Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012.08.02 Thursday (Pre-SPI)

Took the day off to take care of appointments at home.  Exterminator and cable guy.  Both were pretty young looking, but also helpful and nice.

Of course when the cable guy called, the song "Call Me Maybe" was on the radio.  Well Andy, why was it on the radio? I'll tell you.  It's because Kelc mentioned a radio station that I should check out, and I have an old analog-tuner knob, so I was semi-guessing at what station I was dialed in to.  Couldn't tell because it was on commercial break, but later I noticed it was the top 40 station.  I was underneath my sink messing around with plumbing, so I didnt feel like getting up to fix it, and then the phone call happened.  A series of unfortunate events.

On the plus side, I fixed up the sink so it feels much more stable now.

Ran some errands with Kelc.  She bought a dvd cabinet.  I did laundry at home.

Began the drive down to south padre.  Kelc wanted a nap so I took over in the drivers seat.  The silence was very boring and I started getting rather droopy eyed. So I woke Kelc back up.

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