Friday, September 21, 2012

2012.09.12 Wednesday

Slept in a little today.  It was worth it until I had to sit in traffic on 183 and was cut off multiple times by raging drivers.  I feel like traffic wouldn't be so bad if people weren't so angry about driving and beating everybody else to their destination.

Had a frustrating but productive day.  The first half seemed like nothing was working, then after lunch everything started working just fine.  Neato.

Went home, then over to Hab+Tay's to let out the dogs.  Ended up setting off their alarm.  (Who sets an alarm when you there are people coming over that don't know the code?)  It's ok, I didn't need those eardrums anyways.

Back at home I ate some leftover bbq and did a couple things around the house.  My original intentions for this evening didn't happen.  Hopefully I have time tomorrow.

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