned house.  Watched Steelers vs Browns.

Korey and Kelc arrived, then we watched Inception.  Fun movie.

Grocery shopping for the week.  Then watched some SNF.

Kelc went to go watch The Giver.

2014.09.06 Saturday

Got up and cut the yard today.  Temperature was alright, but no wind kinda made it feel gross outside.

Went to Opal Devine's for a Rumble In The Pub trivia competition.  We had a full team, but completely butchered a round (or two) and did not do well at all.

Kelc and I stopped by Fry's and some furniture liquidation store just to kill time.

Went home to watch the UT game.  They got slaughtered by BYU.  Cool beans.

2014.09.05 Friday

Productive final day of the work week.

Finished up a documentary that I had been watching which title translates to "Brainwash".  Definitely presents things a bit differently than one would normally hear in school.  It asks questions that some "scientists" think are completely irrelevant.  I find it funny how strong the link between genetics is, but the politically-correct thing to say is that our environment shapes us more.

Chatted with Kelc a bit, then sleep.

2014.09.04 Thursday

In work early

Left work average lateness

Home, bike ride, light dinner.

Watched some NFL season opener, then bedtime.

2014.09.03 Wednesday

Work, late

Got 3rd at Trivia, which is all glory, no goodies.  Seth got a fish bone stuck in his esophagus.

Home, bit of tv, then bedtime.

2014.09.02 Tuesday

Back to work. Traffic is getting worse during my time because of school.  Thanks kiddos.

Home.  Decided to go for a walk.

Back home, ate some leftovers, goofed around a bit.

Monday, September 8, 2014

2014.09.01 Monday

Yay a day off.

Watched Team America World Police with Kelc.

Played some games.

2014.08.31 Sunday

Fixed a sprinkler head.  Found that out when there was a geyser in the back yard.

Home Depot run.

Cleaned inside the cars a bit. Ordered some pizza to celebrate the last bit of the weekend.

2014.08.30 Saturday

Cut yard. Exhausted.

Watched UT game with Habs and Tay.

2014.08.29 Friday

Errands.  (Sears, Home Depot, HEB, Target, Michaels)

Apparently there are no stores in town that sell anything goat-related.

2014.08.28 Thursday

Wrapped up the work week.  Ended up staying kinda late.

2014.08.27 Wednesday

Work.  Trivia, win! Home, food, Friends, sleep

2014.08.26 Tuesday


HEB for a couple things

Cooked up some Jello, chili, and pasta.

Watched some more documentary stuff.

2014.08.25 Monday

Had another appointment with the AC guys.  This time they came out to take some measurements and adjust a few things.  I now have some options if I decide to try and optimize the system some more.

Then off to work.  Not much before it was already lunch time.  Ended up staying late into the evening chatting.

Home, ate some random bits, watched about 2 minutes of the Emmy's, then decided I would rather continue watching a documentary.

2014.08.24 Sunday

Up early again.

Chatted with Kelc about furniture.

Cut the yard, noticed a pipe dripping.  Turns out the drain valve on the hot water heater had been leaking for a while.  Neat.

Ended up spending most of the day dealing with the water heater.  Exhausted.  Dad came over with the right tools, got the job done.

2014.08.23 Saturday

Woke up early for no reason.  Had a pretty productive morning inside.  Made smoothies, watched some music videos, took care of some bills.

Started playing some games in the afternoon.  Before I knew it, it was time to go to a party.  A surprise party for my bro.  There was a colorful 30-layer cake.

Relaxed by the pool later in the evening, then left.

Stopped by Matt's for his lan party.

Home, sleepy.

2014.08.22 Friday

Another day of training.  Today is not supposed to last as long, but I ended up working after training to try and squeeze in a few more things.

Left late, then picked up Kelc and went over to C+E's for a gathering of gumbo goodness.

2014.08.21 Thursday

Had to get up early to make it to training.  Spent all day in training, but at least I got home a tad early.

Decided to spend the evening doing something.  Kelc and I ended up going to Dave and Busters to play games and hang out.  Luckily I had a ton of leftover power cards with credits and tickets on them.

We played a ton of the trivia game, and schooled a handful of people.  Tried a shooting game that went rather poorly.  Of course we played some skee-ball.

Taco C dinner on the way home, then sleep.

2014.08.20 Wednesday

Work, late

Skipped trivia.  Picked up Taco Bell.  Watched a few shows and chatted with Kelc when she got home, then sleep time.

2014.08.19 Tuesday

Worked late, Home, cooked up a quick meal and watched American Ninja Warrior.  Then bedtime.

2014.08.18 Monday

Work. Costco. Home.

Finished The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.  Some really good moments in the last season.  Definitely had an "Arrested Development" feel to it, but also different, a bit more abrasive, and different style of humor.

Played some L4D2 late in to the night with random friendlies.

2014.08.17 Sunday

Goofed around in the morning.
Tried making a fruity drink.

Drove out to the lakehouse for some relaxing
Swam for a bit.  Caught a fish with some really disgusting old bait.

Met up with Kelc's mom at Maria's for dinner.

2014.08.16 Saturday

Cut the yard.  Picked up Freebirds for lunch.  Extremely lazy for the rest of the day.  Cutting the yard really killed my energy level.

Played some games here and there.

2014.08.15 Friday

Day full of errands.

Started laundry.
Went to get my hair cut.
Stopped by Kelc's office to say hi.
Went to Sears to see what I could spend my gift certificate on.  Picked up a pair of jack stands.
Stopped by Home Depot for a coax keystone and some compressed air.
Finished laundry.
Changed my oil later in the evening when things cooled down a bit.  I was able to use the jack stands and torque wrench finally.
Tried playing around with fresh ubuntu installation

2014.08.14 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Worked another slightly long day to soften the impact to my vacation time.

Ready to get started on my weekend.  Cooked up some taquitos and watched some recorded tv.

2014.08.13 Wednesday

Work late

Actually went to trivia tonight.  I was able to provide answers to a couple questions, but overall we didn't do as well as normal.

Home, played around with new Ubuntu and Steam.

2014.08.12 Tuesday


Home.  Tried to play Aladdin on the htpc, but it wouldn't work.  Instead I just ate Taco Bell and pouted.

2014.08.11 Monday

Back to work.  Felt really tough getting back into the mood to work.

Worked late to finish up a task and shift around some of that vacation time spending.

Took down a few more decorations, watched a bit of American Ninja Warrior, then played some L4D2, then bedtime.

2014.08.10 Sunday

I woke up before the others.  Decided to have a breakfast of cookies and chips, while watching some of The Office.

I skipped out on Kerbey breakfast, cleaned up around the house instead.

Watched a bunch more of The Office, then played games while Kelc went to entertain dogs.

Met up at Mesa Rosa for early dinner.

Back to the house for a bit.

Late HEB run.

2014.08.09 Saturday

Just a bit more party preparation.

Lindsey and Jon arrived, had a few errands to run.

Party, started a bit late.

Things went pretty well, lots of crazy turns and twists.  Only one person guessed the killer correctly.  Better than last year's zero correct.  Costumes were also pretty awesome this time.

Late bed time.

2014.08.08 Friday

Not much party prep to do.  Good planning on my part.

Watched "The Plan", a Battlestar Galactic follow-up movie that gives a different perspective of the story.

Took it easy most of the day.

2014.08.07 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Oddly enough, a bunch of people are taking off tomorrow as well. Ended up working late to finish a bunch of stuff.

Fixed up a few things at home.  Kelc seems to be nearly back to her mobile self.

2014.08.06 Wednesday

Worked a longer day.

Once home, did a little bit of work preparing things for the party.  Then killed time by killing zombies.

2014.08.05 Tuesday


Errands after work.

Party City.  Found what I needed and headed to checkout.  The ladies in front of me had piles of things they were buying, and were arguing about the price of a few items.  The store was understaffed so nobody was really doing a price check.  We just stood around for a while until they got tired of waiting.

