Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2014.04.24 Thursday

Work. Interviewed a potential new guy. Stayed late.

Home, ready for the weekend.  Since I don't have a ton of items on my to-do list, maybe I can relax a bit.  Play some TF2 for sure.

2014.04.23 Wednesday

In work early, big day.  Presentations to give, people to appease.  I could feel a bit of tension in the room, but oddly enough I wasn't too nervous.  We're all human, right?  The cafeteria food was less than pleasing.  By the end of the day, I was totally burnt out.

Went to trivia, didn't really help much.

2014.04.22 Tuesday

In early, then left early

Worked on homework until later evening, then decided I wasn't making any progress any more, might as well go to bed.

2014.04.21 Monday

Job-School-Snooze.  Life is interesting.

2014.04.20 Sunday

Enjoyed a bbq lunch with a portion of the family.

Worked some more on secret project, tried working on homework.

Tried to go grocery shopping.. nope, not today.

2014.04.19 Saturday

Kelc came home

Worked on the project some more

Worked on homework some

2014.04.18 Friday

Went in earlier (which started to seem like a waste), and worked a longer day; got a lot of things done, so I suppose it was all worth it in the end.

Home, Kelc is on travel for a surprise.  I worked on a project at home.

2014.04.17 Thursday

Worked later.

Home, leftover bbq

Final episode of Dexter.  Kinda in shock about it.  Started going into a weird spiral of watching weird old shows on youtube, like That 80s Show and Unhappily ever after.  Turns out one of the guys in Unhappily Ever After was on Dexter... maybe my brain was trying to make that connection and I wasn't fully aware.

2014.04.16 Wednesday

Work, class, trivia, second-to-last Dexter episode, sleep.

2014.04.15 Tuesday

Work kinda late. Leftovers at home.

Kelc had friends over to play games, while I worked on homework until late.

2014.04.14 Monday

Back to work.  Weather was weird.  Work was weird.

Home, ate some leftovers and worked on a homework assignment.  Watched an episode of Dexter with Kelc, then a little more hw, then bed time.

2014.04.13 Sunday

Passed on golf.  Worked on homework instead, sort of.

Finished up a few things with the office.

Kelc came home.

HEB trip to prep for the week

Watched some Louie, played some TF2 and KSP

2014.04.12 Saturday

Worked on the cutting board most of the day.

Moved some things around in the office area.

Productive and exhausted.

2014.04.11 Friday

Productive day.

Removed the blade from the lawnmower to sharpen it.  Replaced the air filter.  Tried to remove the spark plug, but I don't have the right tools.  Started caulking the windows, ran out of caulk.  Hung a ladder in the garage.

Sears to pick up some long sockets (for the spark plug) and a table saw blade. Home Depot to grab some sand paper and lots of caulk.  Tried to find some weather stripping that was recommended to me, but seems like they don't have any.  Went over to Lowes to see what they have, also didnt.  Stopped by CVS to pick up some mineral oil.

Back home.  Tried to finish up caulking the windows, and I ran out of caulk again.

Worked on the back flower bed / yard.

Started sanding down the cutting board.

Went in, decided to take a nice relaxing bath.  Watched some Louie and Austin Powers

2014.04.10 Thursday

Wrapped up the work week nicely by dominating.

Left a bit later.  Stopped by Costco for some goodies.

Moved some bookcases around.  Started watching Austin Powers.

2014.04.09 Wednesday

Work.  Started a new class for school,  "Principles of Detection and Estimation Theory".  Sounds like a blast, right?

Trivia with just Seth and myself, second to last.  DIDN'T LOSE.

Home, paperwork, sleep.

2014.04.08 Tuesday

Got to work a bit early, and left a bit late.  Checked the mail.  Took care of some bills. Cooked up some leftovers that were on the verge of being too old, and a salad.

2014.04.07 Monday

Surprisingly cool today.  Worked a long day.  On the way home, it was raining so hard that it really looked like someone was just pouring buckets on my windshield.

Home, reheated some chicken soup for dinner.  Continued watching Dexter.  Only a handful of episodes until Kelc and I are done.

2014.04.06 Sunday

Still trying to decide if I want to continue this masters program.  Tough decision.

Invited to go watch 3 hours of Game of Thrones, but instead of doing that I took some advil and sat around at home waiting for the headache to go away.  Watched some Brooklyn Nine Nine, ended up finishing the first season.

Worked on a small project, then chatted with my mom for a bit.  Apparently my brother is shopping for a house.  Best of luck to him.

Off to bed.

2014.04.05 Saturday

Quick breakfast, more yardwork.

Cooked up a pot of chicken soup.  Showered up, then invited my dad over for food and to hang out.

