Saturday, October 31, 2009

2009.10.31 Saturday

Ooogy Booogy! Halloween is here, time for some fear. Grab some of that candy, get your feet all sandy.

Yeah I don't really know where I was going with that. Went and had some Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. No, not just some random tomatoes, there's a restaurant called Sweet Tomatoes that's similar to Souper Salads or Fresh Choice, but a tad bit more fancy and boasting of freshness. Not bad if you use the coupons.

Cooked up some Hamburger Helper for dinner while watching the UT game. Then started getting dressed for the Halloween party.

The party was insane when we got there. Lots of man love going around. Funny how engineering will do that. Kelc and I showed up and left at the perfect time.

2009.10.30 Friday

Woke up reasonably late today. Went to Shipley's for breakfast, yum.

Sat around and watched TV. Then went to Schlotzsky's for lunch, also yum.

Then shopped at Walmart for some food and items that we needed. I forgot to bring my camera in case I saw somebody that I could post on

Headed out to the BrandNew/Thrice concert at Palladium Ballroom. We got there as Thrice was starting. Unfortunately, Thrice only played about 40 minutes, but it was an amazing 40 minutes.

Brand New came on and the crowd went wild. Well sorta wild. All of the newer songs of Brand New it seemed like the crowd was just staring at the band and not getting into the music. Of course all the Deja Entendu songs everybody sang along and really got into. Hint Hint Brand New, your new stuff isn't as accessible and people are just blindly following you. It also sounds like noise instead of music like it used to. I totally agree with letting an artist choose their musical direction, but when you just bank off of old, better stuff and produce crappier music now and still make money... I disagree with that.

Then went to Jack in the Crack for dinner. Semi-yum.

2009.10.29 Thursday

C to the rawfish. E to the toufee. Goooo little deli.

Mostly uneventful day at work. Went to a meeting and got an award for some of the work I've been doing. Yay me.

Drove to Arlington after work. Boring ride. Ended up with a headache. Went to Taco Bell to get some food, and got a stale volcano taco. I guess it was a dormant volcano.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2009.10.28 Wednesday

Squeaking on through the hump day.

Prepped myself for the kickball game tonight. It's been a while since I got to play because of my flu thing. Welllll, turns out the game got rained out. I'm glad they at least told us BEFORE we had to drive all the way there. I ended up watching Mythbusters and vacuuming the downstairs, then crashed hardcore. Woke up at like 2am with my TV still on. Why was I so tired? No idea, but I like the extra sleep.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2009.10.27 Tuesday

The cool air in the house made getting out of bed quite difficult this morning.

Work was normal. Lunch consisted of a Ziti and Meat Sauce that was quite unepic.

At home, took care of laundry and cooked up some tortellini. D-Lish.

After that, watched some TV and started composing some new music. The instrumentation on this new stuff is pretty weird, but I think it works pretty well.

Monday, October 26, 2009

2009.10.26 Monday

Didn't really feel tired this morning at all. I kept waking up sporadically, only had about 4 hours of sleep. It was also chilly and rainy this morning, bleh.

Work kinda went by fast, since I stayed busy most of the day. Lunch was leftover pizza and chicken wings from the weekend. Still tasted good too.

At home, I goofed around mostly. Organized some files on the computer, tried some Windows 7, cleaned my video card... the usual.

Watched MNF Wash vs Phi, it was pretty bad. Vick played though.

2009.10.25 Sunday

At the start of the day's games, a revelation soon hit me: I didn't update any of my Fantasy Football teams. Awesome. Looks like another week of losing for me. I still think Fantasy Football is silly. It's not like the players you have are actually playing, or even simulated playing together. It's just stats. How boring is that? Way to destroy the idea of sports and teamwork to achieve a greater goal.

Went out to Pluckers to watch the Steelers.

Then went home to say hi to the family and try to fix up a computer.

The over to Kelc's to watch Duplicity. Not one of the better movies I have seen, but it was ok. After that we all pitched in and cooked up some food, then sat down and played a game of hand 'n' foot.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

2009.10.24 Saturday

B-ball in the park? Sure why not. Oh wait, not for me. I'm either really out of shape or still recovering. Let's pretend it is the latter.

