Monday, October 29, 2012

2012.10.21 Sunday

More errands, I guess.  I went shopping on my own: home depot, kohls, michaels, target

Did some house work and yard work.  Cooked up some meat+pasta for lunch.

Showered with "no-poo".  What's that? you might ask.  Well, I'll tell you.  It's a "natural" way of cleansing the hair that (supposedly) tons of people have great results with.  Shampoo is a mixture of water and baking soda, and conditioner is a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar.  Supposedly it takes a little while for the scalp to adjust to not being stripped of oils, but seems fine to me from the first try, and my scalp didnt feel dry like it normally does after a shower.  I even asked Kelc to smell my hair after and she said it was weird because it had no smell at all.  Neat.  We'll see how it goes.

Football game with peeps over.  Wayne pooped everywhere.

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