Ross.  Found what I wanted, tried it on and went to checkout.  The only guy at checkout made me walk through an entirely unnecessary line-snake, and then a person cut in front of me anyways by skipping the line-snake.

Just not my day.

Home, worked on costume and goofed around a little.

2014.08.04 Monday

Back to work.  Kelc will have people in and out to keep her company at home.

After work, played a few games, then off to bed.

2014.08.03 Sunday

Worked on decorating some more for the upcoming party.

Grocery shopping to prepare for the week.

2014.08.02 Saturday

Quickly cut the yard this morning, skipped edging.

Finished up BSG.  Crazy.

2014.08.01 Friday

Woke up early to take Kelc over to the surgery center.

Waited for a long time, then eventually they took her in the back to prep.  Then I got to go in the back and hang out for a while.

Eventually they took her away and I went back to the waiting room to wait.  Listened to some morning radio show and ... waited.

After about an hour I got to speak with the doctor.  Everything went swimmingly.  Just have to wait for all the drugs to wear off and get her adjusted.

Took her on a car ride. Dropped off a prescription.  Took her home and got her situated.  Then picked up the prescription, and lunch, then back home.

Got a delivery of flowers, twice.

Watched some BSG, and took a nap.

2014.07.31 Thursday

Wrapped up the work week.

Last full day for Kelc to have a gallbladder.

2014.07.30 Wednesday

Solid day at work.  I actually got to work on some electrical drawings, and datasheets, and use logic and math skills.  Neat.  Worked into late evening.

Went to trivia once I wrapped up some stuff.  Probably shouldn't have shown up.  I put us over the limit for people, and didn't contribute all that much.

2014.07.28 Monday

Back to work, then worked later.  Made a pit-stop at the grocery store for some grub.

At home, cooked up said grub and watched some American Ninja Warrior.

Then watched another BSG, and off to bed.

2014.07.29 Tuesday

Work.  Left roughly on time.

Once home I worked on hanging a bike in the garage with some hooks.

Cooked up some eggs, watched 1.2 BSGs, cleaned up a few things, then bedtime.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

2014.07.27 Sunday

Woke up early because my body is not used to going to sleep that early.

Cut the yard

Trimmed some bushes.

Cleaned up a bit

Home Depot for a few things



Watched The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, and Me and You and Everyone We Know.  Back and forth, forever.

2014.07.26 Saturday

Lake day with the family.  Got there a bit earlier than everybody else.

Had to fill up the boat with gas, find all the activity items, load them up, get the boat started, and lower it into the water. I ended up driving since nobody else really wanted to.  My brother and sister tried cruising a bit in the open waters just to get a feel for it.

We went around the bend in the lake to do some kneeboarding.

Went back to the dock for refreshments and lunch.

Went for another cruise down the lake.

The boys went out for some extreme riding.

Dad cut up some watermelon, ended up being a hugh-jazz watermelon.  Tons leftover.

Home.  Tired

Picked up some Wendy's and watched BSG.  Kelc went to sleep around 9p.  I stayed up until about 10:15 and crashed.  Getting old.

2014.07.25 Friday

Work from home today.  A/C guys coming to install a new system.  Took about half the day.  Around lunch time I was getting a bit uncomfortable and couldn't even work effectively.  I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must be in the attic.

New system on and blowing.  The outside unit is much quieter, the inside unit is also pretty quiet, but the air it is blowing is strong and loud.  Must be pumping a larger volume of air.

2014.07.24 Thursday

Worked another long day to try and make up hours.

Watched a BSG once Kelc arrived home.  Things are really starting to ramp up.  The odd part is that dialog actually decreased, and the portrayal of emotions definitely increased.  Feels like ABC's Lost now.

Played a bit of L4D2, then went to bed.

2014.07.23 Wednesday

First half of the day was another appointment.

Worked from mid-day to late late in the evening.

Picked up some TacoBell then went home and watched BSG when Kelc got home.

2014.07.22 Tuesday

Worked, left early to meet at home for an appointment

Going to be a few warm days this week.  Worked from home some.

Watched a BSG, then bedtime.

2014.07.21 Monday

Another typical work day, except that I left really late.  Went home, picked up Kelc, drove to Goodwill to pick up a couple things, then back home.

Heated up some leftovers and watched a BSG.  Played some L4D2 after, then bedtime.

2014.07.20 Sunday

Actually getting work done today.  Cut the yard and tried lubricating the sprinkler system a bit.

Patched a hole I cut in the sheetrock.  For a first time it's pretty darn good.

Cooked up veggies for dinner and watched Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior.

Cleaned up some cabling that I pulled down a few weeks back.  Cleaned up the kitchen and prepared a few meals for the week, then a bit of gaming before bedtime.

2014.07.19 Saturday

Back to the doctor's office to try again to give blood, and then sat around until I was able to provide a urine sample.

Picked up some Gatti's pizza for lunch.

Mostly lazy day again.

Watched Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, and played games.

2014.07.18 Friday

Kelc only went to work for a small chunk of the day, not exactly feeling too well.

I went to my doctor for a normal physical, but they started doing things out of order and I started getting queasy with how many times they were poking my arms.

Went home, ate some food, starting to feel better again.  Watched TV and sat around most of the day.  Picked up some prescriptions, didn't really do much else.

2014.07.17 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Feels good man.

2014.07.16 Wednesday


Late to trivia.  We did alright.  Kelc left early from stomach discomfort.

Home, sleep.

2014.07.15 Tuesday

Work, home late

Ate leftover fried rice.

Played What's My Word with Kelc, then bedtime.

2014.07.14 Monday

Back to work

Stopped by HEB on the way home for some goodies.

Cooked up some fried rice, watched some Whose Line Is It Anyway? and American Ninja Warrior.  Go girl.

Watched the Office and headed to bed.

2014.07.13 Sunday

Woke up naturally, cut the yard.  Feeling pretty tired.

Picked up some Freebirds for lunch.  Watched some more BSG, but started falling asleep.  Decided to clean up more of the house and get rid of some furniture.

Dairy Queen and more BSG.

Played a few minutes of L4D2, then off to bed.

2014.07.12 Saturday

Woke up early to the sound of cats getting into a fight.  Dumb cats

Spent all day finishing up the paint project and making most of the house not a complete mess

Showered up, picked up some flowers, then headed to the airport.  Didn't have to wait around for very long.

Drove home, hung out for a bit.

Picked up some whataburger (welcome back to America) and watched some Battlestar Galactica

2014.07.11 Friday


Cafe closed, Quiznos.  Not a huge fan of what Quiznos tasks like these days.

More work, finished a chunk of stuff

Home, continued working on paint project until late late

2014.07.10 Thursday


Worked on paint project at home

Went to bed on the couch, exhausted.

2014.07.09 Wednesday


Home Depot

Quick dinner

Paint into the night

2014.07.08 Tuesday

Worked a longer day

Home, random leftovers and worked more on the final exam.

Wrapped up the night with a few minutes of L4D2.

2014.07.07 Monday

In work a bit late, hard to readjust to work schedule.

Left late

Worked on Final Exam all evening and late into the night.

2014.07.06 Sunday

Not feeling that great today.  My legs and back are sore from multiple days of physical labor.  To add insult to injury, I also feel sick to my stomach.  Don't want to move around much.

Spent the afternoon and evening working on a final exam.

2014.07.05 Saturday

Spent the morning doing yard work.
Spent most of the day working on the cabling project.

The house looks like it has been turned upside down.

2014.07.04 Friday

Off Friday for two reasons. Holiday and work

Worked most of the day on cabling project

AC seemed to stay on all evening.  Not sure if I messed things up with a power-cycle last night, or it's just that hot in the house.

2014.07.03 Thursday

Work, lax day since I put in more hours this week.

Stopped by Home Depot
Stopped by Freebirds

Tried fixing up a part of the yard by putting down some topsoil.  Hopefully the grass will grab hold.

Started wiring project, when I got too exhausted from that, I went and started painting project.  I am crazy.