Later, went to pick up Kelc from the airport.  Got home kinda late, pretty exhausted.

2014.04.04 Friday

Worked later.

Kelc was gone by the time I got home.  I did some yardwork, then reheated some leftovers and watched some Brooklyn Nine Nine.

2014.04.03 Thursday

Worked a long day. Home, whataburger, Dexter, sleep.

2014.04.02 Wednesday

Worked from home for part of the day.

A friendly neighborhood power professional stopped by for the freely available Energy audit that I scheduled.  Typically people get energy audits when their bills are too high, and the person who comes by has to explain how electricity and air conditioning works.  I was looking for more information on best-bang-for-buck improvements I can do.

Turns out I'm already in like the top 5% in terms of efficiency based on square footage.  Kinda surprising with an a/c unit that is the same age as the house.  Overall, suggestions to seal up any air gaps (weather stripping, window seals, outlets, fireplace) would help out with the cool air leaking out.  I was thinking new windows or an extra layer of insulation in the attic, but those things would take a long time to break even on investment.  Good enough for me.

Went to Trivia. Went home and watched a bit of soccer, then bedtime.

2014.04.01 Tuesday

Worked. Home.  Some Dexter then Sleep.

2014.03.31 Monday

Worked a long day.

Kelc cooked up a chicken apricot dish that was pretty good, just think it would taste better over rice to soak up the juice.

Watched some Dexter.  We are about 2/3rds through season 7 now.  A lot of people have been saying that it gets bad after season 4, but honestly I think the writers did a much better job at developing intertwined, yet separately strong character plots.  Also some of the acting is pretty darn good.  The main arc might seem a bit contrived, but hey, it's a tv show.

Monday, April 28, 2014

2014.03.30 Sunday

Spent the day working on Kelc's project, ended up getting sunburnt just from the few hours I was outside.

Took a break in the afternoon to work on the final exam.

We got about 85% of the way done with the project, not bad at all.  Hopefully I can remember to post pictures when everything is done.

2014.03.29 Saturday

Quiet house in the morning.  Spent some time trying to work on the final exam that is due in a few days. (le sigh again)

Cooked up a chicken chili thing from xmas.

Watched a Dexter with Kelc

Started working on a project idea for kelc.

2014.03.28 Friday

Off friday.  Woo hoo.  Made a trip to Home depot, then another Home Depot.  Can't find the right stuff.

Cooked up a lunch for Kelc and I, watched part of Dexter

Wrapped the water heater with a fiberglass jacket.  Very annoying to get that up.  Started doing some yard work, then realized my skin is itching because the fiberglass fibers are stuck in me as I dry up from evaporating sweat, causing a weird rash... time to stop everything and shower.  Little bit of a panic there, but wasn't too bad.  If I had to wait hours before showering, I would probably be extremely uncomfortable.

Finished up the yard work. Kelc left in the evening to spend some time out at the lakehouse.  This gave me time to look at my final exam. Le sigh.

2014.03.27 Thursday

Solid work day, worked late

Trying to kill time before going home: Costco trip, filled up with gas, Firehouse Subs for some food, checked the mail, then finally went home.  Looks like I still arrived a little too soon, but time to crash the party.

Watched some Dexter, then sleep.

2013.03.26 Wednesday

Weird dates being rearranged in this blog.  Sorry about that.  I used to know how to fix that, but not anymore. Too many UI changes.

Worked a pretty solid day.  Trivia without Seth, started out strong and slowly got worse until it ended.  DIDN'T LOSE, not bad.

Home, snooze

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2014.03.23 Sunday

Watched some Dexter and From the Earth to the Moon

Late lunch at Sister's and Bro-In-Law's, then HEB to stock up for the week.

Homework and FTETTM.

2014.03.18 Tuesday

Work, meetings, class, work.

Home, pizza, Dexter marathon

2013.03.25 Tuesday

Up early. Worked a long day

Home later, leftovers for dinner, and worked on some things with Kelc and her project.

Watched some more From the Earth to the Moon, and played some TF2 before going to bed.

2014.03.24 Monday

Worked a later day.

Home, pizza dinner and homework

Watched some music videos online with Kelc

Bed time.

2014.03.22 Saturday

Cleaned the shower. Breakfast by Kelc

Watched Dexter, and From the Earth to the Moon

Raked leaves
Home depot trip

2014.03.21 Friday

Wrapping up the work week.  Didn't bring a lunch, so I had to go pick up something.  Sandwiches cost more than I remember, and don't quite fill me up.  Special delivery at work, from Kelc.  Slightly embarrassing, but a good excuse to walk around and share the edible arrangement.

Home, ate some leftover bbq from Kelc's lunch, watched a chunk of Dexter episodes.

