Monday, August 17, 2009

2009.08.15 Saturday

Another night with the bed to myself. Excellent. Headed out to the lakehouse. Lots of stuff going on.

I actually went to a dark room and slept some more. I slept enough to wake up to an empty house. Kinda creepy actually.

Food was served, drinks were delivered, games were initiated. The 2nd party night was now underway.

The parents left and more guests arrived. The night started off strong with a large game of waterfall/kings/pick-a-card-and-drink with accompanying music provided by various artists Lindsey and I picked out that Kelc likes. Unbeknownst to many guests, I was still recovering from some sort of stomach sickness. Going downtown on Friday was hard to manage while in the Texas heat and a severe urge to evacuate my stomach, and now we are in a poorly insulated lakehouse that still suffers from dated air conditioning design.

Once that game was finished, a ping pong tournament was underway. We all switched off being ball-boys and set up a winner and loser bracket system. Of course, I'm rather quick to switch into the losing bracket. Justin ended up being victor with a perfect record.

The pool table underneath was uncovered and provided a much more chill atmosphere. Drinks were served here and there; no tournament set up.

The tail-end of the meteor shower was still occurring. The view outside was unhindered by city lights and proved to be quite remarkable if you happened to see one.

Pictionary and other games were concurrently happening in the upper quarters of the house. A highly competitive and successful team was Hasbro and Kelc. I did not dare interfere with their operation. Hasbro was so consumed, he didn't even notice the crack of the "billiard balls" [1].

Hasbro and JeW+Jenny left around 3am, which ushered a movement for most to begin the search for prime sleep space. After careful deliberation, I think we were all asleep by 4 or 5. The floor always a good choice for some.

[1] Scott, 8-17-2009 11:30am Austin, Tx


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