Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2015 Week 8 (15-21)

Worked on homework for a good chunk of the day.

Cooked up a bison steak dinner with Kelc

Got to work late, so I departed late.  Stopped by TacoB on the way home, ate quickly, then worked on homework until late in the night.

Worked longer day, finishing up some homework.

Finished audiobook of Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman. Not sure what book to start next.

In work a bit later because Kelc's schedule shifted around a bit.
Left work late. Started an audiobook of John Dies At The End on my way home.  At some leftovers and played a bit of L4D2 before jumping in bed.

Worked another long day.
Enjoying the new audiobook for my commute.
Cooked myself dinner and cleaned up dishes.

Another long day. Left late.

Cooked up some veggies for dinner, watched some AFV, Demetri Martin standup, and Arrested Development.

Kevin stopped by with friends to pick up CAH.

Enjoyed the weather by doing some yardwork.  Raked up some leaves in the front yard, pulled some weeds all over, and threw down a light sprinkling of fertilizer.

Played a bunch of L4D2 late into the night.

2015 Week 7 (08-14)

Worked another long day.  Kelc made it home safely.

Worked long day. Stayed late finishing a homework assignment, found out it got extended to Wednesday.

Worked a long day.
Stopped by HEB for goodies
Mark came over for dinner, Kelc decided she wanted to cook today, lots of miscommunication, but everything worked out.

Watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development

Work long day
Tail end of trivia, team got first.
Home, leftovers and AFV, then bedtime.

Worked another long day (sigh)
Home, ready for weekend

Cleaned up around the house and did some yardwork.  Feels great to not be at work.

Washed my car, took forever but looks pretty sweet.  I tried out the random orbital polisher I got for xmas, and found it to not really change my clearcoat all that much.  It's not like I had a ton of weathering or swirl marks anyways.

Oh, I guess it's Valentine's day.  Ends up being just another day anyways, so I don't know why I bother recognizing it.

2015 Week 6 (01-07)

Woke up around 5am from being very uncomfortable.  Something in my stomach was not sitting well, and I couldn't tell which end it was wanting to use for evacuation.  I ended up losing a few pounds by sitting on the porcelain throne, other evacuation paths remained unused, although they felt like they could be used at any moment.

Tried to be functional

Today was just off.  Work was dysfunctional due to meetings, weather delays, power outages, and distractions.

Tried shopping at Costco and got denied at the register.  Guess they don't want my business after all.

Worked a long day.  Mostly productive.

Stopped by HEB before going home to pick up some goodies.  Cooked a quick meal and cranked through some lectures for class.

Worked another longer day.  At home I cooked up some veggies for dinner, then installed a aftermarket heatsink/fan in my desktop.  It the first time for me to have aftermarket cpu cooling since i had a Pentium4 3.0ghz HT in the ~2005 time range... so a decade ago. Crazy.

Tried playing some L4D2, but I kept getting randomly thrown into campaigns that were near complete or complete.

Worked a long day.  Ate some leftovers at home, and watched 3 episodes of Arrested Development Season 3 with Kelc.  Played some L4D2, then watched Habs play some L4D2 using ridiculous techniques.

Worked another long day.

Kelc left fo Geek Bowl in NM.  I listened to a bunch of an audiobook while installing a second heatsink/fan.  I started getting some odd video driver issues after installing it.

Woke up and figured I may have not fully installed the video card, so it's getting intermittent connectivity, and freaking out the driver.  Shoved that into the slot more, and reverted drivers and uninstalled sw.  Seems to be stable now.  Annoying.

Worked a long day.  Started off with some Torchy' Breakfast Tacos.  Didn't really need to eat much for the rest of the day because of that.

Home.  Listened to more audio book and hooked up a computer in the bedroom.  I was able to boot it up, then it locked up, and after restarting the hard drive never came back.  Wtf.

2015 Week 5 (25-31)

Did various things around the house.  Kelc's new furniture is nice, but the people who put it together are dolts.

Watched some lectures for school.  Worked on homework, and actually was able to get most of it done.

Went grocery shopping, then ate leftovers from H-town.

Pro Bowl.  I kinda enjoy this game.

Back to work, although maybe a tad late getting in.

Left work late, then wrapped up some homework and cooked dinner.  Then some paperwork and L4D2.

Tried something new this morning: fruit smoothie for the trip in to work, with a waffle.

Worked a semi-longer day.

Home, did a bunch of reading *gasp* and checked back on how the xbox emulation scene is coming along.  (Spoiler, the xbox emulation scene hasn't moved much at all.)  Kitty had an operation today; they put her out, cleaned her teeth, and removed a cyst that was just an unusual bubble on her head.  She seems pretty out of it, and totally doesn't like the cone.

Did my fruit smoothie thing in the morning again.  Ended up making a small mess.  I'll need to refine this process before full adoption takes place.

Work.  Mostly uneventful, except for the part where I went to fly a quadcopter outside.  Also stayed later than normal.

Getting shit done today
A/C Inspection Appointment, cooked soup, moved clothes to new bedroom set, dusted the common areas, cleaned up my desk area a tad, picked up some oil and performed an oil change, rotated my tires.

Watched Transcendence in the evening with Kelc.

Watched a ton of The Office (UK) all day.  Actually finished the series.

Picked up some Pei Wei for dinner.  Kelc and I watched a ton of Arrested Development Season 3, with the intent on actually getting through Season 4 sometime soon.