Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2012.07.01 Sunday

Ah yes.  The beginning of the second half of 2012.  Was the first half as good as hoped?  Is there more in store for the second half?  We shall see.

Tried sleeping in.  Had a really funky dream again, but again it started fading quickly.  I just remember thinking how the dream could have escalated, but once I started waking up, there was no going back.  I hate that.

Spent a good chunk of the day learning some python.  Also thought about what all I would need to do to move in.  Also watched some x-games.  Good stuff.

Helped put together a taco meal for lunch.

More tv, coding, surfing, lounging.

Went over to Kelc's house to hang out with kitty.  She wanted attention, then meowed at me and somehow I knew that was her asking to go out.  It's like I speak cat or something.

Back home, finished up watching x-games and winding down for the upcoming (awkward) work week.

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