Monday, May 2, 2011

2011.04.30 Saturday

Woke up pretty late today. I actually wasn't sure what this day was going to entail. Kelc had to work an early shift, FREEDOM.

I started off by digging through some old files and things. I have a handful of projects that have slowly faded into the background since I've gotten more busy with work, school, and sports. Will I resurrect them? Well, maybe. There are a few music projects that I still want to do, but I find it hard to get myself to do anything that resembles practicing.

Later on, I decided it would be a good time to go ahead and try to capture the field mouse in the garage. There have been a few times when I turned on the lights and the little bugger darts across the floor, and shoots out the tiny hole next to the overhead doors. And now lately, I've been hearing rustling around the lawnmower. Not cool. Habs joined in the fun... we moved just about everything and designed a pretty cool "humane" trap with a box. In the process of finding out where exactly this little guy is hiding, we found out that there were actually two mice. Fun... could have babies at any moment. -- At the end of it all, we caught (and later released) one, and the other one got away.

Quick trip over to sears to check out some equipment. Prices are both crazy good and crazy bad. Found some nifty clips that attach to the side of the mattress that help hold sheets in place. I personally don't like when the fitted sheet comes loose and bunches up underneath me while I'm trying to sleep. I'll write up a review on this after I get to try them out.

I finished up cleaning the garage and straightening things up. You would probably be surprised at how much poop comes out of tiny little mice. It's weird how there isn't a lot of things that happen in the garage, but it still manages to get dirty with debris. I also took care of a nasty hornet nest near the front door. I wonder how long that had been there...

Kelc got off of work. She was a darling and blessed me with Chik-fil-a for dinner. That's two times in one weekend.

We watched a couple episodes of Smallville, and then it was bedtime.

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