2014.03.20 Thursday

Long day at work, but I got some good news for a change.

Home, chatted with Kelc and almost finished season 6 of Dexter.  We have half an episode to watch.

2014.03.19 Wednesday

Work, one-on-one, lunch outing, work.

Trivia, huge group.  Saw a coworker in attendance.

Re-watched a bit of a Dexter episode for Kelc, then continued on with one more.

Bed time.

2014.03.17 Monday

Back to work.

Home late.  Cooked up a stir fry, then worked on homework late into the night.

2014.03.16 Sunday

Cooked up a breakfast.

Watched more Dexter.

Ran some errands with Kelc.

Finished hanging the antenna in the attic.  Discussed paint options for the rooms.

More Dexter, with dinner.

2014.03.15 Saturday

Took care of things around the house.

Worked some on the homework assignment.

Played some games.

Watched more Dexter.

2014.03.14 Friday

Pi day

Saw some more hashtag pi in the sky.

Cooked up a nice meal for Kelc and I for lunch

Took Mark to catch a flight out for a fun vacation trip.

Kelc and I were supposed to go shopping, but decided we didn't really feel like it.  Watched a bunch of Dexter instead.  Not going to complain here.

2014.03.13 Thursday

Work, wrapped up the work week nicely.

2014.03.12 Wednesday

Work. Trivia (first place, but disqualified).  Sleep.

2014.03.11 Tuesday

Work, class, work.  Stayed longer than I thought I would.

Ate some leftovers and chatted with Kelc in the evening

Worked on some homework, then played a little TF2, then called it.

2014.03.10 Monday

Back to work, except the time is all shifted.  Weird seeing the sun when going home too.

Kelc made an interesting dish of doritos, chicken, and various other toppings.  Felt like I was eating party food for dinner, but still tasty.

Worked on homework for some of the evening.  Really difficult staying focused and motivated.

2014.03.09 Sunday

HEB trip, then over to Kelc's dad's to clear his computer for donation.

Worked on HW late into the evening.

2014.03.08 Saturday

Tried doing some homework, did some paperwork instead.

Went to the UT Baseball game since my brother-in-law won suite tickets.  Too bad the weather wasn't cooperating.

Went home and the storms started rolling in.  I went sans-electronics and some played games with Kelc to kill time.

2014.03.07 Friday

Supposed to be a quick day, as I felt like going home earlier in the afternoon, but I still ended up working late.

A new toy came in the mail, didn't get to play with it much.  Went to pick up some bbq with Kelc and her sis, watched some Modern Family and Dexter.

2014.03.06 Thursday

Productive day at work, left a bit late.

I arrived home to an empty house.  That doesn't happen very often.  Thawed then grilled some chicken, and corn for dinner.  Cleaned up my office area a bit.  Worked on homework for a little.  Played some games, then chatted with Kelc before getting some shuteye.

2014.03.05 Wednesday

Worked straight up until trivia.

We didn't do our best, but still respectable.  There is a group that is starting to annoy me, they win just about every week.

Home, played some TF2 to unwind a bit, then bed time.

2014.03.04 Tuesday

Work, class, work, home late.

Made some sandwiches and watched the last two episodes of season 4 of Dexter.  I'm not sure how to describe my reaction to this season.  Kinda understand how people could say the next seasons go downhill from here.

Played some games, then went to bed.

2014.03.03 Monday

Worked a bit late

Home, worked on homework into the late evening.  Ate some leftovers, Korey came over for help on some document stuff.

In bed late.

2014.03.02 Sunday

Gross day outside.  Took a little trip to the grocery store.
Tried working on more school stuff, then played some games to give the brain a break.

Lasagna, and Dexter.  Getting close to finishing season 4, almost into the territory that Kelc hasn't seen yet.

2014.03.01 Saturday

Watched some gymnastics with Kelc, then worked on some homework.

Went to the Cirque du Soliel show with Kelc, then grabbed some Amy's Ice Cream, and surprised to see a coworker there.

Watched a movie called Safety Not Guaranteed, which I think Ray recommended.  Pretty oddball funny.  Good with delicious ranch flavored popcorn.

2014.02.28 Friday

Day off.  Got a new haircut.

Performed my own oil change, and air filter change.

Mopped the house, then cooked up a chicken that apparently I'm going to eat by myself.

Watched a bunch of Doctor Who episodes to try and get caught up.

2014.02.27 Thursday

In work slightly earlier than normal.  Enjoyed a group meeting over lunch.  There were few that actually showed up, and some even fell asleep.

Left work late, picked up a few things on my way home.  Cooked up a quick dinner and watched some tv, then bedtime.

2014.02.26 Wednesday

Work, trivia, Dexter, bed.