Monday, May 23, 2011

2011.05.23 Monday

I let my first alarm go on for a lot longer than normal. I have it such that my first alarm is the radio, then the second alarm is the loud beeper as a backup. (Supposedly this is why most alarm clocks have dual alarm settings.) Well the radio didn't treat me too well this morning. First up, Tighten Up. Feel like I've heard that song above a normal amount. Secondly, some rather dumb discussions about spray-on tanning. Then thirdly, Social Distortion came on the radio. I had to end it there.

Work went by a lot smoother than previous weeks. I also added in some time at the gym. It's been like 8+ months since I last lifted any weights.

After work, did the norm and took care of plants. I managed to eat some meat for added protein. Then left to go hang out with the family. My brother bought himself a nice new bed set. It feels like a new hotel bed, in my opinion.

Then spent some time with Kelc at her house. She is planning on taking a trip to Arlington soon, so I won't see her for a few days.

Went shopping for a few items, then home, then sleep.

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