Monday, July 30, 2012

2012.07.17 Tuesday (the long day)

Woke up super early to get a good start with the airport and security hoops to jump through.  As feared, a super long security line.  Right as we got through and put on shoes and belts, they were boarding the flight we were trying to catch.

Caught the planned flight to LAX.  Nice.

Once we got there, we noticed that the early flight out to Hawaii was delayed, so we tried to hop on that standby list to squeeze out earlier, but there were too many people on the list, plus some crowding at the gate.  Instead, we payed an airport premium for a small starbuck's "meal".  This airport is great!

Took our original planned flight to Kahului, left on time, and arriving on time.  Speaking of arrival... we were flying above clouds most of the trip, then closer to the islands we had to dip below what looked like a small cluster of rain.  This caused some jerkiness while descending, which caused a kid on the opposite side of the plane to regurgitate all the junk food that he was allowed during the 6.5 hour flight.  Good.

Stopped at the rental car place to correct some paperwork, then got yelled at by airport parking cop.  Good job at asserting authority just for the hell of it.

Went grocery shopping and stopped by Maui Tacos for a bite to eat.  Good huge taco salad.

Then finally go to the condo.  Felt like I've been awake for too long.  Sat around and relaxed for a bit.

Went out for a late dinner at Fabiani's Italian for Kevin's b-day.  It was a little awkward since he wasn't very enthusiastic about it, but to add to that Kelc and I had been up for a really long time and just wanted to sleep.  At the end, I think we were awake for about 23 hrs before falling asleep.

2012.07.16 Monday

My alarm was having a hard time waking me up this morning.  Went in slightly later than normal.  Some goobers had a multiple bumper-to-bumper accident.  Looked like 4 cars all cramped each other on the on-ramp to 183.  Good stuff.

Sooo, in the grand scheme of everything, I took off the day at work so that I could go on vacation with Kelc and her family and friends.  Well, turns out that Kelc had to work a little overlap with the vacation plans, so we both went to work instead.  I tried to crank out some more work and wrap up a few things before leaving.  I also was able to get a final 1 on 1 discussion with the coworker that is leaving.  I almost got choked up, someone must have been cutting onions or something.

I did some evening moving and packing.  Kelc picked me up to sleep at her place.  Hopefully I have everything I need.

2012.07.15 Sunday

Kelc left for work early.  I put together more furniture, then unpacked and cleaned some dishes.

Over to my parent's house, my dad had been cruising on craigslist for lawn mowers and found something that he liked.  Looks like a pretty good deal, only probably is how far away it is.

Stopped by Home Depot.  Electric trimmers look pretty crappy these days.  I am disappoint.  Borrowed my dad's trimmer, and took another load over to my house.  Cut the grass, then started trimming when Mark and Nadia showed up to check out the house.

Then a huge storm rolled in.  Guess I'll have to finish up later.

Picked up Kelc for dinner at Taco C.  Then we took a trip to Lowe's to spend a gift card that Habs and Taylor gave as a housewarming gift.  Hardest decision I had to make was which hammer to get.  Very important tool.

Then home, then parent's house to pack.  Saw a crazy show about mermaids.

2012.07.14 Saturday

Went home from Kelc's.

My parents help me take apart big furniture, move it, then reassemble it.  The desk was freaking heavy.  Moving that beast is exhausting.

Back to parent's house to pack/move/shuffle more.

Back to my house to unpack, move, shuffle.  Kelc came over to hang out.  I put together more furniture, then called it a night.

2012.07.13 Friday (the thirteenth)

Superstition?  No thanks.

Played vball with a slightly different set of people.  It was fun but hot and humid with no breeze.  We called it after just 2 games, but probably ended up being a wise choice. Because... a huge thunderstorm rolled through and dropped a ton of water and lightning.

Today a special outing was planned for a coworker that is leaving us.  I think he is a great guy, always spoke his mind and was open and honest.  The funny thing is that he is leaving without a big plan for what is going to happen next.  He sold his house, packed up everything in a uhaul, and is heading west.  We met up at the Flying Saucer in the triangle to share a few rounds.  I feel like these types of outings should happen more often.

