Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2012.06.30 Saturday

Woke up early to show my mom the house I (hopefully) will be taking ownership of.  Habs also made an appearance to check it out.  He had a pretty good eye on some the current owners possibly going stingy on watering the grass.  Maybe they are trying to save a buck, or maybe they don't use the automated scheduling.  Either way, the grass is starting to look a little thirsty.  If I were no longer living somewhere, and there was already a contract to transfer ownership, would I spend more money?  Deep.

Went back home, still not quite awake.  Solution: more coffee.  Had some discussions about what all I should do upon moving in, and the optimal order.  I could go the easy route or the hard route.

Watched a bunch more x-games.

Did some remote connections and worked from home.  Yay for working over the weekend.

Picked up Kelc and headed over to the volleyball courts.  We played with Tyler, Brent, and a clump of silly young ones.  (I guess it was more of the silly old ones and the silly young ones meeting.)  Stopped in the middle to go grab some sonic, then back to more vball.

Home, more x-games.  Kelc left to begin her road trip across the US in the vertical direction.

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