Friday, September 21, 2012

2012.09.16 Sunday

Slept in.  Of course.

Played a quick game of smash bros with Ray.  I always pick pikachu.  PIKA PIKA.

I let Kelc do the driving this time.  Her car still has some "woo-woo"ing going on from the back right side.  One guy said oh just a bent rim, and another said both cv axels need to be replaced, while another said just a tired that was out of balance and needed a patch, we fixed it.

Arrived home with some eager football fans waiting for us.  The Steeler's game was scheduled to come on CBS right at our arrival time, so we unpacked and set up the game simultaneously.  Somehow nobody else was hungry, but I ate an entire bag of bbq chips.

Game over, took a quick shower.

Drove over to the Hill Country Galleria to eat at Chisos Southwestern grill for dinner, with Kelc's dad and his new counterpart.  Food was great, and the meal wasn't really awkward like it could have been.  I guess we are all adults now.

Korey, Lyle, Kelc and I did a couple geocaches while we were in the area.  Lyle made the first find, which was super hard.

Home, snooze.  Can't believe the weekend went by that quickly, but at the same time a lot of things happened.

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