Friday, August 14, 2009

2009.08.14 Friday

Even more tired this morning. This has to catch up to me at some point. If I start talking to you and then just snoring randomly, I apologize in advance.

Amazingly enough, even though there weren't as many people around, I managed to keep active enough to zoom through the day. I went to the gym by myself (oh snap!) to work out back-bi-thigh. For lunch, a hormel teriyaki chicken with over 50% of my recommended daily value of sodium! Gotta love microwave meals.

Once I made it home, I began working on a few prep things for this weekend, and then left for dinner. We ate at El Arroyo on 5th. Food was good but my stomach was all messed up and didnt want to eat at all. I ended up squeezing my abs really hard and pushed out some greasy soup. Ahhh much better.

Next, 6th street. Went to all the cool places. Got some free drinks (heck yeah). Apparently, it's possible to get kicked out of a bar for crouching. Oh well, we were tired of buying expensive-arsed drinks anyways. :-P

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