2014.07.02 Wednesday

Woke up super early.  Totally don't remember what this feels like.

Dressed, loaded up car, made breakfast and took off to the airport.  Dropped off Kelc for her trip around the world.

Drove to work.  Arrived super early.  Stayed kinda late.

No class.

Trivia.  4th place, not bad.  It was a difficult night.

Home, played a few minutes of L4D2 and started falling asleep.  Kitty was kinda annoyed that nobody had been around all day.

2014.07.01 Tuesday

Home late
Cooked up some rice
Shower, in bed early.

2014.06.30 Monday

Home semi-late.  Leftovers
Took care of some bills and paperwork.
Watched the first episode of season 4 of BSG.  Kelc went to bed early, while I played some L4D2.

2014.06.29 Sunday

Started the wiring project.  Climbed up in the attic.  Melted my face off.

Had to stop by about noon.  Just way too hot.

2014.06.28 Saturday

Kelc is out of town.  Time to have a productive day.

Cut and edged the grass, fixed the fence, polished the address, re-sealed some of the driveway, disassembled a desk, cleaned up a room.

Played some games, wasted time watching Dateline NBC.

Monday, June 30, 2014

2014.06.27 Friday

Another working Friday.  The work I was doing wasn't properly scoped, so that task I'm working on isn't going to happen this week.

Home.  Cooked up random things for dinner.  Played some games online and tried cleaning some leather.

2014.06.26 Thursday

Worked late

Stopped by Costco for a few goodies

Home, cooked up a frozen meal and rice.

Played some L4D2, crashed a server, then went to bed.  Had difficulty sleeping.  Probably didn't really fall asleep until about 1:50a.  Sucks man.

2014.06.25 Wednesday

Gloomy weather
Trivia (we won, and Habs called it)
Home, massage and sleep

2014.06.24 Tuesday


Home, cooked up some grub
Finished up homework
A bit of L4D2, then snoozer

2014.06.23 Monday

In work a little on the early side.  Worked a little on the late side.

Home, leftovers and homework.

2014.06.22 Sunday

Yardwork.  Head still hurting, what gives.  Worked until I didn't feel good.

Showered up.



2014.06.21 Saturday

PEC Annual meeting.  Didnt win prizes.  Met quite a few crazies.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Home, lunch, BSG.

Habs to help with fan.  No help.

Home, tired.

2014.06.20 Friday

Vacuumed and mopped the house

Shopped around numerous stores

Watched daytime tv and sharpened some knives

Had a headache.

2014.06.19 Thursday

Worked late, stupid bug

Home. Games, snooze.

2014.06.18 Wednesday



Trivia (we won)


Home, a bit of gaming, bed

2014.06.17 Tuesday

Worked a really long day

Home late, ate random junk and finished up a homework assignment

Chatted with Kelc, then bedtime.

2014.06.16 Monday

Work, late

Leftovers, homework, some gaming

2014.06.15 Sunday

Brunch with the fam.

Home.  Finally got a chance to play with the bday gift.

Then homework, Games and BSG.

2014.06.14 Saturday




Kelc went to GoT trivia

Watched some Louie

Kelc back, watched some BSG

2014.06.13 Friday

Quite stormy last night. Quite.

Stayed later than I wanted to at work.

Cooked up some birthday treats for my mom, and watched some more x-games stuff.

2014.06.12 Thursday

Work, Grocery, Home.

Cooked up soup, then played a little bit of L4D2.

Storming out, some tornadoes (SO SCURRY). Snoozer

2014.06.11 Wednesday

Work,Class,Trivia,Home, researching some web programming, L4D2, sleep

2014.06.10 Tuesday

Worked another long day

Home, frozen dinner, finished schoolwork, l4d2, sleep

2014.06.09 Monday

Back to work.

Computer crapped out on me

Drove home, little bit of rain.  Worked on homework all evening, then played a round of L4D2, then bed time.

2014.06.08 Sunday

Breakfast at Kettle. Drove home, listened to Radiolab mostly.

Watched a ton of xgames and Louie to wind down a bit.

Played some L4D2, showered up, prepared for the work week.

2014.06.07 Saturday

Packed up and headed out for a BCS trip.

HEB for grub.

Grilling, games, good times.  Met some new friends.

2014.06.06 Friday

Spent the morning doing yardwork

Spent some of mid-day working around the house on stuff.

Helped Habibi with some deck work.  Big projects are best tackled in pieces.

2014.06.05 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Feels good man.

2014.06.04 Wednesday

Work. Class. Trivia. Home. Snooze.

2014.06.03 Tuesday

Worked a mostly normal day.

Went home and cut up some pineapple, cooked up a bunch of veggies and made a batch of mac and cheese... because I really didn't feel like doing homework.

Played a round of L4D2, then called it quits.

2014.06.02 Monday

Back to work.  Stayed late getting some stuff working.

Home, leftovers and homework.  Then tiny bit of gaming and sleep.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2014.06.01 Sunday

Already June.  Crazy.

Not sure what I have to do today.  I tried looking into xqemu some more, but I just couldn't get it to work with xubuntu.

Played more L4D2.

Picked up some groceries.

Watched BSG until sleep time.

2014.05.31 Saturday

Worked on homework.

Watched BSG.

Spent most of the afternoon / evening working on the driveway expansion joints.

2014.05.30 Friday

Not feeling so great this morning, took a sick day.  Ended up working from home a bit, not really accomplishing much.

Later on, started feeling better.  Took a trip to home depot to pick up some supplies for some weekend projects.

Evening came, I decided to do yardwork.  Taylor and Seth came over to watch So You Think You Can Dance.

I played games.

2014.05.29 Thursday

Work.  Felt like nobody was around most of the day.  I was able to make some progress with less interruptions happening.

2014.05.28 Wednesday

Work, class, trivia, home, sleep.

2014.05.27 Tuesday

Back to work.  Not really feeling it this week.  Ended up working a longer day.  Lots of interruptions.

Home, homework and leftovers.  Then bedtime.

2014.05.26 Monday

Enjoyed the day off from work.  Watched some BSG.

Cleaned up my office area and worked on homework


2014.05.25 Sunday

Worked on some homework.

Weather kinda gloomy this weekend.

Watched Contact with Kelc.  Something about this movie just clicks with me.

2014.05.24 Saturday


Worked some on expansion joints.  This seemingly small project may take longer than I originally expected.

Attended the HOA meeting, but got rained out.

Finished the shower that nature started. Played games.  Worked on puzzles.

2014.05.23 Friday

A day off.  Went over to the parent's house to borrow the truck.  Stopped by Home depot and Lowes to pick up some materials for a project.

Picked up a lawnmower from Hasbro.

Watched some Battlestar Gallactica to kill time, then headed over to bro+sisInLaw's to pick up a freezer and coffee table.  Returned the truck.

2014.05.22 Thursday

Work. Blah.

2014.05.21 Wednesday

Work - Class - Trivia, did really well in the last round but had to give up winnings because we had too many people - Home - sleep

2014.05.20 Tuesday

In work later, left work later.

Worked on the midterm some more.

Insisted on playing some L4D2 before going to bed.

2014.05.19 Monday

In work a bit late, wasn't able to get much done with all the interrupts and distractions.  Finally got a little done, then left early.

Home, took care of a few things just to unwind a bit, then started really grinding away at the midterm.

2014.05.18 Sunday

Watched last night's SNL, pretty good one.

Met up with some of the family to celebrate my father's b-day.  First stop, Top Golf.  Pretty fun.  It's like bowling, but you get to smack the crap out of golf balls.  Then we went out to lunch at Bellini's.  Also good.

Home, tired.

2014.05.17 Saturday

Spent about half the day working on yardwork. Cut, edged, trimmed a few things, then fixed up the rock part at the front door.

Kelc went to hang out with friends.  I stayed at home and got to be lazy, watched the end of season 3 of Louie, and played a few games.

2014.05.16 Friday

Wrapped up the work week.  Probably stayed later than I really should have.

