Friday, July 1, 2011

2011.07.01 Friday - BCS weekend

Well that was fun. Very little sleep and waking up right when my sister arrived to pick up the TV. At least I didn't have to do my entire morning routine today.

Work went by fast. Over lunch I went to play volleyball with a new subset of coworkers. Hopefully this becomes a more normal occurance, as everybody was there just to have fun and get their minds off of work for a bit. Sand volleyball is always fun for me, unless I puncture a foot.

After work, I got crackin' on packin'. Lots of things to do, so little time to get it done. Cooked up my bacon party mix recipe and packed up lots of stuff. I was hoping to get in a quick nap, but those intentions turned unsuccessful.

Paul arrived and we took off for the 2 hour ride to Bryan. We talked business for a good portion of the trip. He's moving up in a growing electrical supply company. Sounds like a lot of exciting times, potential growth, high risk - high reward stuff.

Upon arrival, we started relaxing and getting caught up on all the things that have happened since we last were together. This weekend might mark the one of the last few times this many members of "The Krew" are all in one place at the same time. Last time this happened was a year and a half ago at the happy couple's wedding.

Marisa really really wanted to go eat sushi, so we took a late night trip to HEB across town (the only one open) to pick up sushi. Hilarity ensued. Also, the rules of shotgun were broken. I am disappoint.

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