Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014.01.12 Sunday

Watched some football here and there.

Watched some lectures for school, plus worked on homework

Played JC2-MP.  One of the developers of the add-on signed on to the server I was on!  He must have pushed a bunch of updates to the server, because some new things were available for playing.  Also went on a air squadron flight.  Crazy fun.

2014.01.11 Saturday

Mostly lazy Saturday.  Helped Mark drop his car off at the car shop.

Went to pick up some unique Indian ingredients for a recipe for Kelc.

Played some more games, worked on more homework

Picked up Mark's car

Ate delicious Indian chicken recipe for dinner.  Kelc was not impressed.

2014.01.10 Friday

Worked, later than I needed to.

Stopped off to get some gas and food on my way home.  Torchy's was overly crowded, with people that didn't have anywhere to sit and the line going out the door.  Went next door to Verts and was served within seconds.

At home I watched some Modern Family with Mark while I ate.

Played some JC2-MP and glanced over some school stuff.  Started filling out some free quotes for insurances to see if I'm paying too much for coverage.

2014.01.09 Thursday

Work, left early to get to an appointment, then back to work when I got home.

Once I was done wrapping up work, I started working on home work for class.  Supplemented with some leftovers for dinner.

Winding down with some JC2-MP before sliding into bed.

2014.01.08 Wednesday

Work. Trivia

Stopped by HEB on the way home.  Then bed.

2014.01.07 Tuesday

Worked a mostly normal day

Started up classes again.  Not exactly ready for this roller coaster.

Played a little JC2-MP in the evening

2014.01.06 Monday

A bit late getting back to the grind, but accomplished a handful of things to start off the new year of work.

Home late, Kelc cooked up a delicious meaty meat loaf.  Watched the National Championship.  The end of the game definitely reminded me of UT vs USC in 2005-2006.

2014.01.05 Sunday

Little bit more cleanup in the office, finally reached a satisfactory level of emptiness, for now.

Played a ton of JC2.  Listened to some playoff games in the background.  By late evening, I was more than 93% complete with the game.  All that is left is some annoying flying maneuvering to complete around the map.

2014.01.04 Saturday

Watched some playoff games. Played a ton of JC2

More cleaning my office area.  I've gotten rid of so much stuff, and shredded so much paper.  Feels great.

Monday, January 6, 2014

2014.01.03 Friday

Kelc had to work again, while I stayed at home (off-friday).  I cooked up some Hamburger Helper for us for lunch.  After consuming some, I fell back asleep.

Eventually got up and got back to cleaning in the office.  Also played JC2 (making lots of progress, hoping to finish up this weekend).

2014.01.02 Thursday

Kelc had to work today.  I worked from home for a few hours, mostly just sending off emails and reading up on a few things.

Continued cleaning up my office.  If you haven't noticed already, I've been working on cleaning up this area for a few days now.  Sure I get distracted with gaming, but there is a lot of junk that accumulates over time.

Lately I've also been enjoying watching the bowl games.  Doing terrible with the pick'em though.

2014.01.01 Wednesday

Started off the new year... well technically it started off at Hab+Tay's finishing up some games, then going home to sleep.

I cooked up some black eyed peas for good luck.  Much simpler recipe this year, and still tasty.

Worked on cleaned up in the office more.  And of course some game time.

2013.12.31 Tuesday

Welp, it's the eve of the New Year already.

Did I have a good 2013?  It had its ups and downs, a few things I would change and a few things I would not.  I am hoping for a better 2014.

Went to the airport to pick up Kelc, then stopped by home to drop off stuff, and pick up stuff.  Headed over to Hab+Tay's for games and celebrating the arrival of the new year.

2013.12.30 Monday

Somehow I decided that it would be a good day to go in and try to do work.  Well only a few people showed up, and I was less productive than I would have liked, so I left early.

I went to the eye place to order a set of new frames.  Go me, waiting to the last minute, again.

Home, dilly dallied.

2013.12.29 Sunday

Slept in. Watched some Mr Bean (since Netflix is going to be removing it soon)

Polished up the table.  Lots of effort and scratches still remain, though less noticeable.

Put a garage keyless entry thingy up. Watched some Steelers win.

Minecrafted and listened to the KC-SD game (went into overtime).  Unfortunately the Chargers won, so Steelers will not be in the playoffs.

Continued Minecrafting into the evening while listening to football. Leftovers for dinner.

2013.12.28 Saturday

Cooked up some breakfast for one.  Went errand running for various supplies.  Ate a sandwich for lunch.

Worked most afternoon and evening on Kelc's headlights.  They are ridiculously smooth and shiny now. I should post some before and after pics one of these days.

Watched Mythbusters and ate the last chicken-fried-steak my parents pawned off.

Later, watched some SNL, cleaned up in the office, played a little Minecraft and JC2, then went to bed.

2013.12.27 Friday

Kelc trying to figure out how to travel, ended up just buying tickets and flying out to the west coast to see her dad.

Spent a chunk of the day cleaning more of my office area.  The process usually involves lots of detours, like fixing a flashlight, unjamming a paper shredder, making piles of categorized things.

Watched lots of mythbusters in the meantime.

2013.12.26 Thursday

Woke up to darkness.  The black-out curtains were doing too good of a job. I put my phone in airplane mode over night, and the battery level dropped by 1%.  I don't know what background AT&T crap is running, but it sucks the life when signal isn't perfect.

Ate some breakfast, helped packed up a few things, then headed home.  Others went for a meal.

Everybody came over after their meal to kill some time before their flight.