Home, cleaned up a few things.  Mostly relaxed.

2014.05.15 Thursday

Went in to work and nothing works.  Great. Worked a longer day to make up for it.

Home, chillaxed.

2014.05.14 Wednesday

Work, class, trivia.  Did alright at trivia.


2014.05.13 Tuesday

In early again, not totally sure why.

Long day, ending with homework and sleep.

2014.05.12 Monday

Back2Grind early.

Working late, noticed a storm approaching.  Time to go home and work on homework instead.  The storm ended up hitting late in the night.

2014.05.11 Sunday

Morning prep work, then spent the day out at the park in my sister+broInLaw's neighborhood for mother's day.  Played outdoor games, ate delicious food, enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Watched a few Louie, trimmed trees, grocery shop, more Louie, Battlestar Galactica.

2014.05.10 Saturday

Started off the day with some yardwork, then did laundry.

Went out to the lakehouse for a graduation party celebration.  Lots of craziness.

2014.05.09 Friday

Day off.  Did various things around the house.

2014.05.08 Thursday

At work early, Ice cream!

Pretty simple day.

2014.05.07 Wednesday

Dentist appointment. Stopped by home to finish getting ready for work, chatted with neighbor.

Worked a bit, then attended class.

Trivia, Sleep.

2014.05.06 Tuesday

Work. Schoolwork. Sleep.

2014.05.05 Monday

In work a bit earlier than normal.  I struggled to accomplish anything all day.

Went home and watched Kelc work on a project.  I attempted to work on homework for a bit.

Cooked up some tacos and guacamole to celebrate 5th of May.  Gracias.

2014.05.04 Sunday

May the forth.  Neat.

Did a little checkout of the sprinkler system.  Chatted with the neighbor for a bit.  Went around the house and measured the windows, thinking about building some solar screens.

Watched more BSG.

Washed and detailed my car.  First time trying out Mother's Back-to-Black.  It's awesome.

Watched a Louie and another BSG, then showered up and went to bed.

2014.05.03 Saturday

Cut yard.  Met up with the kids at Kobe for graduation celebration.  Congratulations.

Kelc took a nap. I played some games and researched a few things.

Watched some more BSG.  Not a bad premise for a show.

2014.05.02 Friday

Went in early, tried to leave early but someone decided to have a meeting run later into the evening

Still home at a reasonable time.  Made smoothies. More BSG.

2014.05.01 Thursday

Work. Costco trip. Battlestar Gallactica.

2014.04.30 Wednesday

Wrapping up the fourth month of the two thousand fourteenth year (roughly) since some humans decided to start keeping track.

Work was mostly normal day.  Attended class after.  It really does seem like the lectures and homework assignments aren't sync'd correctly.  It's like the lectures are behind what we need to know for the homework.

Went to trivia late since class ran late.  We didn't do so great, but not terrible either.  Considering we had 6 people, not too great.

Home, tried to connect to work.  Nope.  Went to bed a bit early.

2014.04.29 Tuesday

At work early for a change.  Stayed semi late.

Home, homework, sleep. Typical Tuesday.

2014.04.28 Monday

Back to work.  Somewhat productive, somewhat distracted.

Home, ate some leftovers, worked on some homework and played some TF2.  Kelc gave Kitty some treats, so we had to clean up puke at night.

2014.04.27 Sunday

Tried polishing up some old flatware.

Cleaned and waxed the table.

Washed my car cleaning rags and towels.

Played quite a bit of TF2 today.

Tried working on some homework. Sigh.

2014.04.26 Saturday

Cut yard

Then loaded up my car with "hazardous waste" and went to the Hazardous Collection day hosted by the city.  Kinda weird how they treat all the vehicles as if they are contaminated, and don't let you get out of your vehicle.

Louie, soup, shower.

2014.04.25 Friday

Went through closet, piled up clothes I no longer wanted.  Goodwill trip.

Started Battlestar Gallactica with Kelc. PeiWei dinner.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2014.04.24 Thursday

Work. Interviewed a potential new guy. Stayed late.

Home, ready for the weekend.  Since I don't have a ton of items on my to-do list, maybe I can relax a bit.  Play some TF2 for sure.

2014.04.23 Wednesday

In work early, big day.  Presentations to give, people to appease.  I could feel a bit of tension in the room, but oddly enough I wasn't too nervous.  We're all human, right?  The cafeteria food was less than pleasing.  By the end of the day, I was totally burnt out.

Went to trivia, didn't really help much.

2014.04.22 Tuesday

In early, then left early

Worked on homework until later evening, then decided I wasn't making any progress any more, might as well go to bed.

2014.04.21 Monday

Job-School-Snooze.  Life is interesting.

2014.04.20 Sunday

Enjoyed a bbq lunch with a portion of the family.

Worked some more on secret project, tried working on homework.

Tried to go grocery shopping.. nope, not today.

2014.04.19 Saturday

Kelc came home

Worked on the project some more

Worked on homework some

2014.04.18 Friday

Went in earlier (which started to seem like a waste), and worked a longer day; got a lot of things done, so I suppose it was all worth it in the end.

Home, Kelc is on travel for a surprise.  I worked on a project at home.

2014.04.17 Thursday

Worked later.

Home, leftover bbq

Final episode of Dexter.  Kinda in shock about it.  Started going into a weird spiral of watching weird old shows on youtube, like That 80s Show and Unhappily ever after.  Turns out one of the guys in Unhappily Ever After was on Dexter... maybe my brain was trying to make that connection and I wasn't fully aware.

2014.04.16 Wednesday

Work, class, trivia, second-to-last Dexter episode, sleep.

2014.04.15 Tuesday

Work kinda late. Leftovers at home.

Kelc had friends over to play games, while I worked on homework until late.

2014.04.14 Monday

Back to work.  Weather was weird.  Work was weird.

Home, ate some leftovers and worked on a homework assignment.  Watched an episode of Dexter with Kelc, then a little more hw, then bed time.

2014.04.13 Sunday

Passed on golf.  Worked on homework instead, sort of.

Finished up a few things with the office.

Kelc came home.

HEB trip to prep for the week

Watched some Louie, played some TF2 and KSP

2014.04.12 Saturday

Worked on the cutting board most of the day.

Moved some things around in the office area.

Productive and exhausted.

2014.04.11 Friday

Productive day.

Removed the blade from the lawnmower to sharpen it.  Replaced the air filter.  Tried to remove the spark plug, but I don't have the right tools.  Started caulking the windows, ran out of caulk.  Hung a ladder in the garage.

Sears to pick up some long sockets (for the spark plug) and a table saw blade. Home Depot to grab some sand paper and lots of caulk.  Tried to find some weather stripping that was recommended to me, but seems like they don't have any.  Went over to Lowes to see what they have, also didnt.  Stopped by CVS to pick up some mineral oil.

Back home.  Tried to finish up caulking the windows, and I ran out of caulk again.

Worked on the back flower bed / yard.

Started sanding down the cutting board.

Went in, decided to take a nice relaxing bath.  Watched some Louie and Austin Powers

2014.04.10 Thursday

Wrapped up the work week nicely by dominating.

Left a bit later.  Stopped by Costco for some goodies.

Moved some bookcases around.  Started watching Austin Powers.

2014.04.09 Wednesday

Work.  Started a new class for school,  "Principles of Detection and Estimation Theory".  Sounds like a blast, right?

Trivia with just Seth and myself, second to last.  DIDN'T LOSE.

Home, paperwork, sleep.

2014.04.08 Tuesday

Got to work a bit early, and left a bit late.  Checked the mail.  Took care of some bills. Cooked up some leftovers that were on the verge of being too old, and a salad.

2014.04.07 Monday

Surprisingly cool today.  Worked a long day.  On the way home, it was raining so hard that it really looked like someone was just pouring buckets on my windshield.

Home, reheated some chicken soup for dinner.  Continued watching Dexter.  Only a handful of episodes until Kelc and I are done.

2014.04.06 Sunday

Still trying to decide if I want to continue this masters program.  Tough decision.