Went home, packed up some more and unpacked.

2012.07.12 Thursday

Long yet productive day.  Still completely exhausted from pulling 18-20hr days this week.  Boom shaka laka.

Hasbro and I had a mini discussion about the tiny yellow dots that appear on some printouts from scanners/copiers.  No idea what I'm talking about?  It's called Printer Steganography according to wikipedia.  Tiny...tiny...tiny yellow dots, probably never notice them.  Yet, they could probably track that printout back to a specific printer at a specific time.  Woah.

Went over to Kelc's and we made an awesome, near-paleo dinner.  Tiliapia, spinach/avocado/pear/mint salad, cole slaw.

Then hopped over to my parent's to do laundry and try to figure out some stuff on my laptop.

2012.07.11 Wednesday

Oh lordy lordy, I am exhausted.  Definitely would not mind getting some extra sleep at some point.

Worked a normal day, then packed and moved more junk.  Not too much else to talk about.

Friday, July 13, 2012

2012.07.10 Tuesday

Pretty tired.  I ended up being up later than planned last night, and I'm feeling it today.  Just add caffeine and all will be better, right?

Morning was filled with meetings.  The coffee helped me out with that.  Spent most of the day cranking through some work, made some decent progress.

Back at home, I packed up my car with more junk.  Had a quick bite to eat, then headed over to my place.

Upon arriving, I had my first unwelcome visitor.  A roach was wanting to come inside through the garage to get out from all the rain we have been having.  I was not going to have any of it.  Went at him with a tennis racket.

Unloaded a bunch of stuff, plugged in some speakers, then got to work.  Vacuumed a bunch, then shampooed a bunch.  I think a little too much actually.  Around midnight I started seeing the carpet move in my peripheral vision (similar to the guitar hero effect).  I took that as a sign to wrap up and head home to rest.

I stopped by to check the mail on my way out, and creepily there was a guy walking around at like 1am.  That woke me up a bit.

2012.07.09 Monday

It's good that we are finally getting some rain, but dang...I may have to cut my yard a bunch.  And I don't even have a lawnmower.

Work went by quickly since VB broke up the day.  Later on I packed up a car load and delivered it to my place.  Also did some prep work for the carpet cleaning I am hoping to get done.

Picked up the carpet cleaner from a friend, then drove back home.  As I was about to start winding down for bed, I get a text from Kelc to see if her mom and sister can check out my place.  I pack up another car load, then head to the house.

Then back home, then sleep late.

2012.07.08 Sunday

Quick breakfast and shower, then off to brenham to attend my cousin's graduation party.

They served chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, pickles, and pasta salad.  It was awesome.  Plus everybody brought desserts and sides, and there was a huge cake.  Tons of food everywhere.

Unfortuantely, I had to drive back home.  No nap for me.

Later, my sister and brother-in-law came over.  Just got home to Austin today from their honeymoon.  Interesting stories, and came back to interesting problems.

Packed up my car with a load of "non-essentials".  Drove over to my house to show the married couple where I will be living, and where they may be requesting a room in the future.

2012.07.07 Saturday

Woke up on the floor.  Hardly any air left in the air mattress.  I guess I still didn't get enough sleep because I'm still not feeling very energetic.

Started the day by cleaning again, Kelc left to go grab some coffee.  My parents showed up with a breakfast taco and stuff from the storage unit.

Then we all continued cleaning.  I was cleaning various things, then got slowed down by the disgusting deposits left on the top of the kitchen cabinets.  I guess nobody ever sees that area, but it was pretty darn gross.  Layers of paint, dust, and grease mixed over the years.  I had to take a heavy duty solvent and a blade to scrape it up.

Later into the evening, Kelc and I went to Tyler's going-away party.  That involved croquet, swimming, vennis, sundaes, MitD, telephone pictionary, and various mini-games.

Kelc left early, I left late.  Slept at my parent's house where I have a real bed, real shower supplies, and all my clothes.

2012.07.06 Friday (Closing)

I woke up today feeling pretty out of it.  Just not energetic whatsoever.  I guess let's get this show on the road.

