Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012.07.24 Tuesday (Hawaii)

Relaxing day, but also sucks that this is Kelc and my last day.

We finally got to do something I wanted to do the entire trip, play volleyball in Hawaii.  We played a few games amongst ourselves, which ended up being a few 2v3 games.  We rotated around the players to change things up.  After that, a group of younger girls asked if we wanted to play a few games with them.  Yes please.  Well, turns out they were part of a summer camp or something.  They kicked our butts, then we found out that a couple of them were like 12 or 13 years old.  Dang, I suck.

Went out to Goose McGillyCuddy's for lunch.  Interesting place, but seemed pretty slow.

Kelc and I then packed and relaxed while the rest of the kids began the journey to go watch the sunset from the top of the volcano.

Off to the airport for a red eye, Korey joined us for the flight home to get there a bit sooner.  Kelc and I prepared to fly coach and picked up quiznos for dinner, but we ended up in first class so I had to eat two dinners.  Plus the flight attendant kept pouring me wine so I was getting pretty slurred. Interestingly, I couldn't sleep very well...

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