Invited to go watch 3 hours of Game of Thrones, but instead of doing that I took some advil and sat around at home waiting for the headache to go away.  Watched some Brooklyn Nine Nine, ended up finishing the first season.

Worked on a small project, then chatted with my mom for a bit.  Apparently my brother is shopping for a house.  Best of luck to him.

Off to bed.

2014.04.05 Saturday

Quick breakfast, more yardwork.

Cooked up a pot of chicken soup.  Showered up, then invited my dad over for food and to hang out.

Later, went to pick up Kelc from the airport.  Got home kinda late, pretty exhausted.

2014.04.04 Friday

Worked later.

Kelc was gone by the time I got home.  I did some yardwork, then reheated some leftovers and watched some Brooklyn Nine Nine.

2014.04.03 Thursday

Worked a long day. Home, whataburger, Dexter, sleep.

2014.04.02 Wednesday

Worked from home for part of the day.

A friendly neighborhood power professional stopped by for the freely available Energy audit that I scheduled.  Typically people get energy audits when their bills are too high, and the person who comes by has to explain how electricity and air conditioning works.  I was looking for more information on best-bang-for-buck improvements I can do.

Turns out I'm already in like the top 5% in terms of efficiency based on square footage.  Kinda surprising with an a/c unit that is the same age as the house.  Overall, suggestions to seal up any air gaps (weather stripping, window seals, outlets, fireplace) would help out with the cool air leaking out.  I was thinking new windows or an extra layer of insulation in the attic, but those things would take a long time to break even on investment.  Good enough for me.

Went to Trivia. Went home and watched a bit of soccer, then bedtime.

2014.04.01 Tuesday

Worked. Home.  Some Dexter then Sleep.

2014.03.31 Monday

Worked a long day.

Kelc cooked up a chicken apricot dish that was pretty good, just think it would taste better over rice to soak up the juice.

Watched some Dexter.  We are about 2/3rds through season 7 now.  A lot of people have been saying that it gets bad after season 4, but honestly I think the writers did a much better job at developing intertwined, yet separately strong character plots.  Also some of the acting is pretty darn good.  The main arc might seem a bit contrived, but hey, it's a tv show.

Monday, April 28, 2014

2014.03.30 Sunday

Spent the day working on Kelc's project, ended up getting sunburnt just from the few hours I was outside.

Took a break in the afternoon to work on the final exam.

We got about 85% of the way done with the project, not bad at all.  Hopefully I can remember to post pictures when everything is done.

2014.03.29 Saturday

Quiet house in the morning.  Spent some time trying to work on the final exam that is due in a few days. (le sigh again)

Cooked up a chicken chili thing from xmas.

Watched a Dexter with Kelc

Started working on a project idea for kelc.

2014.03.28 Friday

Off friday.  Woo hoo.  Made a trip to Home depot, then another Home Depot.  Can't find the right stuff.

Cooked up a lunch for Kelc and I, watched part of Dexter

Wrapped the water heater with a fiberglass jacket.  Very annoying to get that up.  Started doing some yard work, then realized my skin is itching because the fiberglass fibers are stuck in me as I dry up from evaporating sweat, causing a weird rash... time to stop everything and shower.  Little bit of a panic there, but wasn't too bad.  If I had to wait hours before showering, I would probably be extremely uncomfortable.

Finished up the yard work. Kelc left in the evening to spend some time out at the lakehouse.  This gave me time to look at my final exam. Le sigh.

2014.03.27 Thursday

Solid work day, worked late

Trying to kill time before going home: Costco trip, filled up with gas, Firehouse Subs for some food, checked the mail, then finally went home.  Looks like I still arrived a little too soon, but time to crash the party.

Watched some Dexter, then sleep.

2013.03.26 Wednesday

Weird dates being rearranged in this blog.  Sorry about that.  I used to know how to fix that, but not anymore. Too many UI changes.

Worked a pretty solid day.  Trivia without Seth, started out strong and slowly got worse until it ended.  DIDN'T LOSE, not bad.

Home, snooze

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2014.03.23 Sunday

Watched some Dexter and From the Earth to the Moon

Late lunch at Sister's and Bro-In-Law's, then HEB to stock up for the week.

Homework and FTETTM.

2014.03.18 Tuesday

Work, meetings, class, work.

Home, pizza, Dexter marathon

2013.03.25 Tuesday

Up early. Worked a long day

Home later, leftovers for dinner, and worked on some things with Kelc and her project.

Watched some more From the Earth to the Moon, and played some TF2 before going to bed.

2014.03.24 Monday

Worked a later day.

Home, pizza dinner and homework

Watched some music videos online with Kelc

Bed time.

2014.03.22 Saturday

Cleaned the shower. Breakfast by Kelc

Watched Dexter, and From the Earth to the Moon

Raked leaves
Home depot trip

2014.03.21 Friday

Wrapping up the work week.  Didn't bring a lunch, so I had to go pick up something.  Sandwiches cost more than I remember, and don't quite fill me up.  Special delivery at work, from Kelc.  Slightly embarrassing, but a good excuse to walk around and share the edible arrangement.

Home, ate some leftover bbq from Kelc's lunch, watched a chunk of Dexter episodes.

2014.03.20 Thursday

Long day at work, but I got some good news for a change.

Home, chatted with Kelc and almost finished season 6 of Dexter.  We have half an episode to watch.

2014.03.19 Wednesday

Work, one-on-one, lunch outing, work.

Trivia, huge group.  Saw a coworker in attendance.

Re-watched a bit of a Dexter episode for Kelc, then continued on with one more.

Bed time.

2014.03.17 Monday

Back to work.

Home late.  Cooked up a stir fry, then worked on homework late into the night.

2014.03.16 Sunday

Cooked up a breakfast.

Watched more Dexter.

Ran some errands with Kelc.

Finished hanging the antenna in the attic.  Discussed paint options for the rooms.

More Dexter, with dinner.

2014.03.15 Saturday

Took care of things around the house.

Worked some on the homework assignment.

Played some games.

Watched more Dexter.

2014.03.14 Friday

Pi day

Saw some more hashtag pi in the sky.

Cooked up a nice meal for Kelc and I for lunch

Took Mark to catch a flight out for a fun vacation trip.

Kelc and I were supposed to go shopping, but decided we didn't really feel like it.  Watched a bunch of Dexter instead.  Not going to complain here.

2014.03.13 Thursday

Work, wrapped up the work week nicely.

2014.03.12 Wednesday

Work. Trivia (first place, but disqualified).  Sleep.

2014.03.11 Tuesday

Work, class, work.  Stayed longer than I thought I would.

Ate some leftovers and chatted with Kelc in the evening

Worked on some homework, then played a little TF2, then called it.

2014.03.10 Monday

Back to work, except the time is all shifted.  Weird seeing the sun when going home too.

Kelc made an interesting dish of doritos, chicken, and various other toppings.  Felt like I was eating party food for dinner, but still tasty.

Worked on homework for some of the evening.  Really difficult staying focused and motivated.

2014.03.09 Sunday

HEB trip, then over to Kelc's dad's to clear his computer for donation.

Worked on HW late into the evening.

2014.03.08 Saturday

Tried doing some homework, did some paperwork instead.

Went to the UT Baseball game since my brother-in-law won suite tickets.  Too bad the weather wasn't cooperating.

Went home and the storms started rolling in.  I went sans-electronics and some played games with Kelc to kill time.

2014.03.07 Friday

Supposed to be a quick day, as I felt like going home earlier in the afternoon, but I still ended up working late.

A new toy came in the mail, didn't get to play with it much.  Went to pick up some bbq with Kelc and her sis, watched some Modern Family and Dexter.

2014.03.06 Thursday

Productive day at work, left a bit late.

I arrived home to an empty house.  That doesn't happen very often.  Thawed then grilled some chicken, and corn for dinner.  Cleaned up my office area a bit.  Worked on homework for a little.  Played some games, then chatted with Kelc before getting some shuteye.

