Monday, September 29, 2014

2014.09.21 Sunday

Worked on the backyard thingy more.

Grocery shopping to survive the week. Stopped by B+J's to get some ice cream cake.

Football, homework, chillin.

2014.09.20 Saturday

Started the day off with loud music, because why not?

Cut the yard.  Cleaned up part of the backyard pergola.

Watched college football, then watched some lectures, and tried working on homework.  Goodness this class is not off to a good start.

2014.09.19 Friday

Wrapped up work week

Home, goofed around.

2014.09.18 Thursday


Kelc left to Florida.  FREEDOM.

2014.09.17 Wednesday

Work, slow and rainy day

Actually at trivia on time.  We did mediocre.  A good number of rounds must have been really easy because there were really high scores, and lots of perfect-score rounds.

Home, loaded up my mp3 player with some more music.  I'm all the way caught up with listening to my music library.  Kinda depressing.  I need suggestions peeps.

2014.09.16 Tuesday

Work.  Stayed late moving stuff around.

Stopped by Sprouts on the way home.  Feels a little bigger than the other location I have seen, but still much smaller than HEB.

Home, quick dinner and watched some American Ninja Warrior from yesterday.  Don't spoil it for me because I didn't finish.

2014.09.15 Monday

Long day at work.  Ran a few errands after work.

Home, turned on MNF while making food, then watched some lectures for school.

2014.09.14 Sunday

Early HEB run. Tried making queso, failed.

Over to parent's for bbq and hang out.

Home, more football, then prepare for the work week, then bedtime.

2014.09.13 Saturday

Cool weather.  Cut the yard some, then started getting rained on.

Cleaned up around the house.

Watched college football

Went over to Habibi's with some Pluckers and watched UT put up a good fight against UCLA, just didn't get the W.

2014.09.12 Friday

Spent a good chunk of the day fixing the doorbell.  A wire snapped between the bell and the door switch, so I had to clip a few things and extend some new wiring.  Fun stuff.

I hit my head while up in the attic, probably gave me a good bruise.  Later I hit my head on a bike, this time drawing blood.  Not cool.

Kelc stopped by a bit before heading out to Arlington for more wedding stuff.

2014.09.11 Thursday

Work. Left late to finish up a few things.

Cooked up some food and watched Thursday night football with Kor, Lyle, and Kelc.  Followed that with a trip down memory lane with some XFL footage on youtube.

2014.09.10 Wednesday

Worked a long day.

Met up with peeps at trivia.  Contributed absolutely nothing, put us over the 6-person limit and denied us winning a prize in second place.

Home, played with some new toys, then sleep next to a cold one.

2014.09.09 Tuesday

In work early for training.  Feels terrible getting up this early.  Also had trouble sleeping last night.  Sucks man.

Otherwise a mostly normal day, except for one major difference: my schooling has started up again.  Stayed a bit late into the evening trying to figure out some class stuff.

At home, cooked up a quick meal, paid tuition (barf), and started watching lecture.

2014.09.08 Monday

Just another work day.

Home, bike ride, snack for dinner.

Watched some MNF, then Office and sleep.

2014.09.07 Sunday

Cleaned house.  Watched Steelers vs Browns.

Korey and Kelc arrived, then we watched Inception.  Fun movie.

Grocery shopping for the week.  Then watched some SNF.

Kelc went to go watch The Giver.

2014.09.06 Saturday

Got up and cut the yard today.  Temperature was alright, but no wind kinda made it feel gross outside.

Went to Opal Devine's for a Rumble In The Pub trivia competition.  We had a full team, but completely butchered a round (or two) and did not do well at all.

Kelc and I stopped by Fry's and some furniture liquidation store just to kill time.

Went home to watch the UT game.  They got slaughtered by BYU.  Cool beans.

2014.09.05 Friday

Productive final day of the work week.

Finished up a documentary that I had been watching which title translates to "Brainwash".  Definitely presents things a bit differently than one would normally hear in school.  It asks questions that some "scientists" think are completely irrelevant.  I find it funny how strong the link between genetics is, but the politically-correct thing to say is that our environment shapes us more.

Chatted with Kelc a bit, then sleep.

2014.09.04 Thursday

In work early

Left work average lateness

Home, bike ride, light dinner.

Watched some NFL season opener, then bedtime.

2014.09.03 Wednesday

Work, late

Got 3rd at Trivia, which is all glory, no goodies.  Seth got a fish bone stuck in his esophagus.

