Monday, May 16, 2011

2011.05.16 Monday

Three day weekends start off feeling like they will last a long time, but by Sunday night it feels like barely anything happened, then Monday it feels like work is just awkward and unexpected.

I woke up before my alarm and continued to toss and turn. I couldn't really figure out what was keeping me up, and then I figured it out... Kelc was twitching. Guess I shouldn't have sprayed Raid in her dinner. lol, i kid.

After work I decided to go for a run. I planned a spot I wanted to run to, and then ran there. I didn't plan the return run, so that was more of an adventure. I took random streets that were in the right direction (according to the sun) and eventually ended up at home. Overall the trip was about 2.3 miles. It would have been more impressive had I ran the entire time.

I fixed a protein shake and worked on my plants once I arrived at home. My last remaining tomato plant looks promising with a handful of tomatoes growing on it, but I fear that the summer heat may kick in and I will miss the opportunity to enjoy some more tomatoes. Okra plant is getting huge. I also need to figure out the best way to harvest basil, and make some guacamole this weekend with the cilantro.

Played a few computer games, cooked up a simple dinner of potatoes, watched a smallville, then sleep.

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