2014.03.05 Wednesday

Worked straight up until trivia.

We didn't do our best, but still respectable.  There is a group that is starting to annoy me, they win just about every week.

Home, played some TF2 to unwind a bit, then bed time.

2014.03.04 Tuesday

Work, class, work, home late.

Made some sandwiches and watched the last two episodes of season 4 of Dexter.  I'm not sure how to describe my reaction to this season.  Kinda understand how people could say the next seasons go downhill from here.

Played some games, then went to bed.

2014.03.03 Monday

Worked a bit late

Home, worked on homework into the late evening.  Ate some leftovers, Korey came over for help on some document stuff.

In bed late.

2014.03.02 Sunday

Gross day outside.  Took a little trip to the grocery store.
Tried working on more school stuff, then played some games to give the brain a break.

Lasagna, and Dexter.  Getting close to finishing season 4, almost into the territory that Kelc hasn't seen yet.

2014.03.01 Saturday

Watched some gymnastics with Kelc, then worked on some homework.

Went to the Cirque du Soliel show with Kelc, then grabbed some Amy's Ice Cream, and surprised to see a coworker there.

Watched a movie called Safety Not Guaranteed, which I think Ray recommended.  Pretty oddball funny.  Good with delicious ranch flavored popcorn.

2014.02.28 Friday

Day off.  Got a new haircut.

Performed my own oil change, and air filter change.

Mopped the house, then cooked up a chicken that apparently I'm going to eat by myself.

Watched a bunch of Doctor Who episodes to try and get caught up.

2014.02.27 Thursday

In work slightly earlier than normal.  Enjoyed a group meeting over lunch.  There were few that actually showed up, and some even fell asleep.

Left work late, picked up a few things on my way home.  Cooked up a quick dinner and watched some tv, then bedtime.

2014.02.26 Wednesday

Work, trivia, Dexter, bed.

Friday, February 28, 2014

2014.02.25 Tuesday

Work, school, home (late), leftovers, Dexter, sleep.

2014.02.24 Monday

Back to work, then home a little late.

Over to Korey's to check out her place and grab a bite.  Saw some cool artwork

Home, watched Dexter.  My back starting to feel funky, like I pinched a nerve or something.  Not cool.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014.02.23 Sunday

Worked more on the midterm most of the morning.

Ran some errands, picked up lunch.

Finished up midterm, and submitted it online.

Worked on a project, then raked leaves with Kelc.  Started feeling exhausted again, so we finished up only a chunk.

Watched some final Olympics stuff, played some games, fixed up a leftovers dinner, watched some Dexter, then went to bed.

2014.02.22 Saturday

Cooked up some muffins for breakfast, watched a Dexter, then some olympics.

Got to work on the second half of my midterm.  spent a good chunk of the day just trying to figure out what the question was asking.

Had a pot roast cooking most of the day.  For some reason this crock pot sucks at cooking meat.

Watched some CICGC and worked on a fun project, played a bit of TF2, then went to bed.

2014.02.21 Friday

In work early, tried to watch some hockey during the day but that didn't work, then left work earlier than usual.

Went to HEB with Kelc to grab some grub. Watched Dexter and made some bison steaks.  It's nice to have a little more extravagant meal once in a while.

2014.02.20 Thursday

At work earlier, worked later.

Worked on second part of a midterm most of the evening.  Cooked up some chicken for dinner.

2014.02.19 Wednesday

Work (normal).

Trivia (got third).  Windy, but not terribly cold.

Home, watched an episode of Dexter, then off to bed.

2014.02.18 Tuesday

Went in to work early, and as a result left work a bit early.  Actually part of a plan...

Worked on a midterm exam for most of the evening.  Kelc made a meatloaf, which was very nice and much needed since I was focusing on an exam.  Watched a bit of the Office from bed before passing out.

2014.02.17 Monday

Kind of a productive day at work, but also non-productive.

Home late, tried doing some studying for the midterm, and it turns out some footage was not recorded like I had expected.  Bummer.

Cooked up some pasta for dinner, nothing fantastic.

Tried going to bed earlier, or at least winding down earlier to see if I could get better quality sleep.

2014.02.16 Sunday

Moved and cleaned up stuff around the house.  Finished a few extra steps on the vehicles.

Did some really hard things in KSP.  (Performing a rendezvous in space is kinda complicated.)

Went out for sushi with Kelc and Mark.  My sushi meal was chicken fried rice. Heh.

Back home, watched some olympics, little more KSP, winding down the weekend.

2014.02.15 Saturday

Washed cars, got exhausted, felt like passing out.

Watched olympics.  Mark made some crawfish etoufee, delicious.

2014.02.14 Friday (vday)

Made Kelc a sandwich for lunch.

Then surprised her by dropping off some flowers to the office. (Gotta make the other's slightly jealous, right?)

Prepared some dough for breadsticks, to add to a dinner of ravioli.

Hid some things for a clue-based hunt, then finished cooking up dinner.

Watched some Ali G and called it a night.

2014.02.13 Thursday

Wrapped up the work week.

Things are a bit hectic, yet not too hectic.  Glad to have a few days off to get shtuff done.

2014.02.12 Wednesday

Slightly longer work day.

Finished up Kelc's meal leftovers for lunch.  Mostly good, but I still don't have much faith in zero fat cheese.

Met up with the gang at trivia, also saw my sister/bro-in-law and their group for trivia.  There were a ton of teams that showed up, which made it harder for us.

Home, ate some snacks, worked on a vday gift, then went to bed.

2014.02.11 Tuesday

Got almost on the highway to work, then realized I didn't have my phone.  Decided to be later to work and have a phone instead of surviving the day without it.

Enjoyed some leftovers courtesy of Kelc's cooking adventure.  Actually pretty good.

Had class to split up the day. Went to a few minutes of a retirement celebration.

Home late.  Cooked up some eggs and guacamole.  Filed taxes.

2014.02.10 Monday

Back to work, nothing all too special happening lately.

Some on-site training that was scheduled this week got put on hold indefinitely, so that frees me up to do actual work.

Went home kinda late, Kelc made a interesting chicken parmesan dish that she ended up not liking.  I thought it was pretty good (except for fat free cheese, that doesn't even compute in my head).

I worked on homework into the late evening, then took a break with KSP, then tried doing taxes again.

2014.02.09 Sunday

Tried tackling taxes today, but that kinda fell apart as well.  Maybe I'm getting lazy, or looking at this the wrong way.  I think I'm clicking the wrong answers for some of these questions.

C+E came over to hang out and eat up all the leftovers.  That made up for the party thing.

Watched a bunch of Winter Olympics.  Changed Kelc's oil.  Updated my blog and music statistics.  I'm running low on things to listen to, so if anybody has ideas, that would be great.

2014.02.08 Saturday

Did some preparations for party.  Cleaned up my area.

With all the stuff set up, turns out that the party turned into a small gathering, then turned into just having Kelc's sister over.  Mark joined us in watching the game, and we still had fun and played bingo anyways.

Watched 10 Things I Hate About You after, which I somehow never had seen before.

2014.02.07 Friday

Felt pretty quiet at work all day.  Cold weather.  Almost nobody showed up for lunch.

Cooked up some bacon for tomorrow's celebration.  Didn't really do much else in the evening.

2014.02.06 Thursday

Worked a long day. Followed that by a trip to Costco to get some needed goodies.

Home, Kelc cooked a delicious Chicken Florentine meal. I cleaned up the dishes, and watched some Winter Olympics events. Spent some time doing taxes, then off to bed.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014.02.05 Wednesday

Fun day at work. Stayed a little later so I could cruise right over to trivia. We dominated trivia, earning ourselves a pretty penny. Home, worked on homework to get a headstart for next week.

2014.02.04 Tuesday

Got in to work early to make a meeting. Stayed late taking care of business. Home super late, chatted with Kelc and ate the meal she made.

