Monday, October 21, 2013

2013.10.16 Wednesday

Attempted to get to work early and attend an early meeting, but the weather and traffic had a different plan for me.  Upon arriving late, it turns out that I couldn't attend the meeting because I couldn't access the room it was being held in.  Wasting tons of time this morning.

Long day at work.

Headed to Third Base after to do some trivia.  (First time in what feels like months.)

Home, snacked on some food then went to bed.

2013.10.15 Tuesday

Back to work.  'Twas nice having yesterday off to worry about other things.

Surprise visitor for lunch.

Home late.  Worked on midterm until late in the evening.

Played a few minutes of KSP.  Then crawled to bed for slumber.

2013.10.14 Monday

Took the day off.  I needed a little extra sleep, but I also went over to my parent's house for a brunch gathering.

Ran an errand to OfficeMax to try and print off some pages for Kelc, but apparently nobody knows how to print PNG files without scaling.  According to Kelc, everybody uses the same crappy software too, yet prices vary wildly.

Went home, worked on a midterm and snacked on food.  Took breaks here and there, helped Kelc stuff some DVD cases.

Late into the evening, decided I wanted to fly to the mun.  Opened up Kerbal Space Program and built an awesome rocket that indeed made it into lunar orbit.  Yay, I didn't crash into the mun.  After some time, I decided it was time to head back home, but unfortunately I got stuck in Kerbal orbit without fuel.  Uh oh.  Poor fella.  Maybe I can rescue him later.

Bed time.

2013.10.13 Sunday (Big day)

Had some family come over to see my house, finally.  I've been living there for over a year now, so it's about time.

Ironed some clothes, showered up, did my hair, and headed out to the venue once again.

Waiting, some pictures, waiting, some more pictures, waiting, ceremony, pictures, waiting.  Then things really started to pick up.  Sat down for food, finished a light plate and went back for seconds, but they started taking up dishes and pushing us on to the next events.  (I guess at this point, the rain delays had crunched things down a bit.)  Went to see the first dances, the cake cutting, danced around, socialized, took some pictures at the photo booth, then next thing I know... we are sending off the married couple with sparklers.  Everybody split up after that.

Went home, pretty much straight to bed.

2013.10.12 Saturday

Went to the wedding venue to see what everything was going to be like.  Did a little bit of practicing even though we were missing a few people.

Went to Fast Eddies to watch the UT vs OU game.  Played some pool, ate some grub, played darts, and somehow UT came out on top.  I don't understand it, but UT actually looked like a team.

Home for a little bit, the out to Pappasito's for the "rehearsal dinner".  Too much food.

2013.10.11 Friday

Ran a few errands.  Preparing for the big weekend.

Spent the leftover time on a freaking midterm.  Great timing.

Got a package in, bump bump bump!

Cooked up a nice dinner, watched some more sports.

2013.10.10 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week with meetings and status reports and whatnot.  Probably stayed later than I needed to.

At home, didn't feel like eating anything around the house so I took a little drive to Freebirds.

Watched some IT Crowd, watched some sports, relaxed a bit.

2013.10.09 Wednesday

Mostly normal workday.

Thought I would be enjoying some evening trivia, but instead... homework.

Got frustrated enough to give up on parts of it.  That happens when the information provided doesn't match the performance expected.  Decided I deserved some free time to play a game.  Feels like forever since I did that.

2013.10.08 Tuesday

Another normal work day.

Home later, went for a bike ride, worked on homework into the night.  I barely even have time to be healthy.  This class is trying to kill me.

2013.10.07 Monday

Back to work.  Tried out munching on Lucky Charms this morning instead of my normal Cheerios.  Man, these things have a ton of sweet packed in.  As a kid I would love this, but this is just too much now.  Give me bland or give me death.

A few meetings, worked into the evening.

Got home, Kelc made some sloppy joes.  Tasty.

I got through about half of my probability homework.  Maybe I'll actually go to trivia this week *crosses fingers*.

Decided to treat myself to watching the last few minutes of MNF.

2013.10.06 Sunday

Finished up gymnastics viewing.  Took care of some bills and paperwork. Watched some football, did some schoolwork.

Went to HEB

Cooked up dinner, more football.


2013.10.05 Saturday

Watched some gymnastics with Kelc.  Almost like watching the Olympics.

