Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009.08.12 Wednesday

Hump day upon me. That means a couple meetings in the morning. Oh wait...whoever planned the first meeting kinda messed up on that one. The second meeting was entertaining, but I'm sure I'll hear the same information at least one more time before the end of the month in another meeting.

Went to the gym. Man I'm weak.

After work, continued the process of moving out of my family house. Pretty sure my mom isn't ready for me to go. I think it's about time already.

So my question/thought of the day: How come California was hit the hardest by the recession, yet it seems like the entire country is leaning towards adopting similar ideals and policies from a very blue state. As far as I know, Texas wasn't hit that bad, and people are flocking here to start over. It's just frustrating that people want to change things based on idealistic dreams. Think about this, Russia under communism was a very idealistic and promised excellent lives for everybody; that dream never came. Sometimes it sucks, but you need to be realistic in the real world. Do your research, make up your own mind, and look out for yourself first (because although it might be nice to think the government has your back, they probably won't ever do that). And I apologize if this is coming off really conservative; the only time the end consumer wins is when the government forces competition in the market, not including itself in the market.

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