Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012.07.22 Sunday (Hawaii)

Plan for today is "The Road to Hana" and the "Seven Sacred Pools of Oheo Gulch".  What is a gulch anyways?

Little did we know that the journey would be so long, the distance traveled kinda short, and the views absolutely breathtaking.  If ever in Maui for at least a fewe days, I highly recommend spending a day trip to go see the seven pools.  Plan on bringing a picnic lunch or some food to hold you over, because we had a terrible time finding a place to eat.  We ended up going to TuTu's, which was being run by one person, and was very mediocre for the price.  Hana bay looks like it was a booming destination at one point, but now looked more run down.

The drive back was a bit edgy. Half of the car was tired of being in the car, and the other half wanted to stop at the stands along the road for fresh fruit or confections.  We also had an audio cd that talks you through the drive out to Hana, but we didn't get to listen until we were driving back.

Finally home, time to relax and give each other some space.

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