Saturday, May 7, 2011

2011.05.07 Saturday

Well the plan was to go out last night for a birthday party. Around 7-8ish, both Kelc and I fell asleep. Pure exhaustion. I slept about 14 hours. Kelc had work so she was able to get almost 10. Not bad at all.

I maintained the haze that comes with sleeping in for so long. I sat around, listened to some radio shows and played games.

Eventually Mark calls me up to see if I want to go to Costco. Sure, who doesn't want to go to Costco. I ended up getting quite a bit, and a really inexpensive hot dog.

I played some SNES games with Mark. I'm still terrible at Street Fighter. Not much has changed in almost 20 years, lol.

Went home, unpacked all my stuff. Kelc came over and we went out for a late dinner at Z Tejas. Pretty good day.

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