Changed my oil and checked tire pressure.  All is well so far.

Errands: Dropped off a garage opener.  Deposited a check.  Picked up goods at target, 0.47 cents spent.

Watched some college football, parent's stopped by while running errands of their own.

Took a nap. More football, laundry, food, sleep.  Reasonably productive day.

2013.10.04 Friday

Work. Left at a reasonable time (this feels so weird).

Cut the yard while Kelc went out for Chuy's.

Mark and I picked up some Verts because Torchy's line was too long.  Watched some IT Crowd.

Thought about HS football a little too late. Maybe next week.

2013.10.03 Thursday

Went in to work a tad later than normal.  The amount of free time and sleep in my life is getting too low.

Met up with Kelc on my way home to grab some dinner at Taco Shack.

Watched some of the UT v Iowa State game.  We barely squeaked out a win.  I guess that is better than losing.

Off to bed at a reasonable time, hard time getting to sleep.

2013.10.02 Wednesday

Another work day.  Went for a dinner run to Quiznos to supply fuel for the evening.  Spent the evening working on homework at work.  Ended up not finishing and leaving super late.

Home quickly (yay no traffic), snooze.

2013.10.01 Tuesday

We enter the final quarter of the year.  What excitement is in store?  What will break next?

Spent the morning replacing the valves to the washing machine, since one was leaky and stuck open.   Mark helped with the muscles.  We replaced the valves and hoses, so I feel more confident with the setup now.

Got in to work later, as expected.  Work consisted of contacting people and reading up documentation.

Attended a discussion section for class.  These always seem helpful, but then when you actually look back at the homework assignment, everything doesn't make sense again.  I don't think the professor likes having students.

Stayed up a little late working on that, then bedtime.

2013.09.30 Monday

Back to the grind.  Actually got to work reasonably early today too.  Spent a chunk of hours in the lab.

Home, delivered a mini gift to a neighbor.

Prepared some pesto, cooked up some simple dinner.

Tried to do some homework.  This class is getting increasingly frustrating.  I am not a full-time student, and I am getting to the point where all my time away from work is spent dealing with this class.  Totally not worth it.

Took a break from that stress to finish up Breaking Bad with Kelc and Mark.  Overall, pretty awesome TV series.

2012.09.29 Sunday

Lunch provided by Sharon.  Haven't had asian food in a while.

Watched the Steelers fall to 0-4 for the season.  Not looking so great right now.

Watched some more football and showed Korey how to tape a wart.

Went over to Hab+Tay's for ribs and football and games, witnessed some beer brewing.  Played some games.

2013.09.28 Saturday

Watched some college football.  By some I mean quite a bit.

Spent a chunk of time watching some school lectures.  Was it useful?  Maybe.

Late night Chik Fil A run, more football, then sleepy.

2013.09.27 Friday

Met up with the guys at a mid-day Costco run. Split up from there to run some more errands, getting a new UPS battery, actually getting some new clothes, etc.

Exhausted, played games.  Ready for some rest.

2013.09.26 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week, and wrapping up the homework assignment.  Overall, not a very pleasant day.  Noticing a trend though...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2013.09.25 Wednesday

Oh cool, didn't realize there was an early meeting scheduled until it was too late to show up.  Really neat.

Split up the day with a good game of vball.

Spent the later part of the day in a frustrating meeting, then going into a lab and having nothing working.

Went home and continued the streak of frustration with homework.

2013.09.24 Tuesday

Plain work day.  Followed up by plain discussion section for school.

Went home with an enthusiastic attitude to finish the homework, didn't get as far as I had hoped, but made a large dent in it.

Went to bed late.

2013.09.23 Monday

Back to the grind

Played a good game of VB!

Tried to do some homework at home.  Went to bed grumpy.

2013.09.22 Sunday

Lazy Sunday.  Hung out with Lindsey and Jon a little more before they took off back to Arlington.

Cut the yard, found a snake!

Cleaned house (again), then showered.

Then I tried to get caught up with schoolwork, watched some SNF, called it a weekend.

2013.09.21 Saturday (Kelc's Murder Mystery)

A little more decorating, and a day of food preparations.

Then the party.  I was supposed to be the head honcho for "Margaritaland", so I had to give a welcoming speech to get the party started.  I would have to say that the amount of fluids consumed definitely hurt the general populous' ability to make a decent guess at who the murderer was.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Up late, games, grub, goodies.