Played some Call of Duty 4 and chilled most of the afternoon/evening. Ordered some Pluckers and watched the UT football game. Ray and his brother came over to hang out while the ladies were out having their bachelorette party. We listened to some exciting new vinyls and chilled.

Lesson learned today: A day without girls feels like a vacation.

Friday, October 23, 2009

2009.10.23 Friday

Cock a doodle doo? For sure. I heard it.

Decided to go in to work for a few hours. My head doesn't work as well as it used to.

Then Jason's deli for dinner.

Tonight is the haunted house night. Mansion of Terror to be exact. It's two houses in one. First was the Asylum, then Blood Frenzy. It was Taylor, Habibi, Justin, Kelc and I. I like the adrenaline rush. Kelc, not so much.

After that we watched Scream on dvd. Such a classic, yet so silly.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

2009.10.22 Thursday

A day of recovery. Oh and Windows 7 came out. I spent most of the day trying to get all my files in line. I made quite a mess all over 3 hard drives. It's also a shame that I have such a hard time deleting anything.

Went out to Jason's Deli for some soup and sandwich.

Trying to figure out health care benefits stuff too. Bleh.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2009.10.21 Wednesday

Chigga chigga what.

Woke up today in a puddle of my own sweat. Super sexy. I took some nighttime Zicam Cold and Flu stuff, and was completely knocked out until it wore off. Oh and surprise the fever is back and stronger than ever.

Time to set up an appointment with a doctor. Let's see how easy this goes. Would universal healthcare make this process any easier? Well, I felt like I had to give my information out over the phone about 3 times before they even considered setting up an appointment; that's kind of annoying. To set up an appointment all I said was "the earliest time you have available today" which happened to be 5 hours later.

I slept a good chunk of the time up until the appointment. Turns out my fever decided to fade away. Down to 96, wtf. Did a swab thing at the doctor's, definitely the flu, most likely of the swine variety (no way of knowing these days, but 90% of the cases are).

If that's all the swine flu has to offer, then I would say it's much weaker than the regular flu. I've had the regular flu over christmas one year, and I really wanted to die. This was mostly just making me tired.

My body is flip flopping on feeling sick. Time for sleep and lazy-ing around.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2009.10.20 Tuesday

Well, not going to work today. Fever running a muck and I feel achy all over.

For lunch I cooked up some corn, pasta, and tempties. They're messier than I originally thought, but oh so delicious.

I never imagined being 'stuck' at home to be so boring. TV gets old pretty fast.

I slept on and off most of the day. Today was pretty un-epic for me.

Monday, October 19, 2009

2009.10.19 Monday

Feel like a new kind of death today. I think I have some type of upper respiratory irritation or some cold or cough thing. Breathing feels irritated like I need to cough, but I'm suppressing that so I don't irritate it more and take longer to heal.

I think coughing that much is sorta unnatural anyways. Most animals might cough once or twice, but not 30 times an hour. Sneezing, now that is natural and something you can't always suppress.

And.. the work week begins.

After work I watched some TV while cooking some Mac+Cheese. Hasbro also gave me his leftover chicken to pick at, FREE PROTEIN. Also watched some MNF while doing laundry, taking it easy finally.

2009.10.18 Sunday

Waking up sucks. Especially after a night like last. I sat around in bed and watched tv until I stopped feeling like death.

Picked up the house a bit, then started the trek home to H-town.

Got back to Austin without incident, then began cleaning the house some. I think my room is better than before, sweet.

What a weekend.

2009.10.17 Saturday

Woke up only having slept a handful of hours. Jaime and Scott met up with Ray Matt and I to head over to Enchanted Rock. Just a couple hours each way.

Enchanted Rock was amazing. We explored, adventured, relaxed, and just had a great experience. We definitely need to come back here in the future.

After that, we went to a BBQ place I found in Llano, Cooper's Pit Bar-B-Que. Everything was fantastic, and it wasnt that expensive. The beans were free too.

Once we got home, a night of wonders and amazement began. Then in a blink of an eye, it was over. Major buzz-kill too.

2009.10.16 Friday

Slept in as much as I could today.

Cleaned up the house a bit, then tried to assist the time warner cable guy with the appointment we had set up. WHY OH WHY does TWC seem to always mess things up. The request was to get HD cable boxes (didnt bring them) and to check the signal and plug in a few wires (which took about an hour instead of 15 mintues).


