Monday, August 24, 2009

2009.08.24 Monday

How is it that it's a 5-day work week already? Where did summer go? and how can anybody have Reese's FOR BREAKFAST?

These questions strike fear in many, including me.

Lunch, I had some Hormel Teriyaki Chicken. Microwaved for 90 seconds and it's ready, that simple. So simple in fact, that it also gives you 51% of your DV of sodium in one serving. Amazing.

After work, fixed myself some food, cleaned up my room a bit. Went home to pick up my pink chair and other things. On the way back from that, got to hang out at Taco C with Erik and Lacey; Joe met up with us after he was done watching movies with his lady friend whose bedtime was fast approaching. There was a guy who worked at Taco C who started telling us about how he met his gf who lives in Elgin; good story. Let Erik test drive my car; he did really well until he forgot that you have to clutch-in when coming to a stop.

Went to Walmart to return some bath stuff. I'm going to let Kelc decorate the place right. Not this mix and match junk that failmart has.

Oh, and happy 1-year to blogging. It's been good.

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