Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2011.05.25 Wednesday

Welp, today is going to be a resting and stretching day. It is important to maintain flexibility with muscles, and also let them repair themselves, right?

To start the day, radio alarm with Pumped Up Kicks. Great.

Post work, I tended to my plants. I did some transplanting, thorough waterings, and also changed the pots so the catch tray at the bottom is flipped over. Maybe this will keep the roots slightly cooler in the summer, but more importantly I'll get better drainage if I happen to over-water.

A package came in for me. Took a while, but I got a pretty good deal. I bought a hard drive dock. Now I can do something with that extra 300GB sitting around.

For dinner tonight, I decided to finally make some pesto. Plucked some fresh leaves from my basil plants, a dash of olive oil, tons of garlic and a sprinkling of pine nuts went into the food processor... out came a green goop of deliciousness. I cooked up some bowtie pasta to go along with it. The garlic really made it have a kick.

I spent a good chunk of the evening in the kitchen. I finished up dinner and cleaning some, then started frying up some bacon for my famous chocolate-covered-bacon. I feel like the bacon is coming out a lot better these days. The trick is to manage the temperature and start off with a fair amount grease.

Most of the evening was complimented with some Mythbusters.

Off to bed later than I had wanted.

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