Drove to houston and picked up Chris and Matt. A girl I haven't seen in many years was over at Matt's place, so I said hi. Then we left.

Got back to Austin and started preparing for the club. Taking Ray out to his very first (and most everybody's first) gentlemen's club.

All I can really say is that I'm still not mentally to that level where I can enjoy that atmosphere the most, and it was just alright. Ray had a blast.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009.10.15 Thursday

W H U !

Lunch was good. The end of my work week is here. Couldn't really be more relieved. Still have a lot to prepare for. Big days coming up.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2009.10.14 Wednesday

HUMP dizzle.

My eyes feel almost like they are burning because they are so dry.

Went straight from work to the kickball game. Got a W by default because the team we were playing only had 4 people show up. They turned out to be a bunch of pretty cool people, we mingled and readjusted the teams for just an exhibition game; you know, for fun. This is "super social" after all. (Unlike some of the teams we play)

After that, we double-teamed Doc's for some food and drinks.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009.10.13 Tuesday

No money mo' problems?

Ate some microwavable chow mein thing for lunch. Could not have been all that healthy. To compensate, I drank a protein shake afterwards. Yum.

After lunch was a baby shower for a fellow coworker. I wish the couple best of luck, and will keep them in my prayers.

After work Hasbro and I went to Fry's to pick up some fancy shmancy new wireless network adapters. Dual-band, 802.11n, 5ghz, WPA2 yadda yadda yadda...

Later, went to get my hair cut at Too Hotties. I think for the price of the cut (about $18 on skinny tuesdays, $23 regularly), you get a great deal. They wash your hair, cut it, rinse, condition, scalp massage, style, then shave your neck with a straight blade. Cheapo places will only cut (butcher) your hair, and just dust you off with a brush instead of actually getting hair clippings off your head, and at a price only a few bucks cheaper. PLUS, Too Hotties has a pool table, a ps3, xb360, satellite tv, massaging chairs, and a FREE pb&j bar to eat from while you wait.

Played some games with JeW and did some research. Should have worked on some music, but it was getting pretty late.

Monday, October 12, 2009

2009.10.12 Monday

Another early-morning start for me. To Kelc, this is torture. If the sun hasn't been up for hours, then it's too early for her.

Work was mostly uneventful. I'm sure I say that all the time. Sometimes things pick up, sometimes they don't; even when something big happens I can't talk about it all that much.

After work, Hasbro and I installed some coaxial cabling to the rooms upstairs. Mostly painless, just dirty.

And then I pretty much went to bed.

2009.10.11 Sunday

Woke up to watch some NFL games. Today centered around grilling. Sirloins, fillet mignons, hamburger patties, and kabobs fit for a king. D-lish.

We played some games for a while, then ran over to DQ for some blizzards. I haven't had one of these in many months.

Went back home with our ice cream to watch Hot Rod. Only one of the best movies of all time.

Then we headed home in the gloomy rain. The weekend is withering away.

2009.10.10 Saturday

Woke up sometime around midday. My body is so adjusted to less sleep that I tend to be the first awake alot of the time.

We watched some of the A&M game, then went to grab some food at the _____ Mexican Restaurant. After that we saw Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3-D at Cinemark. I don't think I actually sat and watched either of the movies all the way through before this, let alone back-to-back. 3 hours is way too long for anybody to sit through.

Then the day really started to pick up. Beverages and hookah. Games and food. Boys and girls. Highs and lows.

And by 5ish, we all just needed sleep.

Friday, October 9, 2009

2009.10.09 Friday

Juan is the lawnliest numb burr.

I think my brain is tired of being used so much. I don't know if I could handle extended education anymore.

Fridays that I have to work generally fly by rather quickly. I went home to take care of things, then packed up for a trip to College Station for Ray and Marisa. Kelc and I had a nice time talking in the car.

After some time at HEB, things were underway for the "weekend to end all weekends".

Thursday, October 8, 2009

2009.10.08 Thursday

Another exhausting day. I really should catch up on sleep.

And food. Seems like Ive been slacking on eating, so I should probably stuff my face more. I only had a Ravioli bowl for lunch and a corn dog for dinner. My body will thank me once that whey protein comes in.