Home, bit of tv, then bedtime.

2014.09.02 Tuesday

Back to work. Traffic is getting worse during my time because of school.  Thanks kiddos.

Home.  Decided to go for a walk.

Back home, ate some leftovers, goofed around a bit.

Monday, September 8, 2014

2014.09.01 Monday

Yay a day off.

Watched Team America World Police with Kelc.

Played some games.

2014.08.31 Sunday

Fixed a sprinkler head.  Found that out when there was a geyser in the back yard.

Home Depot run.

Cleaned inside the cars a bit. Ordered some pizza to celebrate the last bit of the weekend.

2014.08.30 Saturday

Cut yard. Exhausted.

Watched UT game with Habs and Tay.

2014.08.29 Friday

Errands.  (Sears, Home Depot, HEB, Target, Michaels)

Apparently there are no stores in town that sell anything goat-related.

2014.08.28 Thursday

Wrapped up the work week.  Ended up staying kinda late.

2014.08.27 Wednesday

Work.  Trivia, win! Home, food, Friends, sleep

2014.08.26 Tuesday


HEB for a couple things

Cooked up some Jello, chili, and pasta.

Watched some more documentary stuff.

2014.08.25 Monday

Had another appointment with the AC guys.  This time they came out to take some measurements and adjust a few things.  I now have some options if I decide to try and optimize the system some more.

Then off to work.  Not much before it was already lunch time.  Ended up staying late into the evening chatting.

Home, ate some random bits, watched about 2 minutes of the Emmy's, then decided I would rather continue watching a documentary.

2014.08.24 Sunday

Up early again.

Chatted with Kelc about furniture.

Cut the yard, noticed a pipe dripping.  Turns out the drain valve on the hot water heater had been leaking for a while.  Neat.

Ended up spending most of the day dealing with the water heater.  Exhausted.  Dad came over with the right tools, got the job done.

2014.08.23 Saturday

Woke up early for no reason.  Had a pretty productive morning inside.  Made smoothies, watched some music videos, took care of some bills.

Started playing some games in the afternoon.  Before I knew it, it was time to go to a party.  A surprise party for my bro.  There was a colorful 30-layer cake.

Relaxed by the pool later in the evening, then left.

Stopped by Matt's for his lan party.

Home, sleepy.

2014.08.22 Friday

Another day of training.  Today is not supposed to last as long, but I ended up working after training to try and squeeze in a few more things.

Left late, then picked up Kelc and went over to C+E's for a gathering of gumbo goodness.

2014.08.21 Thursday

Had to get up early to make it to training.  Spent all day in training, but at least I got home a tad early.

Decided to spend the evening doing something.  Kelc and I ended up going to Dave and Busters to play games and hang out.  Luckily I had a ton of leftover power cards with credits and tickets on them.

We played a ton of the trivia game, and schooled a handful of people.  Tried a shooting game that went rather poorly.  Of course we played some skee-ball.

Taco C dinner on the way home, then sleep.

2014.08.20 Wednesday

Work, late

Skipped trivia.  Picked up Taco Bell.  Watched a few shows and chatted with Kelc when she got home, then sleep time.

2014.08.19 Tuesday

Worked late, Home, cooked up a quick meal and watched American Ninja Warrior.  Then bedtime.

2014.08.18 Monday

Work. Costco. Home.

Finished The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.  Some really good moments in the last season.  Definitely had an "Arrested Development" feel to it, but also different, a bit more abrasive, and different style of humor.

Played some L4D2 late in to the night with random friendlies.

2014.08.17 Sunday

Goofed around in the morning.
Tried making a fruity drink.

Drove out to the lakehouse for some relaxing
Swam for a bit.  Caught a fish with some really disgusting old bait.

Met up with Kelc's mom at Maria's for dinner.

2014.08.16 Saturday

Cut the yard.  Picked up Freebirds for lunch.  Extremely lazy for the rest of the day.  Cutting the yard really killed my energy level.

Played some games here and there.

2014.08.15 Friday

Day full of errands.

Started laundry.
Went to get my hair cut.
Stopped by Kelc's office to say hi.
Went to Sears to see what I could spend my gift certificate on.  Picked up a pair of jack stands.
Stopped by Home Depot for a coax keystone and some compressed air.
Finished laundry.
Changed my oil later in the evening when things cooled down a bit.  I was able to use the jack stands and torque wrench finally.
Tried playing around with fresh ubuntu installation

2014.08.14 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Worked another slightly long day to soften the impact to my vacation time.

