Monday, July 25, 2011

2011.07.25 Monday

I don't think I feel tired, but I also don't really feel like going in to work today.

Work ended up going better than expected and feeling like it was over fast. I went home and goofed around and made some phone calls.

Met up with my bro, sis and Julissa for bowling. I did pretty well again, scoring as high as 159 in one of the games. Not bad. The team we were playing against didn't show up, so we bowled twice as fast.

At home, I wanted to do some sort of workout but couldn't decide. I ended up going for a run at about 10:45p and ran for ~40mins and a little over 4 miles. That is a new personal record for me. I honestly never thought I could run that far without stopping. Even as a kid, I had the ability to do sprints, but long-distance never happened. Let's see... 4 divided by 26.2 is ... 15.26% of a marathon. Yikes. I've been curious if the majority of people running marathons actually run the entire time. I haven't been able to find information about that online.

Back home, cooked up a late dinner then passed out.

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