2014.02.03 Monday

Back into the full swing of work. Felt like people didn't really show up until lunch. Left normal-ish time. Went home, cooked up a pizza, worked on homework until everybody was asleep.

2014.02.02 Sunday

Felt like everybody was doing something for the Super Bowl.  What am I going to do?  I have no idea.

I watched some Dexter in the morning.  I tried working on a project, but I had a annoying headache that made me feel like doing nothing.  I put some laundry in and laid down.

Eventually it was time to go watch the big game.

2014.02.01 Saturday

Today I forced myself to hunker down and get some school work out of the way.  It took a while to get started up, but I got a chunk done.

Kelc was on a mission to take care of some projects that she has put off for a while.  I ended up splitting my time between homework and assisting on some of those projects.

We left to go to the Texas Stars hockey game.  On our way, we stopped by her office to try and find a lost credit card, nope.  Turns out it was in her jacket pocket the entire time.

Arrived early to the game, got a nice bobble head, then some snack food from the concessions.  Great game with domination and fights.

Stopped by Texas Roadhouse on the way home for a delicious late dinner.

Watched some Dexter and called it a night.

2014.01.31 Friday

Day off work, time to get productive.  Vacuumed, mopped, placed a rug, cooked some lunch, cleaned the kitchen

Watched A Bug's Life with Kelc, then some Dexter episodes.

2014.01.30 Thursday

Productive day at work

Home late, ate an attempt at Sous Vide.  Turned out ... okay... kinda.  Cheap steaks go in, cheap steaks come out.  Can't really expect too much.

Watched a Dexter, bedtime

2014.01.29 Wednesday


Trivia, rocked it, froze my nuts off.

Home, played a bit of JC2MP then bedtime.

2014.01.28 Tuesday

Iced in this morning.  Still worked from home.

Went in around noon, worked until late 8.

Got home, ate some grub and watched a Katy Perry documentary on Netflix. Neat.

2014.01.27 Monday

Back to work

Lots of meetings, and mental task-switching, causing a less-productive-than-usual day.

Home, went straight into working on homework.  Still confused on a few things there, but this class seems less stressful than previous.

2014.01.26 Sunday

Worked on homework

Met up at Main Event with the family to bowl.  Went to Cheddar's for food after.

Quick grocery run, then back home for homework.  Watched a few plays of the Pro Bowl, and a few awards from the Grams.

In bed late.

2014.01.25 Saturday

Worked on my temperature box project, and tried working on some homework.  Not much else happened.

2014.01.24 Friday

Welp, guess I'm working from home today.  Ice everywhere.  News reports saying around 200 accidents just because of the ice, plus tons of abandoned vehicles because they got stuck.  Good job people.

Sufficiently productive most of the day.  The sun actually came out and started melting things a bit.

2014.01.23 Thursday

Worked a mostly normal day.  The weather started to change quite drastically, and people forgot how to drive.  I passed 4 accidents on my way home, plus a ton of very unusual driving actions.

Stayed home and enjoyed my evening.

2014.01.22 Wednesday

Worked normal day.

Came home to quiet and empty house.  Ate some leftovers and watched some Family Feud.  Washed some dishes and started working on homework.

Kelc and her mom showed up and we chatted for a while.

I went back to work on homework, then went to bed.

2014.01.21 Tuesday

Work, School, Work, Appointment, Thundercloud, Home, relax.

2014.01.20 Monday

You could say that this was a mostly normal day, but there was one thing that was kinda different.  I have now been a full-time employee for 5 years, meaning I've been in the "real world" longer than I have went to college as an undergrad.  Lucky for me, I have been able to continue my education through opportunities at work, so I still consider myself a student.  What's the point of growing up anyways?

The work day was semi-unproductive due to lots of meetings.  Went home late and worked on homework late into the evening, taking a break just to cook up some dinner.

2014.01.19 Sunday

Did a little bit more homework, then went on a shopping excursion with Kelc

Home, started a woodworking project.  Had to stop when it started getting windy and cooler

Over to Hab+Tay's for a brisket experiment.  Turned out quite tasty.  Watched the 49ers lose.

2014.01.18 Saturday

Spent most of the day working on homework.

Cooked up a pizza for dinner.  Kelc went to hang out with friends.

2014.01.17 Friday

Dealt with insurance companies most of the morning/day.

Hamburger Helper for lunch.

Spent a bit of time playing around with HTPC stuff.

2014.01.16 Thursday

Work.  Once home, nobody could decide on what food to get, quite the dinner debacle.  Settled on Smokey Mo's.

Watched some X-files while eating, then played around with WMC, then bed time.

2014.01.15 Wednesday

Picked up new frames, stylin'.

Worked late, then went over to Trivia.

Home, played around with HTPC for a bit before bed.

2014.01.14 Tuesday

Worked a longer later day to compensate for class time taken yesterday.

Got home and set up a tv tuner, ate some leftovers and watched x-files.

Played a little bit of JC2-MP, then called it.

2014.01.13 Monday

Worked a relatively normal day.

Got home and ate some leftovers and worked on homework late into the evening.  Not much else to say about that.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014.01.12 Sunday

Watched some football here and there.

Watched some lectures for school, plus worked on homework

Played JC2-MP.  One of the developers of the add-on signed on to the server I was on!  He must have pushed a bunch of updates to the server, because some new things were available for playing.  Also went on a air squadron flight.  Crazy fun.

2014.01.11 Saturday

Mostly lazy Saturday.  Helped Mark drop his car off at the car shop.

Went to pick up some unique Indian ingredients for a recipe for Kelc.

Played some more games, worked on more homework

Picked up Mark's car

Ate delicious Indian chicken recipe for dinner.  Kelc was not impressed.

2014.01.10 Friday

Worked, later than I needed to.

Stopped off to get some gas and food on my way home.  Torchy's was overly crowded, with people that didn't have anywhere to sit and the line going out the door.  Went next door to Verts and was served within seconds.

At home I watched some Modern Family with Mark while I ate.

Played some JC2-MP and glanced over some school stuff.  Started filling out some free quotes for insurances to see if I'm paying too much for coverage.

2014.01.09 Thursday

Work, left early to get to an appointment, then back to work when I got home.

Once I was done wrapping up work, I started working on home work for class.  Supplemented with some leftovers for dinner.

Winding down with some JC2-MP before sliding into bed.

2014.01.08 Wednesday

Work. Trivia

Stopped by HEB on the way home.  Then bed.

2014.01.07 Tuesday

Worked a mostly normal day

Started up classes again.  Not exactly ready for this roller coaster.

Played a little JC2-MP in the evening

2014.01.06 Monday

A bit late getting back to the grind, but accomplished a handful of things to start off the new year of work.

Home late, Kelc cooked up a delicious meaty meat loaf.  Watched the National Championship.  The end of the game definitely reminded me of UT vs USC in 2005-2006.

2014.01.05 Sunday

Little bit more cleanup in the office, finally reached a satisfactory level of emptiness, for now.

Played a ton of JC2.  Listened to some playoff games in the background.  By late evening, I was more than 93% complete with the game.  All that is left is some annoying flying maneuvering to complete around the map.

2014.01.04 Saturday

Watched some playoff games. Played a ton of JC2

More cleaning my office area.  I've gotten rid of so much stuff, and shredded so much paper.  Feels great.

Monday, January 6, 2014

2014.01.03 Friday

Kelc had to work again, while I stayed at home (off-friday).  I cooked up some Hamburger Helper for us for lunch.  After consuming some, I fell back asleep.

Eventually got up and got back to cleaning in the office.  Also played JC2 (making lots of progress, hoping to finish up this weekend).

2014.01.02 Thursday

Kelc had to work today.  I worked from home for a few hours, mostly just sending off emails and reading up on a few things.

Continued cleaning up my office.  If you haven't noticed already, I've been working on cleaning up this area for a few days now.  Sure I get distracted with gaming, but there is a lot of junk that accumulates over time.

Lately I've also been enjoying watching the bowl games.  Doing terrible with the pick'em though.

