Saturday, August 1, 2009

2009.07.30 Thursday - Hawaii

Woke up "early" easily because of the time change. Chilled out for a bit then headed to the airport to catch a puddle jumper over to Maui.

We tried to pick up the rental car, but oh wow, the reservation didn't actually hold a car for us (Seinfeld reference). Luckily another place honored the same price.

Made it to the condo. Amazing view. Eventually calmed down enough to drive around and hang out on some beaches. Swam with the fishes, jumped from rocks, floated in the waves.

Later we went swimming at the hotel. There is a huge rock wall that makes a calm-watered port for boats. On the outside is huge waves. Of course we swam in them.

Went to a small nice Italian Restaurant. My food looked like barf, but tasted so good.

X-games started too, watched some of that and fell asleep.

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