Met up at the house for a final walk-through with realtor.  The windows were a tad clunky feeling, but now they work, and lock.  Then we drove over to title company.  There we made some coffee and sat around waiting for the fun.  After a good chunk of time, a lady came to get us, then we went back into a conference room to sign papers.  The sellers had already come by and signed everything earlier, so it was just me and a pen and a large stack of paper.

When we finished up, I drove home.  Changed clothes and sat around.  Just about to take a mini nap and I get a phone call from the title company saying the transaction went through, so I can pick up the keys.  Back to title company..

Then over to my own house.  Achievement unlocked: Home owner.

Not too long after, my parents show up with vehicles loaded with preparation stuff. Kelc showed up.  Cleaning commenced.  Lots and lots of cleaning.  Then a dinner of saccone's pizza.  The first meal.

Left later to hang out at the lakehouse to celebrate Kevin's wakening from a coma. Back to the house for the "first night", sans champagne but sparkling wine instead.  Pretty good too.

2012.07.05 Thursday

Tried to sleep in but someone did dishes and a cat kept meowing at me.  Fine universe, I'll get up.

Took a morning trip to the bank to ask questions and pick up some funding, then over to work.

I was quite lonely at work, which could sound like a bad thing but I had a fun and productive day.  Actually much more productive than I expected.

Home, then didn't really do too much.  I guess a lot of waiting is ahead of me.

Kelc came over later, then I realized I was supposed to make an trip over to Andy's to borrow a carpet cleaner.  Dang, that's what I get for trying to plan everything out.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2012.07.04 Wednesday (ID4)

Slept in as much as possible, not bad.

Remote connected to do some work...on my day off.  Go me.

Played some Ace Combat as well.

Went over to Habs and watched This Old House, where they installed some not-so-old entertainment systems.

Quick ride over to Coleman's to shoot off fireworks.

Back home, snoozed.

2012.07.03 Tuesday

Much less motivated today.  Kelc is still out too.  Livened up the day with breakfast with coworkers.

Today, we had epic lunch time.  Stage 1: 99cent deal at popeyes.  Stage 2: Bacon Sundae at Burger King.  Stage 3: food coma.

Had a meeting at work that was kind of last minute since people are going to be out for the next chunk of days.   I thought the mood was quite fun though.  Wrapped up some work, headed home.  Kelc is supposed to be arriving at some point.

2012.07.02 Monday

Went over to Kelc's to let kitty out in the morning.  Feels weird to have to let a cat out.

Played some vball over lunch.  Awesome times.

After work, went to let kitty in, but she didnt show up.  Went back home and didn't really do much.

Back to kelc's later on in the night, kitty showed up, then korey showed up.  Wasn't expecting that second animal.

2012.07.01 Sunday

Ah yes.  The beginning of the second half of 2012.  Was the first half as good as hoped?  Is there more in store for the second half?  We shall see.

Tried sleeping in.  Had a really funky dream again, but again it started fading quickly.  I just remember thinking how the dream could have escalated, but once I started waking up, there was no going back.  I hate that.

Spent a good chunk of the day learning some python.  Also thought about what all I would need to do to move in.  Also watched some x-games.  Good stuff.

Helped put together a taco meal for lunch.

More tv, coding, surfing, lounging.

Went over to Kelc's house to hang out with kitty.  She wanted attention, then meowed at me and somehow I knew that was her asking to go out.  It's like I speak cat or something.

Back home, finished up watching x-games and winding down for the upcoming (awkward) work week.

2012.06.30 Saturday

Woke up early to show my mom the house I (hopefully) will be taking ownership of.  Habs also made an appearance to check it out.  He had a pretty good eye on some the current owners possibly going stingy on watering the grass.  Maybe they are trying to save a buck, or maybe they don't use the automated scheduling.  Either way, the grass is starting to look a little thirsty.  If I were no longer living somewhere, and there was already a contract to transfer ownership, would I spend more money?  Deep.

Went back home, still not quite awake.  Solution: more coffee.  Had some discussions about what all I should do upon moving in, and the optimal order.  I could go the easy route or the hard route.

