Monday, October 29, 2012

2012.10.13 Saturday (ACL2012 Day 2)

Watched the UT Game.  Ended up getting so upset about it that I just said "effit" to ACL.  Kelc and I watched some ACL via YouTube since we didn't even want to see that many bands today.  Yeah I know, it's kind of a waste of money.  ACL came up on me fast this year and I wasn't really that excited about anybody.  In my opinion, last year and the year before were much better.  Anyways, we watched Metric, Band of Skulls, The Shins, The Roots, and some Bassnectar.  It was rainy and gross all day, so we lucked out with skipping.

Went to eat at Vert's, free food!  HEB for groceries, then back home.

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