Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012.10.28 Sunday

Woke up early, loaded up the car and headed out.  Riding 4-deep to h-town.  Once in town, picked up the Uhaul, then right over to my Aunt's place.  Scoped out some of the goods, then rode over to Robert's place, then back to my Aunt's place.  Load 'er up.

Lunch at James Coney Island.  I started getting very sleepy after eating so much flour and corn product.

Over to my Aunt's storage place for some more goods.  The off we go to drive home.  Obviously a stop at Dairy Queen was going to happen.

Stopped at my place first to unload.
Stopped at parent's place to unload and load
Stopped at C+E's place to unload.

Home.  Tired and headache.

Tried to put together some furniture and move some things around.  Watched a bit of Studio60 then crashed hard.

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