Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011.07.21 Thursday

An interesting morning, indeed. Woke up late, took care of laundry and got locked out of the house while watering my plants. Not really a huge deal though, because I'm feeling pretty lazy about getting to work. Should be a short day since I have extra hours already.

I still need to make up my mind about going to SPI or not. So far I'm not really hearing many reasons to not go.

I spent my lunch break playing volleyball. Always a good choice. Picked up some subway for lunch since the cafeteria closed by the time I got around to it. Back in the office I managed to get a good chunk of work done. Then I peace'd out.

Home, I packed up (hopefully) everything and spent some time with Kelc. Before long, I was heading south to the kickball fields to assist my sister's team. I arrived slightly late, and the other team racked up quite a few points. Her team ended up losing, but we had fun and did well.

10pm rolls around, I begin the 6.5 hour trek to SPI. It wasn't so bad when I was on roads that were new to me. I was way out in the middle of nowhere, I saw an awesome shooting star, and random fires next to drilling operations. Once I hit the major roads, I had to take a nap at a rest stop. I also made a stop at a gas station that was also being bombarded with a tour bus. That was... interesting. Not too much later (4:30a) I arrived. Carried just what I needed up to the room, and promptly crashed. Hello vacation.

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