Monday, May 2, 2011

2011.05.01 Sunday

The month is starting on a Sunday. That means there will be a Friday that is also numerically the 13th. Is that weird how that works? Is it magical? Who knows.

I woke up super late today. I decided I wanted to stay awake and play CounterStrike late at night. I had to be careful because Kelc was trying to sleep. I used headphones, but I was also talking to a microphone. I think I confused her a few times with that.

So for the past couple days or so, I feel like I've been coming down with some sort of allergic response. My lips are swelling and are sensitive, my eyes are swelling and itchy, and my ears feel like burning. Not again... something is happening that is triggering this, but I don't think it is food related.

Kelc worked some today,then left for Michigan with her brother.

I didn't really eat a lunch, then cooked up a simple pasta dinner. Watched Liar Liar while I ate.

The weather is nice and cool outside. Me thinks I'll get some fresh air in the house.

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