Friday, October 31, 2014

2014.10.28 Tuesday

Work, plus a little bit of midterm touch-up.

Home late, ate leftovers and taking care of business.

2014.10.27 Monday

Back to work.  Feels like I almost didn't even experience a weekend.

Home late, quick dinner, then worked on a midterm exam on through the night.

2014.10.26 Sunday

Slept in.

NFL, HEB, Steelers, Midterm, disappointment.

2014.10.25 Saturday

Up early.  Breakfast and music vids.

Watched UT game.

Cooked up a stir fry.

Worked some on Midterm

Played some Minecraft.

Met up at Shooters for Ray's bday.

2014.10.24 Friday

Worked on things around the house, and relaxed with some soothing Minecraft.

Picked up lunch for Kelc and me.

Met up with Ray and Marisa at the CP football game.  Ref yelled at the band during halftime.  Got to see a good performance of the band show.

Went home and started The Starving Games with Kelc, and fell asleep.

2014.10.23 Thursday

Final day of training, still felt long.  Our portion of the robot we build performed great, but when we put all the robots together the overall performance was less than great.

Wrapped up some work related stuff....exhausted.

2014.10.22 Wednesday

More training all day.  Home late again, missing trivia.  I would have put the team over the limit anyways.

Played some Minecraft *gasp*.

2014.10.21 Tuesday

More training.  Home late.  Did computery stuff until bedtime.

2014.10.20 Monday

Week-long training starts today.  I feel like I should be working on some other stuff.

Home.  Kelc left to watch MNF with her family, I watched from home and multi-tasked.  Crazy amount of points scored in just a few minutes.

2014.10.19 Sunday

Minor desk cleanup
Looked into schoolwork some.

Watched some pro football.

Grocery shopping for the week.

2014.10.18 Saturday

Yardwork, attic work, finishing up vent adjustments

Listened to the UT game over radio because I don't have Longhorn network.  Wasn't that bad actually.  Sounded like a good game to attend this season.

2014.10.17 Friday

Worked late.  Ready for the weekend.

2014.10.16 Thursday

Work, late

Crawled around in attic

Leftover dinner

Checked oil and tire pressure

Watched a bit of TNF, and worked on some file management, then bed time.

2014.10.15 Wednesday

Work late, then hop over to Trivia.

Home, took care of a couple things then went to bed.

2014.10.14 Tuesday

Took some time out of my work day to try and figure out a homework problem.  Frustrating.

Stopped by HEB on the way home for some groceries.

Quick meal, and watched Captain America with Kelc. Kinda.  She fell asleep about 3/4ths of the way through.  I thought the ending was kinda dumb, plus lots of silly small things throughout the movie.

Read some, then off to bed.

2014.10.13 Monday

In work a tad late.  Home, quick dinner then homework until late in the evening.  Grad school is so draining.

2014.10.12 Sunday

Watched some football.  Steelers did not do well this time.

Tried working on homework for most of the day.  Lectures were informative, but less-than-helpful.

Cooked up some taco meat for dinner, ate it nacho style.

2014.10.11 Saturday

Cooked up some grub and left for the parents' house to watch the UT vs OU game.  UT did alright, but made too many mistakes.  OU actually did kinda terrible, but lucked out on getting points, which is really what matters at the end.

Stopped by home, then off to Star Furniture to look at some bed set options.

Home, watched some more football and a bit of SNL, then bedtime.

2014.10.10 Friday

Made a trip out to a A/C material supplier that doesn't sell to the general public, but somehow was able to make an exception for me.  My project was relatively small.

Worked on the project for the afternoon, sweating more than I can remember.  My clothes were absolutely soaked.

Stage 1 complete.

Cleaned up and tried to relax.

Went to the CP vs Leander game, CP dominated.

Stopped by Sonic on the way home to celebrate.

2014.10.09 Thursday

Wrapped up the work week.  Still felt like nobody was here today, and staying late just accentuates that feeling.

2014.10.08 Wednesday


Long lunch, service award ceremony.  Go me, and others that have survived the company this long.

