Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2008.10.21 Tuesday

Stuck around Arlington today, instead of driving to see Dredg in ATX. I spent the school-day with Kelc. She had a Economic History class that was actually somewhat interesting. She took me for a tour of half of campus, saw a lot of buildings that look the same and aren't labeled very well.

We went home to check movie listings, but nothing good is out right now so we rented a movie about Babysitters that do 'favors' on the side, then turn it into a business. Fun idea, sorta.

We had Shipley's for breakfast, popcorn for lunch, Black Eyed Pea for dinner, and Sonic for dessert. Oh and turtle is still a demon. Later in the day we went to the library on campus to study/research. I have to get up early to drive back to ATX and get some last minute studying in for my acoustics test.

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