Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011.05.03 Tuesday - Last class day

Some days, it just really feels like I should not be getting out of bed. Today is one of those days.

Work was slightly intense. I feel like a good chunk of time is wasted by discussing the problem, rather than actually doing the problem. Hmm, that sounds familiar doesn't it? *cough* politics *cough*

Before I knew it, class time was upon us. The 4 of us in Austin enjoyed our pizzas. Our last class was mostly discussion and review of what we learned over the semester. This last class made me feel like I actually learned a few things, but I'm not sure how I will be applying what I learned. That's the gap I need to jump. At least we don't have any final.

Home, played some L4D2 with Mark and Habs. We did Dark Carnival on expert with a pretty decent random guy. We all made it to the Finale, but only one walked out alive.

Then I went for a late night trip to Plucker's to meet up with some of Kelc's group of friends. That place stays open late with barely any traffic.

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