Thursday, May 5, 2011

2011.05.05 Thursday

I woke up to my alarm today, felt somewhat awake but decided to go back to sleep. Every subsequent time my alarm went off because a tougher challenge to actually get up. Maybe snoozing is the wrong way to go.

Work had its ups and downs. Again, it feels like people would rather talk about the problem than actually put effort towards it. Whatever. Left slightly later than normal.

At home, I got crackin' on some recording. This is my first time recording actual bass guitar. Most of my personal recording either digitally skewed regular guitar down an octave, or was synthetic bass. It turned out to be more challenging than I expected. I was getting some weird clipping and distortion, and after debugging the situation it seems like the microphone might have been too close to the speaker (thus just picking up gusts of air). I moved it from ~9in to ~12-15, and also brought the microphone off-axis to the amps speaker. This seemed to help out a lot, but then I had to pump up the gain in other places. I'm betting this added to the amount of background noise that was being picked up, but I can do some post-processing to bring that down.

Met up with Ryan for a late dinner at ThunderCloud Subs. I have not been there in ages, and it was a good change-up.

After that I went over to Kelc's for her Cinco de Mayo celebration. Unfortunately nobody had arrived yet, so I was able to watch some dance show with Korey. The pizza and guests arrived, then I left.

Played a couple rounds of CS, then went to bed at an early time. I had a hard time wanting to actually get in bed though; felt like I was forgetting something.

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