Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011.05.10 Tuesday - Still hope

Well what do you know; the ghost pepper sprout jumped back to life.

My energy levels, however, are starting to creep back down. Guess I didn't get enough food or rest or something. At work, I tried a day without a morning coffee. It went ok. It's not like I have coffee every single day, just the days where I have to be up unnaturally (which one could argue is quite often).

After work, I made sure to check up on the ghost pepper plant. It's looking quite healthy and green now. Maybe, just maybe, this whole ordeal made him stronger. I transplanted him into his new home pot, watered everything some. It really looks like a storm is coming through this evening, so I was a little hesitant to water too much.

Met up with some friends at Plucker's. That was an interesting adventure. People who I've never seen consume a drop of alcohol.. had already finished 4 beers before I arrived. The poor children in the restaurant learned some new words... and that they aren't allowed to use them.

Back home, I worked on a recording and some music analyzing.

To wind down, I played some CS:S. I found out about a week ago that an unofficial map came out called fy_abottabad, which is an attempt at recreating the building/complex where Osama took his last few breaths. Some people might see that as being grotesque to be wanting to simulate a Terrorist/Counter-Terrorist scenario in that location, but I don't see it that way. It's more about trying to understand the situation, and seeing how teamwork strategies work differently against each other. And anyways, CS:S might look like a simulation, but it's not even close to what people would be doing in real life. The level itself is alright. It feels very cramped, so 'nades can be problematic, or good depending on how you use them. -- So IF this is actually a somewhat realistic representation of the compound where he was hiding out, the idea of having no major injuries on our side means our Seals are amazing. Get in, get the objective done, get out. Now, about the argument of right/wrong of killing somebody... that's for someone else to decide.


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