Friday, September 21, 2012

2012.09.15 Saturday

Technically we arrived Saturday morning.  Chatted a little bit before heading to bed.

Woke and enjoyed some coffee and breakfast tacos.  Then we headed out to try out some Geocaching.  After a few locations we stopped by the Village Cafe for lunch.  Then headed out to ... do some more Geocaching.  Cool with me.

About mid-afternoon we went back to clean up and relax a bit since it was getting hotter outside and making us sweaty.

Later we went to Fox & Hound to play pool and watch football.  UT played well against Ole Miss.  Only problem I had with the game is how much it said SEC all over the screen.  Hello... there are multiple conferences at this game...

After F&H, we tried to do a couple geocaches close by, but this time at night.  Not so easy.

Back to the house.  Up late with Mario Party.

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