Friday, July 15, 2011

2011.07.11 Monday - PreFlorida

Worked a full day today, with a surprise for my fellow co-workers: an impromptu vacation to Florida. Work itself felt like it went by rather quickly, but at the same time I felt like I was just waiting for the day to end.

Got picked up from work, and went over to the airport. We had to coerce some gates to get both vehicles into the parking area, and that meant we had a car sitting around for a few minutes; airport security was probably intrigued.

Checked our bags, and went through security without a hitch. The flight we were hoping to catch ended up having too many people. So now we get to wait around for a few hours.

We made it on the next flight over to Dallas, which was also the same plane going to Tampa so we were able to stay seated on the plane. First Class baby yeah! The seats are more comfortable, better leg room, and small things (like a warm towel, drinks constantly, a meal, warm nuts) make the ride more comfortable. I had trouble falling asleep. Bummer.

Landed in Tampa pretty late. Sharon and I went to catch a shuttle over to the car rental place whilst everyone else was grabbing the bags. The shuttle took too long, so we all took the shuttle to the rental place, I just didn't have to carry my bag :-P The place we rented from was a while away from the airport, but a chunk cheaper. I signed paperwork for my first car rental. Hooray!

Drove to the hotel. Things were nice and quiet, I guess it was pretty late. They ran out of double-queen rooms like our reservation requested, so we were upgraded to some suites. These had a king bed, a pull-out queen, a kitchen, a balcony, and two bathrooms. Not too shabby. Didn't take long before we were asleep.

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