Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011.07.28 Thursday

Woke up later than usual, but still left pretty close to on-time.

Work came and went. Once home, I went back to nerd mode and tried to get a source dedicated server up and running. This time I tried installing Ubuntu (which didn't have any wireless support, and incorrect display drivers) and then re-downloaded all of counter-strike. Hours later, I found out that my processor doesn't support SSE2. Thanks for not having clear requirements anywhere, even after I searched. The most information I could find was "at least 1GHz and 256MB ram would probably be enough".

In the middle of that somewhere, I cooked up a meal with Kelc. Slow-ish-cooked ribeye steaks, steamed asparagus and couscous.

Oh and X-Games have commenced. Super exciting times. Apparently Travis Pastrana is injured when he tried to do a 720-rodeo-crazy-don'tknowwhattocallit flip. That should leave room for other people to get some medals.

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