At trivia, audio round was unusually difficult, but we did alright.

Home, sleep.

2014.10.07 Tuesday


Errands on the way home

Measured some duct stuff

Computer stuff and chillin'

2014.10.06 Monday

Went in to work a bit late, left a bit early.  Not as bad as some other people...

Ate some leftovers and worked on homework for most of the evening.  Kelc and I read some creepy stories and got creeped out.

Up late...sigh.

2014.10.05 Sunday

Homework and football, all day.

Kelc went to a trivia fundraiser thingy.

2014.10.04 Saturday

Breakfast, cut the yard, trimmed tree.

Checked out a possible leak on my car.  The only think that looks like it might be leaking is coolant, but the stuff that leaked doesn't match what coolant looks like.  Maybe it was rain water that collected somewhere and got dirty?

Watched the Longhorns give up another game to Baylor.  At least it was a good game, and not a complete upset like a lot of other games this weekend.

Went to Sonic.  Girl that took my order just completely didn't listen to what I said the first time.  Nice try.

2014.10.03 Friday

Work, later meeting, wrap up. Seems like everybody skipped out a long time ago.

Relaxed, sitting in front of a computer doing computery stuff, watching tv over network.  Ready for weekend.

2014.10.02 Thursday

Work. Everybody left early.

Home. Storm coming in.  Checked the mail and ate some more leftovers.

Did some more music file management.  Found some sloppiness on my part, so I'm having to redo some things.

Took some pictures of the lightning show and played games for a bit.  All while a disappointing TNF game was on.

2014.10.01 Wednesday


Trivia, tied for 4th

Home, bed.

2014.09.30 Tuesday

Work. Stopped by Habs to exchange goods and services.

Leftover dinner and some music file management, then bed.  Tired.

2014.09.29 Monday

Work.  Felt pretty low energy all day.

Home, cooked up some taquitos and worked on homework late into the night.  Boo.

2014.09.28 Sunday

Woke up semi early again.  Kelc and I went to Taco Shack for some breakfast tacos.  Nice to change things up a bit. Thought about going to a furniture store, but they weren't even open yet.

I watched the Steelers' game from home, Kelc watched the first half with Korey at Pluckers, then came home to finish.

After that upsetting loss, we went to a consignment store up north.  Everything seemed kinda off to me, compared to the other consignment store.  We have a better idea of what we like though, so that's nice.

Stopped by Sprouts for some groceries.  It always feels like shopping there is faster since the store is smaller.

Home, more football, more games, and more homework.

2014.09.27 Saturday

Up semi early for no reason.  Whipped up some fruit smoothies, then cut the yard.  It looked like it might rain, so I didn't bother with edging.  I went around a few places with caulk and plugged up some holes that looked like homes for ants.  Sorry ants.

Really lazy for a good chunk of the day after that.  Watched various college football games.

Spent the evening looking at class material and homework.  Actually was able to crank through a chunk of the assignment.

2014.09.26 Friday

Woke up before Kelc left for work.  Listened to some music.

Finished cleaning the pergola in the backyard.  Kelc didn't even notice the lack of green.

Cooked up a beef pot roast.

Went on an errand with Kelc to try on some bridesmaid dresses.  Killed some time by walking around the area.

Home, watched Lords of Dogtown with Kelc and ate some yummy pot roast.

2014.09.25 Thursday

Wrapping up the work week.  I ended up running a status meeting unexpectedly.

Home. Glad to be my virtual Friday.

2014.09.24 Wednesday

Work, full of meetings.

Happy Hour with some coworkers, then trivia, then home, then sleep.

2014.09.23 Tuesday

Mind was kinda cloudy all day because I didn't sleep well last night.

Actually cranked out a chunk of work and left at my goal time.  Then out of nowhere, terrible terrible traffic.  My commute home took about 1.3 hours.  F that.

Got to spend some time with Kelc.

2014.09.22 Monday

Work, then uUp late working on homework.  Bleh.