Monday, August 26, 2013

2013.08.18 Sunday

Cleaned up my desk area some, along with things around the house.

Played a chunk of GTA4. Quick trip over to brother's new place to help out with some wiring.  Turned out more complicated than I expected.

Back home, back to games.  Watched some Breaking Bad, just about caught up now.

2013.08.17 Saturday

Breaking Bad and Da Vinci's Demons.  Ran some errands.

UT Tailgate party afternoon to evening, watching some historic victories.

Home late, tired.  Breaking Bad, then bed.

2013.08.16 Friday

Cut the yard, cleaned up the house, laundry.

Packed up the UT Tower for tomorrow's celebration.
Quick trip to Home Depot to get some staples.  Finished up the picture frames for Kelc
Moved some furniture around

Watched some Da Vinvi's Demons.

Went to Hab+Tay's to play some games. BANANAS.

2013.08.15 Thursday

Work, skipped lunch.

Left late as problems were rolling in at the end of the day

Home, happy to be able to relax a bit

Cooked up some bacon and a stew.

2013.08.14 Wednesday

Work,VB!, work.

Costco, home, bit of Madmen, couple episodes of Breaking Bad, TF2, sleep.

2013.08.13 Tuesday

Long work day, right into trivia.

Home, late snack, bed.

2013.08.12 Monday

Work, late

Moved a few things around, cooked up a pizza, watched more breaking bad.

Bed time.

2013.08.11 Sunday

Bro moving day.  :-( Helped load up,

Missed the unloading, but helped out with some unpacking and furniture assembling.

Worked on stuff around the house.

Kelc arrived at home in late afternoon.

Watched some Breaking Bad (trying to catch up now), then bed time.

2013.08.10 Saturday

Spent most of the day in the garage measuring, cutting, and gluing wood.  Only took breaks to re-hydrate and eat.

Got a few things staged for tomorrow's haul.  Overall, pretty tiring and exhausting day.

2013.08.09 Friday

Work.  Came home to cut the yard.

Over to Hasbro's to witness the completion of a head unit install.  A job well done.  Car interior jobs always having weird "gotchas" and take much longer than expected.

2013.08.08 Thursday

Just another day, right?

Work, vb, work

Ran some errands on the way home, arrived at home, played some games, ate food, went to sleep.

2013.08.07 Wednesday

Kelc leaving sometime today for a trip northeast to visit family.

Work, with a side ofVB!

Home, leftovers, GTA4, sleep

2013.08.06 Tuesday

Had to get up early to take father to airport.  He is beginning the journey to our roots, all the way over in Poland.

Made it in to work early, feels weird.

Stayed later so I just had to go straight to trivia after.  We did alright at trivia, just barely under a winning place.  If only Kelc had understood the rules to round 2, we could have won something...

Home, tired, sleep.

2013.08.05 Monday

Jury duty was fun.  Had no idea where to go or what to do, and lots of people skipped out on duty.  I ended up not being selected anyways.

Stopped back at home to pack a lunch

Stopped by Kelc's work to say hi and see what it is like working there.

Went in to work right before lunch time.  Started getting phone calls and lost enthusiasm to work pretty quickly.  Frustrated that nothing is working, went home.

Cooked up an awesome grilled meal, complete with chicken, zuccini and pesto pasta

2013.08.04 Sunday

Wrapping up the weekend.  Started off by cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry.  Brother started getting some things packed up.

Midday trip to get some frozen yogurt and groceries.

Watched some Mad Men and SNL.  Played more GTA4

2013.08.03 Saturday

Day mostly to myself.  Most of the family went to have a wedding shower in the Houston area.

I worked on various things around the house.  Started playing some GTA4.

2013.08.02 Friday

Final day of training.  Had lunch with an old work friend, now traitor.  Good to see him.

Training finished up early, so I was home much earlier than previous days.  That sorta makes up for the fact that I should have been off today.

Started working on a wood project of making frames to attach canvas to.  Hot, gross, wood dust, and mosquitoes.

