Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012.06.23 Saturday (The Big Day)

Woke up early to go golf.  Not what I would consider a typical start to a wedding day, but definitely helped get all the guy's mind distracted for a bit.  The girls were off getting nails, hair and makeup done.

After golf (which I did mediocre), we grabbed an early lunch at Freebirds, then headed to the event center to set up the Cupcake display.  Everything looked pretty sweet.  A couple family members stopped by to check it out, and we ended up standing around watching slideshows longer than I had wanted.  So by the time we were heading home, I get a text from the groom saying we need to be back in like an hour.  Yeah... not going to happen.

Home, fast shower

Drove Kelc and myself downtown (late of course) in my dad's vehicle.  Turns out my lateness was still early.  Girls are slow, and some of the ladies were getting panicky.  Lollers.

Went and took a bunch of pictures, started up a good sweat.

Then the ceremony happened.  We had lots of people looking down through windows, and I felt like that was a bit awkward.  Who is staying in a hotel room and is so bored that staring at a wedding is more entertaining?  Anyways, the ceremony was short and sweet.  Mike did an awesome job leading it, and the vows exchanged were funny and sweet.  Just about everybody was watery-eyed.

Then outside for more pictures, and more sweating.

Lots of conversing with people I haven't seen in a long time.  Dinner with people I just met, and people I haven't seen in years.

Dancing.  Lots of white-dancing done by me.

Sent off the bride and groom on a pedi-cab.  Very appropriate.

Back to the event room for cleanup/teardown.  Crazy how the tone of everything shifts so quickly.  I did a pretty good job at getting this part done, if I do say so myself.

Tried leading some relatives home, then unpacked all the junk that we had to get out.

Then showered and snoozed. What a day.

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