Sunday, August 9, 2009

2009.08.08 Saturday

Well Happy Day of Birth Kelcey!

Slept in late. Swapped the CD Player out of the mustang; that car is going to be sold as soon as possible.

Matt and Ray were in town, so we grabbed a bite to eat, and a drink or two. Kelc got her first bar drink, and second at Anderson Mill Tavern. (This place rocks, and has awesome $2 anything on Tuesdays, might be a new favorite)

Then I took her to Trudy's to get a Mexican Martini. Those things last a long time, so I got myself a queso.

And that's all she wrote. 2 shots, a beer, and a mexican martini and Kelc was ready for bed. Not bad. I hardly remember drinking a Mexican Martini on my 21st.

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