Later the Happy Couple came over to chat about their Christmas adventure so far, and their future plans.

2013.12.25 Wednesday

Merry Christmas to all, and me.  Woke up to an empty house and nothing really planned.

Watched a ton of mythbusters and did various cleaning activities around the house.

Later into the evening, went over to the lake house to play games and socialize. Painted a neat picture of the golden gate bridge.

2013.12.24 Tuesday

Prepared a plethora of desserts for the upcoming holiday time.

Headed over to spend the day with my parents and growing family.  Did a gift exchange.  I also brought along some scratch-offs, which I generally do every year, and somehow we came out positive.

Kelc left early to go to her family.

Went home, chillaxed.

2013.12.23 Monday

Listened to a few vinyls while cooking up some soup.

Cleaned the bathroom, fixed a wiring issue caused by yesterday's wiring.  (I think I need to fix the crimping on a few cables.)

Watched some Dexter.

Ran an errand to ship a package.

Started cleaning up my office area.  This is long overdue.

2013.12.22 Sunday

After driving to 4 different stores, I found the component I was looking for.  This component allowed me to build my own antenna for the attic.

Watched Steelers game with Kelc and Kor.  During which, I cooked up some pasta for princess.

Ran some wiring through the attic for the antenna, played some JC2, then went to bed late

2013.12.21 Saturday

Woke up late

Drove to Chappel Hill.  Tried out some new podcasts on my way there.  One was called "Science...Sort Of" and the other was a comedy show.

Spent the day with awesome peeps, played games, napped. 

Drove home listening to more random stuff. Watched a few things with Kelc, she fell asleep on the couch.

2013.12.20 Friday

Cut away some foam around the windows that I sprayed a weekend ago.

Watched an episode of Dexter.

Washed the bed sheets and rotated the mattress.

Vacuum and mopped the house.

Adjusted the wheels and tried cleaning out underneath the refrigerator.

Moved some furniture around in the living room.

Washed dishes.

Productive day.

2013.12.19 Thursday

Sorta work day, don't really need to put in a full day's worth of hours, so I goofed around some, but also got some things done, and enjoyed a holiday food potluck.

Left leisurely late, then watched some Dexter in the evening with Kelc.

2013.12.18 Wednesday

Worked later, then hopped over to Trivia.  Did mediocre.

Tried out JC2 Multiplayer.  This is dangerous fun for me, and I have no idea what is going on.

To bed early.

2013.12.17 Tuesday

Work, stayed a little late.

Costco adventure.  Some dude totally ate it after running into some lady's cart.  Pro tip: don't run if your shoes don't have any grip on them.

Home, new toy came in the mail.

Dexter, dinner, and a mini gift celebration.

2013.12.16 Monday

Eye appointment today.  Turns out I'm pretty sensitive to eye dilation... my pupils were huge... all day. My appointment was around 10a, and my eyes just started to go down in size around 6p.  I wore sunglasses inside all day, and still got a headache.  Driving home I had 3 tinted lenses on to cut down the light.  Sucks.

Cooked up soup, with a lingering headache from the dilation.

Watched 4 episodes of Dexter and some MNF.  Justin Tucker kicked me into the super bowl.

2013.12.15 Sunday

Watched some football.

Ran errand to HEB to pick up grub for the upcoming week.

Watched Steelers game with Kelc and family and friends.

2013.12.14 Saturday

Worked on updating my books and finances.  Took longer than usual since it has been so long.

Took a little trip to Home Depot for some supplies.  Picked up dinner at Fire House Subs, then watched some Dexter later.

2013.12.13 Friday

Wrapping up the work week.

Home, watched Dexter, played JC2

2013.12.12 Thursday

Long work day.

Kelc made some meat loaf and corn for dinner, surprisingly good even though it looked a bit funky.  Watched some Dexter as a side.

2013.12.11 Wednesday

Normal work day. Trivia, did terrible.  Made up for it with some JC2, then bed time.

2013.12.10 Tuesday

More unproductive work day.

Kelc cooked up a tasty meal of chicken and asparagus with penne pasta.

Watched the pilot of Dexter.  Seems like a show I can probably get in to.

2013.12.09 Monday (Radio Report Card)

Work, computer crashing.  Unproductive.  Felt like crap for a chunk of the day.

When I got home, I felt like doing some statistics on one of the stations I listen to during my daily commute.  I actually tend to listen to about 8 to 10 stations, jumping around when I dislike the content.

Today's station under the microscope is 93.7FM KLBJ.  I took data from their site between December 1 and December 8, so 8 days worth.

They played a variety of 128 different artists, give or take a couple labeled as "Various Artist" and Stevie Ray Vaughn / SRV and Double Trouble).

Top 5 Artists:
1. Led Zeppelin with 87 songs played
2. AC/DC with 86 songs played
3. The Rolling Stones with 82 songs played
4. Van Halen with 77 songs played
5. Pink Floyd with 72 songs played

Cool graph of artists that got more than 10 plays:

They played a variety of 428 different songs, give or take a couple (human error).
Top Songs:
1. "Tuff Enuff" by The Fabulous Thunderbirds, with 12 plays
1. "The House is Rockin'" by Stevie Ray Vaughan with 12 plays
1. "Pride and Joy" by Stevie Ray Vaughan with 12 plays
(then a ton of 11 and 10 -play songs)

Here is that cool chart showing how they don't necessarily play the same songs over and over, like some other stations might.  There are way too many songs to list, so instead you just get a chart that shows distribution.

Wrapped up my day with Monday Night Football, and sleep.