Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2011.07.27 Wednesday - Last kickball game

I felt content with just staying in bed all morning. Valerian root really pushes for a solid 8 hours.

Work flew by rather quickly, and I was even late leaving causing me to hit some heavy traffic on the way home.

I spent some time playing around with my old-arse laptop. I'm going to try and configure a source-engine server on it so I can easily set up a game at home or at lan parties. Supposedly it doesn't take much horsepower to have a source server.

Went to our last kickball game of the season. Final score was 4-2 with us losing. Our record for the season is 2-0-5. Not bad, but still room for improvement. The team we played against, We Got The Runs, was pretty good and fun to play with. If only they hadn't stolen our name...

After the game, went out to Doc's for the specials and food. I consumed a whopping 4 tacos. Booya.

Home, sleep.

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