2014.01.01 Wednesday

Started off the new year... well technically it started off at Hab+Tay's finishing up some games, then going home to sleep.

I cooked up some black eyed peas for good luck.  Much simpler recipe this year, and still tasty.

Worked on cleaned up in the office more.  And of course some game time.

2013.12.31 Tuesday

Welp, it's the eve of the New Year already.

Did I have a good 2013?  It had its ups and downs, a few things I would change and a few things I would not.  I am hoping for a better 2014.

Went to the airport to pick up Kelc, then stopped by home to drop off stuff, and pick up stuff.  Headed over to Hab+Tay's for games and celebrating the arrival of the new year.

2013.12.30 Monday

Somehow I decided that it would be a good day to go in and try to do work.  Well only a few people showed up, and I was less productive than I would have liked, so I left early.

I went to the eye place to order a set of new frames.  Go me, waiting to the last minute, again.

Home, dilly dallied.

2013.12.29 Sunday

Slept in. Watched some Mr Bean (since Netflix is going to be removing it soon)

Polished up the table.  Lots of effort and scratches still remain, though less noticeable.

Put a garage keyless entry thingy up. Watched some Steelers win.

Minecrafted and listened to the KC-SD game (went into overtime).  Unfortunately the Chargers won, so Steelers will not be in the playoffs.

Continued Minecrafting into the evening while listening to football. Leftovers for dinner.

2013.12.28 Saturday

Cooked up some breakfast for one.  Went errand running for various supplies.  Ate a sandwich for lunch.

Worked most afternoon and evening on Kelc's headlights.  They are ridiculously smooth and shiny now. I should post some before and after pics one of these days.

Watched Mythbusters and ate the last chicken-fried-steak my parents pawned off.

Later, watched some SNL, cleaned up in the office, played a little Minecraft and JC2, then went to bed.

2013.12.27 Friday

Kelc trying to figure out how to travel, ended up just buying tickets and flying out to the west coast to see her dad.

Spent a chunk of the day cleaning more of my office area.  The process usually involves lots of detours, like fixing a flashlight, unjamming a paper shredder, making piles of categorized things.

Watched lots of mythbusters in the meantime.

2013.12.26 Thursday

Woke up to darkness.  The black-out curtains were doing too good of a job. I put my phone in airplane mode over night, and the battery level dropped by 1%.  I don't know what background AT&T crap is running, but it sucks the life when signal isn't perfect.

Ate some breakfast, helped packed up a few things, then headed home.  Others went for a meal.

Everybody came over after their meal to kill some time before their flight.

Later the Happy Couple came over to chat about their Christmas adventure so far, and their future plans.

2013.12.25 Wednesday

Merry Christmas to all, and me.  Woke up to an empty house and nothing really planned.

Watched a ton of mythbusters and did various cleaning activities around the house.

Later into the evening, went over to the lake house to play games and socialize. Painted a neat picture of the golden gate bridge.

2013.12.24 Tuesday

Prepared a plethora of desserts for the upcoming holiday time.

Headed over to spend the day with my parents and growing family.  Did a gift exchange.  I also brought along some scratch-offs, which I generally do every year, and somehow we came out positive.

Kelc left early to go to her family.

Went home, chillaxed.

2013.12.23 Monday

Listened to a few vinyls while cooking up some soup.

Cleaned the bathroom, fixed a wiring issue caused by yesterday's wiring.  (I think I need to fix the crimping on a few cables.)

Watched some Dexter.

Ran an errand to ship a package.

Started cleaning up my office area.  This is long overdue.

2013.12.22 Sunday

After driving to 4 different stores, I found the component I was looking for.  This component allowed me to build my own antenna for the attic.

Watched Steelers game with Kelc and Kor.  During which, I cooked up some pasta for princess.

Ran some wiring through the attic for the antenna, played some JC2, then went to bed late

2013.12.21 Saturday

Woke up late

Drove to Chappel Hill.  Tried out some new podcasts on my way there.  One was called "Science...Sort Of" and the other was a comedy show.

Spent the day with awesome peeps, played games, napped. 

Drove home listening to more random stuff. Watched a few things with Kelc, she fell asleep on the couch.

2013.12.20 Friday

Cut away some foam around the windows that I sprayed a weekend ago.

Watched an episode of Dexter.

Washed the bed sheets and rotated the mattress.

Vacuum and mopped the house.

Adjusted the wheels and tried cleaning out underneath the refrigerator.

Moved some furniture around in the living room.

Washed dishes.

Productive day.

2013.12.19 Thursday

Sorta work day, don't really need to put in a full day's worth of hours, so I goofed around some, but also got some things done, and enjoyed a holiday food potluck.

Left leisurely late, then watched some Dexter in the evening with Kelc.

2013.12.18 Wednesday

Worked later, then hopped over to Trivia.  Did mediocre.

Tried out JC2 Multiplayer.  This is dangerous fun for me, and I have no idea what is going on.

To bed early.

2013.12.17 Tuesday

Work, stayed a little late.

Costco adventure.  Some dude totally ate it after running into some lady's cart.  Pro tip: don't run if your shoes don't have any grip on them.

Home, new toy came in the mail.

Dexter, dinner, and a mini gift celebration.

2013.12.16 Monday

Eye appointment today.  Turns out I'm pretty sensitive to eye dilation... my pupils were huge... all day. My appointment was around 10a, and my eyes just started to go down in size around 6p.  I wore sunglasses inside all day, and still got a headache.  Driving home I had 3 tinted lenses on to cut down the light.  Sucks.

Cooked up soup, with a lingering headache from the dilation.

Watched 4 episodes of Dexter and some MNF.  Justin Tucker kicked me into the super bowl.

2013.12.15 Sunday

Watched some football.

Ran errand to HEB to pick up grub for the upcoming week.

Watched Steelers game with Kelc and family and friends.

2013.12.14 Saturday

Worked on updating my books and finances.  Took longer than usual since it has been so long.

Took a little trip to Home Depot for some supplies.  Picked up dinner at Fire House Subs, then watched some Dexter later.

2013.12.13 Friday

Wrapping up the work week.

Home, watched Dexter, played JC2

2013.12.12 Thursday

Long work day.

Kelc made some meat loaf and corn for dinner, surprisingly good even though it looked a bit funky.  Watched some Dexter as a side.

2013.12.11 Wednesday

Normal work day. Trivia, did terrible.  Made up for it with some JC2, then bed time.

2013.12.10 Tuesday

More unproductive work day.

Kelc cooked up a tasty meal of chicken and asparagus with penne pasta.

Watched the pilot of Dexter.  Seems like a show I can probably get in to.

2013.12.09 Monday (Radio Report Card)

Work, computer crashing.  Unproductive.  Felt like crap for a chunk of the day.

When I got home, I felt like doing some statistics on one of the stations I listen to during my daily commute.  I actually tend to listen to about 8 to 10 stations, jumping around when I dislike the content.

Today's station under the microscope is 93.7FM KLBJ.  I took data from their site between December 1 and December 8, so 8 days worth.

They played a variety of 128 different artists, give or take a couple labeled as "Various Artist" and Stevie Ray Vaughn / SRV and Double Trouble).

Top 5 Artists:
1. Led Zeppelin with 87 songs played
2. AC/DC with 86 songs played
3. The Rolling Stones with 82 songs played
4. Van Halen with 77 songs played
5. Pink Floyd with 72 songs played

Cool graph of artists that got more than 10 plays:

They played a variety of 428 different songs, give or take a couple (human error).
Top Songs:
1. "Tuff Enuff" by The Fabulous Thunderbirds, with 12 plays
1. "The House is Rockin'" by Stevie Ray Vaughan with 12 plays
1. "Pride and Joy" by Stevie Ray Vaughan with 12 plays
(then a ton of 11 and 10 -play songs)

Here is that cool chart showing how they don't necessarily play the same songs over and over, like some other stations might.  There are way too many songs to list, so instead you just get a chart that shows distribution.

Wrapped up my day with Monday Night Football, and sleep.