Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012.07.19 Thursday (Hawaii)

Drove out to Honolua Bay.  We did some snorkeling and lounging around.  The hike in to honolua is awesome. It's like some surreal jungle adventure.

Drove to another beach, Kelc and I took a nap.  I have no idea what beach it was, but they had a set of decent bathrooms really close to the beach, with a grassy knoll and palm trees for lounging.  My neck got a tad burned from lying there.

Went to Cool Cat Cafe for burgers and fries, and to shop around a bit.  I picked some spicy chicken sandwich and my face was on fire for quite a bit.  Seems like people are starting to want to split off on their own at this point too, instead of traveling as a group for everything and having to compromise on what to do.

Headed to Black Rock beach for a bit.  There they have this lazy river thing around a bar. I remember this place, and I think I've dreamed about it so I didn't remember if it was real or not.  The boy-car left early because they were getting annoyed with the group traveling pattern, so we left whenever we wanted to.

Drove home, more relaxation.

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