Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012.12.15 Saturday

Cleaned up around the house.  Sweeped up lots of balls of brown hair.  *glare*

Went through a ton of old paperwork.  Split into two piles, recycle and burn.

Mark visited, and dropped off a guitar.

Super non-paleo day.  While things taste fine, I felt like crap the rest of the day.

2012.12.14 Friday

Enjoyed the pleasures of an eye appointment.  My prescription has gotten weaker.  Explain that one science.

Suffered with sunglasses on for most of the morning while my pupils were unnecessarily large.  Drove to work and went to play some flag football with the gang.

Quick day of work.  Once home, just changed and headed back out to attend an evening gift exchange party.  I was on course to have a ton of gifts at the end, but almost all were stolen away from me.  Silly games.

After that party, went over to a late night party, graduation celebration for a long time friend of Kelc.

2012.12.13 Thursday

What did I do this day?  Probably not much, because I didn't write anything notable down.  I'm sure this day happened though...

2012.12.12 Wednesday

Plain jane day, except we were able to get a group together to play some volleyball.

Mini dinner with Habs at Chik Fil A

Home, walk to walgreens with Kelc.

2012.12.11 Tuesday

Work, popeyes special tuesday.

Went for a 1 mile jog in the cold.  Don't like that feeling at all.

Cooked up some tilapia and mushrooms for dinner.  Dealt with some paperwork

Messed around with an emulator project.  Things are starting to click, like mouse buttons and keys on the keyboard.

2012.12.10 Monday

Long day at work.  Quick leftover dinner.

Cleaned up the office.  Read up some material about PE files.

2012.12.09 Sunday

Woke up and made a good bacony breakfast.

Watched Steelers at pluckers.  Not a good game.  Left early because it wasn't worth the pain.

Went to the Salt-Lick for a work party with Kelc's business.  Met some cool people, and got a chance to remember what it is like to be a somewhat small team that works for a big-name business.

Found out text messaging stopped working.  Someone decided it was a good idea to delete that feature of my plan without asking.

2012.12.08 Saturday

Happy half-b-day.

Worked on the blinds some more.  Eventually got to a satisfactory point for that, then sat around playing around with the emulator code.

Started working on that Resume... Yep.  Outlook for the future isn't so bright.  But hey, what can you do?  Continue doing as best of job you can, be proud with what you can do, and always look after #1.

Met up with Mark and Nadia to celebrate his b-day.  Went to some hole-in-the-wall authentic Korean bbq place.  Baby octopus, various beef cuts, and bacon.  It was pretty good, and very reasonably priced.

Back at their place, had some cake and played some guitar.

2012.12.07 Friday

Fixed up some breakfast, and somehow a ton of bacon was being made.  :-D

Met up with Mark and Habs at Verts.  They went on a baller bike ride, almost died.

Looked more into the emulator stuff.  I'm making some huge progress.

Decided to spend some time taking out the extra blinds that previous owners didn't feel like messing with.  More time consuming than I originally thought.

2012.12.06 Thursday

Foggy wet morning with more traffic than normal.  Ready for the weekend.

Kelc is leaving for Michigan soon.  What am I going to do with myself?

2012.12.05 Wednesday

Tele-cons, Meetings, Interruptions.  Frustrating, but part of the job.

Worked from home in the evening.  Also cooked up some fajita chicken. Watched some IASIP, looked at some emulator code, then went to bed confused.

2012.12.04 Tuesday

Lunch outing with work peeps, then home late.

Watched Rudolph synchronously with my family, but distributed around town.  I remember it being longer...

Cleaned up some dishes, talked with Kelc some, watched The Office.  This season isn't completely terrible.

2012.12.03 Monday

Work, full of meetings and not getting anything done.

My foot hurts.  Not sure what the problem is, but Mark thinks it is plantar fasciitis.  Power through?

Went out for trivia, did pretty well.

2012.12.02 Sunday

Errands day, some places I can't mention for about a month, Costco, Steelers game...

Did some tree decorating with Kelc, then off to bed.  Productive day, sucks that it went by so fast.

2012.12.01 Saturday

Cooked up some yummy breakfast.  Cleaned around the house.

Had people over to watch the UT game.  We lost.  Just great.

Watched a few episodes of the IT Crowd, then called it a night.

2012.11.30 Friday

Busy day at work.

Celebrated the end of an era with a lunch outing for my old boss at Pappadeaux.  Food was great.  Great seeing all the people.  I will definitely miss him.

Left a tad on the early side.  Wasn't really getting much work done after that lunch anyways.

2012.11.29 Thursday

Foggy morning.  Not much else going on this day.  (I didn't have much to say about this day.  It happens.)

2012.11.28 Wednesday

Midweek madness!  Split the day with Vball, then drove home, showered up, then over to Hasbro house to work from there.

Back home, cooked up dinner.  Less than impressed.

Read up some about windows kernel.


2012.11.27 Tuesday

Woke up about an hour before my alarm.  Too early to get started, to late to get more quality sleep.  Dumb.

Lots of interruptions today.

Home later than expected.  Kelc did a bit of work around the house, lights, decorations, a tree.

2012.11.26 Monday

Doesn't feel as cold outside as it should be.  It's supposed to be November...

La Cazuelas for lunch, then Matt's El Rancho for dinner.  Happy bday foo.  Followed up with Blazer Tag for fun.

Home, snoozer.

2012.11.25 Sunday

Beat Perfect Dark Zero (on the easiest setting).  Only 13 missions?  Feels like a letdown.  I didn't realize until the end that this game was a prequel to the legendary N64 game.  The story line left a lot to desire.

Started some laundry and dishes, then got a text to go watch a football game...

Met up with Kor and Shar at Fowler's to watch the Steelers lose.  It was really bad.  It was like a carwreck.

Back home, Kelc got off work. She played the Sims and I looked at some code.  Quick trip to home depot.   Then that wraps up the weekend.

2012.11.24 Saturday

Feels like it should be a monday or sunday already, but it's only saturday.  Score.

Played a bunch of Perfect Dark Zero.  The game just got much harder for no reason.  Kinda dumb.  I also don't like using thumbsticks for first person shooters, just feels wrong.