RainX'd my car, ran some errands, measured an attic. Pretty productive day, and on very little sleep.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2009.10.07 Wednesday

Wow. Pretty darn tired this morning.

Went to the gym to work some more muscle groups today. I'm starting to regain my ability to swell up mid workout. Looks good :-)

Lunch was a microwave healthy choice beef pot roast soup. Not quite the lunch of champions, but something with protein.

Dinner was a couple of hot dogs, and then off to play some kickball. We did an awesome job, and the team we played against was pretty awesome too. Most of the teams get really annoying or are too competitive, and that's just not the spirit of "super-social" at all. Well, luckily we can put another W down on our charts.

Went out to Doc's afterwards for some fried pickles and shuffleboard. And I'm exhausted...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009.10.06 Tuesday

Dealt with a training-meeting today. So hard to keep my eyes open. These things supposedly only happen a few times a year, but they say the same things each time so why am I listening?

Stayed busy most of the day, went to the gym for lunch. Worked out back-lats-thighs-bi's. I'm trying out something new; I start off with a warm-up set or two, then keep increasing the weight while lessening the number of reps. Seems like I can push my muscles a bit harder instead of doing a ton of reps. I should probably invest in some protein powder as an extra boost.

Supposedly if you are pretty hardcore about working out, you need to keep intaking nutrients and things about every 3-4 hours. Seeing as how I cant really cook up a bunch of protein at work, I should get some powder. Whey protein just happens to have a relatively high biological value, with eggs beating it (and I'm not eating eggs, bleh). The real question now is what flavor to get.

After work some of the kickball team met up at the Flying Saucer to relax and play some free trivia for a chance to win some gift certificates. We started off strong, but then the game just got ridiculous. I guess a few of the harder questions correctly.

Played around with my computer some, then tried going to bed at a more reasonable time. I really just sat in bed for about 20 or 30 minutes before falling asleep. I bet waking up will be an entirely different story.

Monday, October 5, 2009

2009.10.05 Monday

Back to the grind. New neighbor at work today. Trying to bring this guy up to speed on what I know.

Speaking of neighbors, this one guy stopped by the house to check and see if we are all registered. Appreciate the gesture. But I can also see how people get annoyed of politics rather quickly.

Lunch was a Healthy Choice Minestrone Soup. Probably won't be getting that kind again. I think I decided that a long time ago, but forgot. The taste is just weird. For dinner: tortellini :-)

I updated a lot of the previous blog entries to include these wonderful pieces of art. Feel free to go back and re-live some of the great moments in history and enjoy some art along the way. I'll try to keep updating the art from here out, due to popular request.

2009.10.04 Sunday

Relaxed most of the day. Watched some NFL and cooked lunch.

Then napped.

Then helped Kevin with some gymnastics stuff, watched some more NFL. Cleaned up the coop.

Snails were everywhere, I tell you what.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009.10.03 Saturday

Company picnic time. Went out to Pedernales River park. Had some food, watched some zorbing, video games, train rides, dunking booth, volleyball, and music. Too bad the weather was poopy.

Got home and played some guitar hero, then left to grab some dinner with Kelc's mom at Applebees. Somehow Kelc always gets her way.

Had some friends over after they got done with ACL. Crazy nights.

2009.10.02 Friday

Busy day.

Washed 2 cars, cut the yard, took a shower, watched some tv shows and went to a homecoming football game with some friends.

Exhaustion set in.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

2009.10.01 Thursday

October is here, along with the exciting long weeked. Hard to believe that we are in the last 1/4th of 2009. Oh snap, I need to start shopping for Xmas! I also need to use up my Music Lessons.

Etoufee with a twist today. Introduced 3 new people to the Little Deli. Pretty exciting.

So I'm kinda mad about something I noticed. 3 times today, I've encountered people who have the Jesus fish stuck on the back of their car, yet they all had road rage. Reach peace with your lord, and stop holding a knife to other's throats. Well that's how I like to look at it anyways; one small mistake and injury/death becomes a reality.

I'd also like to say that not all people with the fish on the bumper are crazy, I just find it somewhat ironic and you surely aren't setting a good example for others.

After work, went to see Blues Mafia at the Saxton Pub. Pretty awesome show. The performers were rather young, but their sound was very mature and experienced. Excellent.

Went out to a pub in Cedar Park, then headed home.