Monday, July 4, 2011

2011.07.02 Saturday - BCS

Woke up late. The fellas spent most of the day playing Mario Wii, and preparing food for the evening's special dinner.

In the later afternoon, I went with Chris and Maddie to a nearby skatepark to get some fresh air and get some blood flowing. This is the first time riding a skateboard since I sprained my ankle, so I was a bit nervous. I was able to ride the halfpipe with some minor success, and I tried a 50-50 grind with success, but bailed coming out and scratched my hands a bit. Being timid on a skateboard just makes falling more of a possibility. Confidence and control is the key.

Back at the house, we got the coals started up, continued Mario Wii, and began cooking up awesome multi-stage dinner. We had venison (deer), australus (kangaroo), and alligator. Matt also made a fantastically smooth guacamole.

Played Apples to Apples, hookah, music, partying. It didn't take long before us old folks called it a night.

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