Sunday, August 23, 2009

2009.08.21 Friday

Ah yes, the weekend early for me.

Decided I wanted my car tinted today, so I made a few calls and picked a place, Sunshades Window Tint to be precise. They were very professional and had a very clean working environment. The results so far are very pleasing.

Afterwards, packed up a bunch of junk in my room, took my bed and desk stuff with the truck. So fun.

Later, Kelc and I went over to Taylor and Andrea's bday/housewarming party. Their new place is nice and secluded, and the people there were fun to hang out with. Some new faces, a handful of familiar ones, good times.

After that party, Kelc and I headed home, only to find some more familiar, and long missed faces. Hilarity ensued. A good night was had.

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