2013.09.20 Friday

I took the day off to prep things for tomorrow's party.  It was a rainy day (which we desperately needed), which means I couldn't cut the yard like I had planned.  Instead I did a ton of cleaning, wiping down things, decorating, mopping... you name it.

Pretty exhausted from all that, but hopefully that will pave the way for an easy day tomorrow.

2013.09.19 Thursday

Worked from home today while a local guy came by and upgraded my garage.  Pretty nice guy, pretty darn close.

Wrapped up work, and homework. Felt great to be done, although it will be looming over my head soon again.

2013.09.18 Wednesday

Kelc forgot to wake me up when she got up so I could see what all I could do about the garage door.  Ended up finding a neighbor that was awake pretty early and he helped me lift up the door.  He kinda bench-pressed the entire thing for a little bit.

Cars are now free, time for work, I guess.

Otherwise a normal day.  Got home and spent the evening doing homework.

2013.09.17 Tuesday

Work.  "Class". Home.

Worked on schoolwork, meaning I had to skip Pluckers and trivia yet again.

Loud bang at 1am.  Oh cool, my garage door spring is broken.  I guess I'm trapped at home tonight.

2013.09.16 Monday

Back to work, and nothing special to comment about.

Tried to get a head start on homework and lectures for this week, keyword: tried.

Cooked up some beef for dinner.

2013.09.15 Sunday

Took a look at my fantasy team and watched some football.  Enjoyed a BBQ lunch from a place just up the road.

Watched some lectures online, trying to get caught up with schoolwork.  This class is slowly killing me.

Parents stopped by for a chat and to drop off some food. Played some bball with Habs Tay and Mark.

Home, exhausted, showered up and watched a late SNF game.

2013.09.14 Saturday

Packed up computer for lan party day.  Yay fun.

Played a bunch of CS:GO, some GTA4, watched the UT game and grilled up some man meat.

Played some more games until it was late and felt funky.  Packed up again and headed home.

2013.09.13 Friday

Costco trip, bought some training gear.

Mark and I cooked up some chicken adobo and quinoa. (He did the hard stuff.)  Habs came over to enjoy some as well, then we got ready to play some racquetball.

Home to shower, watched some SNL with peeps, played bananagrams, and bought CS:GO.

2013.09.12 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week. Went to Taco bell for lunch, probably not the best choice.  About 10 minutes after completing the meal, the gross feeling took over.

Home. Mark arrived with bbq to eat.  Yummy.

2013.09.11 Wednesday

Tried to wake up earlier, rough.

Dear crazy female driver:  You almost hit me because you were raging on the road, trying to weave through traffic faster than the rest of us.  Showing me that you can extend one finger while making a fist with the rest does not impress me.  Please refrain from driving while others are on the road because you might kill somebody.

Otherwise normal day of work, skipped lunch, went to meetings.

Went home late to spend the rest of my time doing homework.  Not having fun staying up this late.

2013.09.10 Tuesday

Work, class, work.

Watched some lectures, did a chunk of homework.

Kelc and peeps got 1st place at trivia without me, congrats!

2013.09.09 Monday

Back to work.  Went to the gym after.

Home late.  Tried doing homework, really confused.  Stress levels increasing.

2013.09.08 Sunday

Up semi early, cut the yard.  Afterwards, did a mini audit on my sprinkler system, I see why a few things aren't working too well.  Grass had grown over a head and caused water to not spread, which then caused the grass that had grown over to get more water.  Smart grass... I'm watching you.

Met up at Third Base to watch the remainder of the Steeler's game.  Also not doing so hot this season.

Went over to my parent's to deliver some supplies and see how the hunting trip went.

2013.09.07 Saturday

Up early, thanks brain.  I tried to sleep in, but no.

Spent the morning lounging around and playing GTA4.

Left to meet up with family and attend a bowling competition put on by PEC.  We are the "alley cats".  And we got 3rd!

Back home after, more games and football viewing.

Watered some yard by hand, picked up Torchy's for dinner, over to Hasbros to watch the UT game.  We are terribad this year.

2013.09.06 Friday

Work, thought it was going to be a quick day, but ended up lasting too long.  At least I went out to lunch with some buddies... mm good ol' bbq.

Home, game time.

Then finished up the week by going to bed early.