2013.08.01 Thursday

August is here.  My, the time does fly.

Training again.  At least we are ahead quite a bit.  I also enjoy getting home earlier and actually having time to do something.

Ran some errands, cooked up some grub.

2013.07.31 Wednesday

Training again. Home early, cut the yard while it was nice and hot outside.

Watched some more Da Vinci's Demons.

2013.07.30 Tuesday

Training again.

Home early, ate some leftovers, didn't feel very energetic for trivia, stayed at home and watched some Whose Line, Doctor Who and Da Vinci's Demons.

2013.07.29 Monday

At training this week.  Originally nervous about it, but ended up being quite alright.

Home early, cooked some food for dinner.

2013.07.28 Sunday

Surprise breakfast.  Breakfast tacos, doughnuts, juices, ladies.

Packed up, headed home

Lazy day, taking it easy.  Ended up going out to get a tv.

2013.07.27 Saturday

Lazy day.  Little bit of ping pong, went out for a swim, chillin.  We were supposed to get some watercraft, but the universe had other plans for us.

Cooked up a massive meal of steaks, corn, potato salad, baked potatoes.  Ready for a food coma.

More swimming, some games, a bit more toned-down than last night. Snooze.

2013.07.26 Friday

Up early, ready to.. golf.  Had a nice amount of decent drives and chips  Sunk the back-9 winning putt.  I had one really awesome drive, and one fairway hit that make me grin when I think about how awesome they were.

Back home to shower.  Ran a few errands, then out to the lakehouse.

Holy moly, the lakehouse is crazy awesome.  Cannot describe.

Played some poker.  Storm came through.  Played some table tennis.  Overall an awesome day, but exhausting.

2013.07.25 Thursday

Left a bit early from work today.  Had some errands to run and things to prepare for the big weekend.

Costco, picked up some snacks and some slabs of beef.

Bank to deposit a few things.

Home, cooked up some bacon and prepped some pesto for the weekend.

Had a visitor stop by to drop of a shiny cylinder of alcoholic beverage.

2013.07.24 Wednesday

Pretty normal day at work.

Home at a more reasonable time.  Scrounged around for food.  Did some paperwork and various office work, then played a bit of TF2 and KSP.  Simple days.

2013.07.23 Tuesday

Work. Felt shitty. Home.  Cooked up some food and played around with Sketchup

2013.07.22 Monday

Back to work.  I didn't pack a lunch so I ended up getting cafeteria food (womp womp), and burnt the crap out of my tongue on inedible soup.  It's ok, I didn't want to taste flavor anyways.

Home in the evening.  Played some Kerbal Space Program, and TF2, and Sketchup.

Went grocery shopping with Kelc.

Bed time.

2013.07.21 Sunday

Wasted most of the day playing around in Sketchup.  Mixed in some TF2 at various times during the day.

I lied, Sketchup is not a waste.

2013.07.20 Saturday

Yardwork in the morning. Fertilized a few areas of the yard, and hand watered.

Downloaded a demo game, Kerbal Space Program.  Sounds right up my alley.  I watched a few tutorial videos, and still had a difficult time doing some of the basics.  Maybe I'll stick to the demo until I get the hang of this.

A nice evening rain.  Good timing with the yard cutting.

Over to Habs later to play some games and hang out.  BANANAS.

2013.07.19 Friday

Got up.  Cleaned out my trunk.  Jacked up the car and took off a wheel to inspect the brake pads.  They still look like they have like 40% life on them.  Checked all the tire pressure and bumped everything up a few PSI.

Trimmed up various plants in both the front and back yard.  Stuff grows fast when we are getting consistent rain.

Exhausted already, and it's only mid point in the day.  Decided it would be best to pick up some Taco Shack for lunch.

Cooked up burgers, hot dogs and corn for dinner.  Yum.

2013.07.18 Thursday

Late day of work, mostly in the lab.

Kelc went to a trivia night at a different location to try it out.

I goofed around at home.