Monday, July 30, 2012

2012.07.17 Tuesday (the long day)

Woke up super early to get a good start with the airport and security hoops to jump through.  As feared, a super long security line.  Right as we got through and put on shoes and belts, they were boarding the flight we were trying to catch.

Caught the planned flight to LAX.  Nice.

Once we got there, we noticed that the early flight out to Hawaii was delayed, so we tried to hop on that standby list to squeeze out earlier, but there were too many people on the list, plus some crowding at the gate.  Instead, we payed an airport premium for a small starbuck's "meal".  This airport is great!

Took our original planned flight to Kahului, left on time, and arriving on time.  Speaking of arrival... we were flying above clouds most of the trip, then closer to the islands we had to dip below what looked like a small cluster of rain.  This caused some jerkiness while descending, which caused a kid on the opposite side of the plane to regurgitate all the junk food that he was allowed during the 6.5 hour flight.  Good.

Stopped at the rental car place to correct some paperwork, then got yelled at by airport parking cop.  Good job at asserting authority just for the hell of it.

Went grocery shopping and stopped by Maui Tacos for a bite to eat.  Good huge taco salad.

Then finally go to the condo.  Felt like I've been awake for too long.  Sat around and relaxed for a bit.

Went out for a late dinner at Fabiani's Italian for Kevin's b-day.  It was a little awkward since he wasn't very enthusiastic about it, but to add to that Kelc and I had been up for a really long time and just wanted to sleep.  At the end, I think we were awake for about 23 hrs before falling asleep.

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