Friday, July 15, 2011

2011.07.12 Tuesday - Florida

Good morning east coast. Oh wait... west coast... of the east coast. Actually, I woke up to Kevin complaining he was hungry and that we should get up and go somewhere to eat.

We walked across the street to Beach Shanty for breakfast. The service was interesting but good. Definitely felt like our server (John) had plenty of coffee before we arrived.

Next we went out to the beach behind our hotel. Swam some. Relaxing few hours out in the sun. Then went up to our rooms to clean off.

Drove over to Nana's to pick her up for lunch. We went to Cheddar's since it was close. Our server, Jen, was very polite, but she went missing for a chunk of time and our drinks dried up. I wasn't even hungry so it wasn't a big deal to me.

After lunch we went back to Nana's place to play Hand 'n' Foot and eat brownies in celebration of Kevin's recovery.

Stopped by CVS on our way back to the hotel. At the hotel we played some various games including red party cups, then bed time.

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