Ready to get started on my weekend.  Cooked up some taquitos and watched some recorded tv.

2014.08.13 Wednesday

Work late

Actually went to trivia tonight.  I was able to provide answers to a couple questions, but overall we didn't do as well as normal.

Home, played around with new Ubuntu and Steam.

2014.08.12 Tuesday


Home.  Tried to play Aladdin on the htpc, but it wouldn't work.  Instead I just ate Taco Bell and pouted.

2014.08.11 Monday

Back to work.  Felt really tough getting back into the mood to work.

Worked late to finish up a task and shift around some of that vacation time spending.

Took down a few more decorations, watched a bit of American Ninja Warrior, then played some L4D2, then bedtime.

2014.08.10 Sunday

I woke up before the others.  Decided to have a breakfast of cookies and chips, while watching some of The Office.

I skipped out on Kerbey breakfast, cleaned up around the house instead.

Watched a bunch more of The Office, then played games while Kelc went to entertain dogs.

Met up at Mesa Rosa for early dinner.

Back to the house for a bit.

Late HEB run.

2014.08.09 Saturday

Just a bit more party preparation.

Lindsey and Jon arrived, had a few errands to run.

Party, started a bit late.

Things went pretty well, lots of crazy turns and twists.  Only one person guessed the killer correctly.  Better than last year's zero correct.  Costumes were also pretty awesome this time.

Late bed time.

2014.08.08 Friday

Not much party prep to do.  Good planning on my part.

Watched "The Plan", a Battlestar Galactic follow-up movie that gives a different perspective of the story.

Took it easy most of the day.

2014.08.07 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  Oddly enough, a bunch of people are taking off tomorrow as well. Ended up working late to finish a bunch of stuff.

Fixed up a few things at home.  Kelc seems to be nearly back to her mobile self.

2014.08.06 Wednesday

Worked a longer day.

Once home, did a little bit of work preparing things for the party.  Then killed time by killing zombies.

2014.08.05 Tuesday


Errands after work.

Party City.  Found what I needed and headed to checkout.  The ladies in front of me had piles of things they were buying, and were arguing about the price of a few items.  The store was understaffed so nobody was really doing a price check.  We just stood around for a while until they got tired of waiting.

Ross.  Found what I wanted, tried it on and went to checkout.  The only guy at checkout made me walk through an entirely unnecessary line-snake, and then a person cut in front of me anyways by skipping the line-snake.

Just not my day.

Home, worked on costume and goofed around a little.

2014.08.04 Monday

Back to work.  Kelc will have people in and out to keep her company at home.

After work, played a few games, then off to bed.

2014.08.03 Sunday

Worked on decorating some more for the upcoming party.

Grocery shopping to prepare for the week.

2014.08.02 Saturday

Quickly cut the yard this morning, skipped edging.

Finished up BSG.  Crazy.

2014.08.01 Friday

Woke up early to take Kelc over to the surgery center.

Waited for a long time, then eventually they took her in the back to prep.  Then I got to go in the back and hang out for a while.

Eventually they took her away and I went back to the waiting room to wait.  Listened to some morning radio show and ... waited.

After about an hour I got to speak with the doctor.  Everything went swimmingly.  Just have to wait for all the drugs to wear off and get her adjusted.

Took her on a car ride. Dropped off a prescription.  Took her home and got her situated.  Then picked up the prescription, and lunch, then back home.

Got a delivery of flowers, twice.

Watched some BSG, and took a nap.

2014.07.31 Thursday

Wrapped up the work week.

Last full day for Kelc to have a gallbladder.

2014.07.30 Wednesday

Solid day at work.  I actually got to work on some electrical drawings, and datasheets, and use logic and math skills.  Neat.  Worked into late evening.

Went to trivia once I wrapped up some stuff.  Probably shouldn't have shown up.  I put us over the limit for people, and didn't contribute all that much.

2014.07.28 Monday

Back to work, then worked later.  Made a pit-stop at the grocery store for some grub.

At home, cooked up said grub and watched some American Ninja Warrior.

Then watched another BSG, and off to bed.

2014.07.29 Tuesday

Work.  Left roughly on time.

Once home I worked on hanging a bike in the garage with some hooks.

Cooked up some eggs, watched 1.2 BSGs, cleaned up a few things, then bedtime.