Watched a bunch more x-games.

Did some remote connections and worked from home.  Yay for working over the weekend.

Picked up Kelc and headed over to the volleyball courts.  We played with Tyler, Brent, and a clump of silly young ones.  (I guess it was more of the silly old ones and the silly young ones meeting.)  Stopped in the middle to go grab some sonic, then back to more vball.

Home, more x-games.  Kelc left to begin her road trip across the US in the vertical direction.

2012.06.29 Friday

I had some weird and vivid dreams last night, but for some reason they faded quickly upon waking.  As soon as my alarm went off, my mother felt it necessary to ask me about the sellers of the house I'm purchasing.  Thanks mom.

Work, nice breakfast meeting.  Awesome game of vball with a couple of non-regulars to make it 3v3.  The weather was pretty awesome too, so we squeezed in some more games.  Totally awesome.

Worked late too.  Went home and enjoyed x-games.  My at-home productivity will be negatively impacted these next couple days.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012.06.28 Thursday

Late start to the day.  Loaded up MP3 player with new mega hits.  This caused me to be later than my usual arrival.  Otherwise a pretty normal day.

Cooked up a nice paleo dinner of ground beef lettuce wraps topped with pico.  Tasty and I didn't feel bloated after eating.

X-games started.  I'm pumped.  Probably not going to get much done in the next few days.

2012.06.27 Wednesday

Sluggish today.  Guess I'm just worn out from running in overdrive for so long.  No vb today.  Bummers.

Worked late to squeeze in some more hours.

Home, snooze.

2012.06.26 Tuesday

Mostly normal work day.  Played vball earlier to avoid the heat.  It was still about 102 when we played.  (Later reports were up to 106)

Met Kelc at Qdoba for free burrito day. Yum.

Home, played with Ms Betty and did some online searching.

2012.06.25 Monday

Finished up some wedding things.  That involved hanging out with the remaining wedding party / family, and moving equipment and various things around town.

Highland Lakes.

Worked from home for most of the rest of the day, as much as I could.

Went out to dinner at Flores with parents, Jay and Kelc.  Good stuff.

Back to work at home.  Then sleep.  Packed day.

2012.06.24 Sunday

Woke up to a phone call from my mom saying what I already knew: I needed to pick up an order of breakfast tacos from Rudys.  Thanks for waking me up 1.5 hrs early.

Brunch.  Tons of family at the house.  Bride and groom made an appearance, but had to head to San Antonio for the other side's brunch.

Hung out with Jay and my parent's most of the day.  Later went to Dairy Queen and talked with Jay.  He had a lot of good things to say.

Home, Holmes on Homes, homey.


2012.06.23 Saturday (The Big Day)

Woke up early to go golf.  Not what I would consider a typical start to a wedding day, but definitely helped get all the guy's mind distracted for a bit.  The girls were off getting nails, hair and makeup done.

After golf (which I did mediocre), we grabbed an early lunch at Freebirds, then headed to the event center to set up the Cupcake display.  Everything looked pretty sweet.  A couple family members stopped by to check it out, and we ended up standing around watching slideshows longer than I had wanted.  So by the time we were heading home, I get a text from the groom saying we need to be back in like an hour.  Yeah... not going to happen.

Home, fast shower

Drove Kelc and myself downtown (late of course) in my dad's vehicle.  Turns out my lateness was still early.  Girls are slow, and some of the ladies were getting panicky.  Lollers.

Went and took a bunch of pictures, started up a good sweat.

Then the ceremony happened.  We had lots of people looking down through windows, and I felt like that was a bit awkward.  Who is staying in a hotel room and is so bored that staring at a wedding is more entertaining?  Anyways, the ceremony was short and sweet.  Mike did an awesome job leading it, and the vows exchanged were funny and sweet.  Just about everybody was watery-eyed.

Then outside for more pictures, and more sweating.

Lots of conversing with people I haven't seen in a long time.  Dinner with people I just met, and people I haven't seen in years.

Dancing.  Lots of white-dancing done by me.

Sent off the bride and groom on a pedi-cab.  Very appropriate.

Back to the event room for cleanup/teardown.  Crazy how the tone of everything shifts so quickly.  I did a pretty good job at getting this part done, if I do say so myself.

Tried leading some relatives home, then unpacked all the junk that we had to get out.

Then showered and snoozed. What a day.

2012.06.22 Friday

Thought I might be able to sleep in.  Nope.  Woke up early to go grab a van to move stuff.  Then over to the storage unit to get the stuff.  Turns out we took too much, so we had to take it back.  Then took the stuff downtown.  Then back home to shower.  Good morning.

Family started showing up post-shower, so I packed up my junk as fast as I could and went over to Kelc's to hang out / get settled into my temporary home.  I'd rather not be around the constant craziness at my parent's house.

Dressed up, then headed downtown for the rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner.  The dinner was at Juan in a Million.  Food was delicious, drinks were fantastic, heat was dehydrating.

The plan was to allow everybody in the wedding party have an opportunity (if they wanted) to give a little speech about the bride and groom.  Some speeches were pretty good, some heart warming, some not.

Back home, snooze to prepare for the big day.

2012.06.21 Thursday

Felt pretty funky this morning.  My body didn't want to get up, but my mind was ready to go.  Then my stomach started feeling like knots.  What is going on?

Wrapped up the work week, and last minute-purchases for the upcoming craziness.

2012.06.20 Wednesday

Actually drove through some rain this morning.  I can hardly believe it.

The day was pretty plain.  So is this blog post.  Worked late, went to gym.

After work, went to Kelc's.

2012.06.19 Tuesday

Felt a bit energetic this morning, once I finished most of my morning routine.

Quick breakfast at the cafe.  Vball for lunch.  Slightly longer day at work, with meetings and talking with coworkers.

Once home, I ate a quick dinner then started helping out around the house a tiny bit.  I spent the evening reading through some newly acquired paperwork.  This chunk of papers is about the HOA that will be imposed on me.  Sounds too flexible and ambiguous for some sections, and then too specific in others.  I feel like the resulting spectrum of what an HOA could be is too wide.  That's probably why I hear horror stories about them.

Off to bed.

2012.06.18 Monday

I think that extra nap yesterday paid off and made me much more awake in the morning.

The day went by quickly.  Lunch was a meeting; no vball.  Stayed late trying to finish up some work and chatting with coworkers.  Then stopped by the gym for a quick workout.  Felt great.

Stopped by my hair place to get a haircut.  I still think it is awkward that they serve alcohol.  The lady that cuts my hair also gives a great massage.

Home, had dinner.

Kelc then picked me up, dinner #2 at Rudino's with her and Korey.

Home, finally fixed wireless on laptop.  Silly me for thinking I could just simply re-install ubuntu without any hassle.

In bed a bit early.

2012.06.17 Sunday

Woke up, cleaned up.

Went on a little trip with my parents to Academy, then Conn's.  I got to check out some prices on appliances and furniture and stuff at Conn's.  Holy crap... you could spend a pretty penny on a just washer and dryer.  Seriously?  I feel like the payoff period for the extra cost would never come to fruition.  Not to mention all the people that complain about front-end-loading washers and the new set of problems that come with those.

Early family lunch at Pappasito's.  I was pretty much full by the time my plate showed up.  Dang.  Guess I'll have a dinner for later.

Felt absolutely disgusting on the way home.  So much chips/carbs/cheese.

Took a nap.  Probably a terrible idea but I felt like going into a food coma.  Once I woke up, I still felt out of it, but managed to get some work done.

Then went over to Kelc's and spent the night there.

2012.06.16 Saturday

Spent a good chunk of the day cleaning.

Then I spent ... a good chunk of the day cleaning.  :-\ Yeah.  Things just need to be ready when we are hosting a brunch party.  Just doing my fair share.

Later, Kelc came over and we watched The Mighty Boosh, like old times.  That show is so.. crazy awesome.  I feel like it is a rare occurrence where people were given an incredible amount of freedom in creating a show.